Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 7

Jiang Jing sat on the leather sofa in the office, drinking the fine black tea brewed for her by Lina in the secret room, a tea that could reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat and was loved by women.
At the same time, Jiang Jing’s personal information was also prepared by Li Na and placed in front of Lin Qinghan.
Jiang Jing, twenty-three years old, eighteen years old had won the provincial women’s fighting championship, after serving in the military, joined the women’s special operations brigade, five years, carried out seventeen missions, won personal first-class merit twice, second-class merit five times, third-class merit once, proficient in sparring, free fighting, counter-terrorism stability, after five years of service chose to retire, set up a women’s bodyguard company, just one month, has a loud name in the industry, specializing in some male bodyguards can not do the close protection.
After seeing this information, Lin Qinghan still had some admiration for Jiang Jing, just like men would envy the eight-pack abs of the same men, a strong woman like Lin Qinghan also had some envy for Jiang Jing’s personal strength.
Lin Qinghan closed Jiang Jing’s information, looked at Jiang Jing and said, “My father explained to me that from today, you will live in my place, but in advance, there is another person in my family, he may make you feel disgusted.”
Jiang Jing did not make a reply to Lin Qinghan’s words.
Lin Qinghan smiled and looked at the watch on her wrist, it was almost twelve o’clock.
“Let’s go eat first, I’ll also introduce you to our company to facilitate your future work.” Lin Qinghan got up from the boss’s chair, organized a slightly creased black skirt, slender and straight legs impeccable.
Jiang Jing put down the tea cup in her hand and said to Lin Qinghan, “Mr. Lin, I think we should deal with the wiretap in your office before we eat.”
“A wiretap?” Lin Qinghan’s eyebrows furrowed together because of Jiang Jing’s words, she never knew that in her office, there was a wiretap!
“Looking at General Manager Lin’s expression, she shouldn’t know about the existence of the bug.” Jiang Jing got up, and saw her feel around several corners of the office, and then took out three small bugs from under the flower pots, the corner of the wall, and the innermost part of the bookshelf respectively.
Seeing these, Lin Qinghan’s face is particularly ugly, these three bugs, I do not know how long they have been placed in their own office, and how many things they have been listened to, who in the end did this!
Lin Qinghan in anger at the existence of the wiretaps, also counted clearly understand the ability of Jiang Jing, worthy of a professional bodyguard.
Zhang Xuan came to the downstairs of Lin’s building, looked at the time, just after the point of lunch.
As a business center, the CBD is naturally full of snack stores of all kinds, Zhang Xuan looked around and found a coffee shop where he could see the floor-to-ceiling windows of Lin Qinghan’s office and walked in, choosing to sit at the window, where he could observe Lin’s building with the best line of sight, once there is any wind, Zhang Xuan can rush to Lin’s building at the first time, of course, before the killer appears, Zhang Xuan will not actively reveal any horses.
The majority of white-collar workers in the CBD, coffee shops are filled with petty sentiments, soothing soft music in Zhang Xuan’s ears as soon as he entered the door, the store more than some green vegetation on the trellis.
Zhang Xuan took a look, there were not too many people in the coffee shop, a girl who looked just 17 or 18 years old, was talking to her cell phone screen, talking to herself like something.
There was also a male salesman in a shirt who was trying to sell his products to the customer sitting across from him.
Zhang Xuan asked for some pastries and a cup of the cheapest cappuccino and was eating slowly, looking out the window. After about half an hour, Zhang Xuan locked on to six targets.
There are six people, have been wandering outside the Lin building, all male, thirty-something, two of them, each driving an old pickup truck, the remaining four, their attention all on the Lin building, and the eyes if not all glance to the highest floor.
These six people in the crowded CBD, it is difficult to be noticed, but can not escape Zhang Xuan’s eyes.
Zhang Xuan just got up, ready to go to the six people subdued, and then carefully questioned, only to see Lin Qinghan walked out of Lin’s building, in Lin Qinghan’s side, also followed by a woman with a wheat skin tone, the two women completely different skin color, forming a stark contrast.
Zhang Xuan just a glance, can see that the woman beside Lin Qinghan, is a practitioner, her gaze, moment by moment, is paying attention to the surrounding, she walks the footsteps, each step taken just the right distance, her body, moment by moment, maintains a ready to power state.
Zhang Xuan thought for a moment, gave up the idea of subduing those six people first, walked out of the coffee shop, towards Lin Qinghan that.
Lin Qinghan took Jiang Jing to have some lunch at the company, because of the discovery of the office bugging, Lin Qinghan some sit down, want to take Jiang Jing home, to see if the home is also planted on these things.
Lin Qinghan had just gone out when he saw a disgusting figure walking towards him, he had clearly warned him not to come to himself!
“Mr. Lin.” Zhang Xuan walked up to Lin Qinghan with a smiling face, which was so disgusting in Lin Qinghan’s eyes.
“What are you doing here?” Lin Qinghan looked at the unkempt Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan height of one meter eight, does not look thin, looks, can also be described as handsome, but let Lin Qinghan is not like, because she knows, no matter how good this man’s appearance, can not change the fact that he eats soft rice, and look at his white undershirt, beach pants, flip-flops dress, let people see the first glance, will be associated with the word sloppy.
Zhang Xuan smiled at Lin Qinghan and said, “Mr. Lin, can I ask you to borrow five hundred dollars, and I will pay you back next month when I get paid.”
This is the most suitable excuse Zhang Xuan can find, he can not tell Lin Qinghan, someone wants to kill you, I came to protect you.
Lin Qinghan heard this, the eyes of the disgust can be thick, she did not bother to say so much to Zhang Xuan, directly took out five hundred dollars to Zhang Xuan, “money to you, do not return, anyway, your so-called salary is also my family’s money, do not appear in front of the company!
After saying that, Lin Qinghan also did not care about Zhang Xuan, took Jiang Jing and went to the parking lot.
When she reached the car, Lin Qinghan found that Zhang Xuan was still following her, with that annoying smile on her face all the time.
“What are you following me for?”
“Chief Lin, where are you going?” Zhang Xuan asked, while he was also secretly sizing up Jiang Jing.
“Go home!” Lin Qinghan didn’t even bother to say you care about me or something like that, because she knew that once she said it, this deadbeat man would definitely get to the bottom of it and annoy people.
“Then it’s just as well, take me with you.” Zhang Xuan rubbed his hands, “Or I’ll take a taxi back, the fare is too expensive.”
“Can’t sit down.” Lin Qinghan refused without even thinking, while pointing to her Mercedes GT, which only has two seats.

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