Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 8

“Take my car.” Jiang Jing suddenly spoke at this time, pressed the car key in his hand, a Volkswagen Jetta made two drops, Jiang Jing saw Lin Qinghan cast a discontented look at himself and smiled at Lin Qinghan, “General Lin, this is the person you mentioned to me before?”
“Yes.” Lin Qinghan nodded.
At this time, Zhang Xuan had already playfully sat in the back row of Jiang Jing’s VW.
“Let’s go Mr. Lin, let’s go to your house first.” Jiang Jing beckoned to Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan had no choice but to get into Jiang Jing’s car. After she sat on the passenger side, she deliberately leaned the seat forward and only gave up when she couldn’t lean anymore, she wanted to keep herself as far away from Zhang Xuan as possible.
Zhang Xuan did not seem to realize how much Lin Qinghan hated himself, sitting there and laughing, and kept talking to Jiang Jing, saying that he had never seen Jiang Jing before, asking if Jiang Jing was a new employee.
Although Jiang Jing knows that Lin Qinghan hates Zhang Xuan, but she herself can not substitute this emotion, because they were hired not only to protect Lin Qinghan, but also received the task of incidentally protecting Lin Qinghan’s husband, to put it bluntly, this man in the car, is also his own employer.
The vehicle just drove on the street, gradually to the water town of Seaside.
Zhang Xuan looked at all the way in the playful joking, in fact, his attention has been placed outside the car, clearly see, the two pickups that he noticed earlier, always follow the car.
The VW drove into the neighborhood, Jiang Jing drove towards the villa area under Lin Qinghan’s direction.
Just when he was about to reach home, Zhang Xuan saw that the road in front of him, was blocked.
On the motorway of the district, there were two pickup trucks parked horizontally, blocking the middle of the road, the car could not drive through.
Jiang Jing hit the horn twice, the two cars in front of them simply moved like, helpless, Lin Qinghan had to let Jiang Jing back up and command another road, but just when Jiang Jing was ready to back up, two more pickups came from behind, and then parked horizontally, blocking the road completely.
At this moment, Jiang Jing realized that something was wrong and gave Lin Qinghan said to stay in the car and get out.
Jiang Jing just opened the car door, just behind the two pickup trucks, a total of six men came down, with a fierce smile on the corners of their mouths, towards Jiang Jing, their hands, all holding short daggers.
At the same time, the two pickups blocking the front road, also came down five people, all male, completely surrounded the Volkswagen.
“Girl, if you know what you’re doing, get lost, grandpa only wants the life of the woman in the car.” The leader of a male waved a short dagger in his hand and said towards Jiang Jing.
“Just by you guys?” Jiang Jing swept around the eleven people, contempt in her eyes.
“Little girl, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll be killed. Since you don’t listen to me, grandpa doesn’t care about killing one more person. The leader of the male stride towards Jiang Jing rushed, raised the dagger in his hand, fiercely towards Jiang Jing face.
This scene, let sitting in the passenger side of Lin Qinghan through the windshield to see clearly, when the other party raised the dagger, ruthlessly stab down the moment, Lin Qinghan screamed, subconsciously cover the eyes, a heart poof poof beat.
When did she ever see such a scene, even a man, seeing someone with a knife to commit murder, will be afraid.
“Boom!” A sound, so Lin Qinghan tightly closed eyes open, she saw, just also holding a dagger stabbed Jiang Jing’s male, has fallen on the car’s big cover, Jiang Jing is now surrounded by several dagger-wielding males, each knife towards Jiang Jing’s vitals stabbed, Jiang Jing narrowly dodged, give return fire.
Lin Qinghan trembling out of the phone, ready to call the police, but found that last night did not charge the phone but in this critical moment without power off, Lin Qinghan hate this phone towards the side of a throw, then she remembered that there is still a person in the back seat, then shouted: “Zhang Xuan, quick! Quickly call the police! Call the community security!”
Lin Qinghan shouted, found Zhang Xuan did not answer himself, turned his head to look, found Zhang Xuan has long been in the back seat, Lin Qinghan gaze, found the figure of Zhang Xuan, he did not know when, has slipped out of the car, running towards their own villa, not stopping for a moment, as if already scared out of their wits.
Zhang Xuan this cowardly appearance, let Lin Qinghan heart hate, how, they found a husband like this!
Zhang Xuan ran into the villa compound, he could see that the eleven males, simply not Jiang Jing’s opponent, with Jiang Jing can completely deal with, and himself, there are other things to do.
Pushing open the villa door, Zhang Xuan looked at the vacant living room and said aloud, “What’s the point of sneaking around?”
“Oh, it’s not really sneaking around, I just don’t want to be confused with that bunch of mongrels outside, being able to find me proves that you still have some skills.” From the stairs leading to the second floor from the living room, came down a male wearing a suit, the other party looked less than thirty, with a faint smile on his face.
The moment Zhang Xuan saw the other party, his face changed violently, filled with anger, the floor he mopped just before leaving the door, was …… stepped on! Dirty! up!
“Tsk, this angry expression on the face, I really enjoy it, you know, I killed those people, every time I left me the last expression, only two, horror, and anger.” The suit male very elegantly took out a cigarette from his pocket, put it in his mouth and lit it, after taking a vicious puff, narrowed his eyes, his eyes looked at Zhang Xuan through the smoke he exhaled.
“Put out the cigarette for me! My wife doesn’t allow smoking.”
“Yo, what a family-oriented man, you’ll be dead soon and shouldn’t care about that.” The man in the suit didn’t seem to be in a hurry to make a move, it was also his habit to enjoy the target’s reaction before he died before killing, only, this time the other party’s reaction was something he had never encountered before.
“I told you to put out the smoke!” Zhang Xuan emphasized once again, while walking towards the man in the suit.
“What if I were to say no?” The man in the suit hung a smile on his face and deliberately took another hard puff.
“Then die!” Zhang Xuan’s voice, without any emotional color, his eyes, like a fierce beast, stared at the man in the suit to death.
In Zhang Xuan’s gaze, the man in the suit actually felt a hint of fear, a fear that gave him a sense of distraction.
“Kid, you seek death!” The man in the suit threw the lit cigarette in his hand at Zhang Xuan fiercely, no longer wanting to continue with his nonsense, and with one hand forming a claw, he grabbed towards Zhang Xuan’s neck, wanting to crush Zhang Xuan’s throat.
“Too slow.” Zhang Xuan’s emotionless voice sounded in the suit man’s ears.
The man in the suit was shocked and just wanted to change his move when he felt a bone-chilling pain on his arm, a pain that instantly made him break out in a cold sweat, his outstretched arm, surprisingly, was twisted off!
Before the man in the suit had time to react to what happened, his body, three more no less than the pain of a broken arm at the same time, almost in an instant, his other arm, as well as both legs, were all broken off.

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