Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 70

Zhang Xuan looked at the compound with mountains and water in front of him and probably understood what kind of status Lin Qinghan’s grandfather had in Yinzhou.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
Zhang Xuan followed behind the housekeeper and walked on the avenue, which was lined with green willows and blooming flowers.
Outside the main house of the compound, Zhang Xuan saw a familiar face.
With a cold smile, Wang Wei looked at Zhang Xuan and spoke, “Surnamed Zhang, this Lin family compound, is not a place where people like you can just come?”
Zhang Xuan squeezed his fist, “If you want to be beaten up, just say so.”
Wang Wei’s face froze, then coldly snorted, “Continue to be arrogant, I want to see, after you come out of the main house, where else can you be arrogant!”
Zhang Xuan was a bit surprised why Wang Wei said such a thing, could it be that he would still be swept away after meeting Elder Lin, he ignored Wang Wei, followed the butler and walked towards the main house.
In the middle of the main house, Lin Zhengnan sat in a wheelchair, his back to the door, with a cup of tea in his hand, and was blowing gently into the bowl.
“Master, someone is here.” The butler’s voice sounded at the door.
“Let it in.” Lin Zhengnan said without looking back.
At the door of the main house, the housekeeper gave Zhang Xuan a gesture of invitation.
Zhang Xuan nodded and walked into the house, “Grandpa, I am Zhang Xuan, Qinghan’s husband.”
Zhang Xuan spoke in a very polite tone.
“Humph! Zhang Xuan?” Lin Zhengnan sounded unhappy, still did not turn around, turned his back to Zhang Xuan and said, “You joined my Lin family, and you only came to visit today, do you not have me, Lin Zhengnan, in your eyes?”
“I don’t dare.” Zhang Xuan shook his head repeatedly, this is also because Lin Zhengnan is Lin Qinghan’s grandfather, otherwise Zhang Xuan could not possibly put on such an attitude.
“Don’t dare? What else do you not dare?” Lin Zhengnan’s voice had sarcasm in it, “In your eyes, can you have half of our Lin family?”
Zhang Xuan’s brow furrowed as he looked at Lin Zhengnan’s back and said, “I don’t understand what you mean.
“Come on, my old man doesn’t have many days, and I don’t have time to play dumb riddles with you, take a look for yourself!” Lin Zhengnan will raise his hand, at once, countless photos like a heavenly maiden scattered like a flower, after Zhang Zhang fell at Zhang Xuan’s feet.
With Zhang Xuan’s eyesight, he didn’t even need to pick up the photos to see the images on them, on which, the two women he was close to, one was the red curly-haired beauty he met at the private club that day, and the other was the scene of himself and Han Gentle sitting together last night at the nightclub.
The moment he saw these photos, Zhang Xuan knew that someone was messing with him.
Zhang Xuan’s brow furrowed even more, “Where did this photo come from?”
Lin Zhengnan did not answer Zhang Xuan’s question, “Junior, my Lin family in Yinzhou City, although not a prestigious family, but also not at the mercy of others, you as the son-in-law of the Lin family, and outside the fancy, when my Lin family is what?”
Lin Zhengnan dropped the teacup in his hand onto the ground with a heavy thud.
With a “pop” sound, the teacup shattered, and the tea in the cup spilled all over the ground, steaming hot.
Wang Wei, not far from the main house, when he heard the sound of the cup breaking, could not hide the smile on his face, his heart smugly said: “Zhang, I see how you end up, fighting me, you are still too young!
Inside the house.
Lin Zhengnan hands on the wheelchair, a little force, the wheelchair will turn over, and he, finally saw this never met, but made him angry Lin family son-in-law.
Just this glance made Lin Zhengnan a little confused.
Since the last time we parted in the suburban park, Lin Zhengnan had Zhang Xuan’s appearance firmly in his mind, that is, in the global medical community with the title of the living king of hell, but also the few people in this world can save his life.
Lin Zhengnan had heard from his old friend, the living king of hell to save people, do not look at money, only fate, he has been looking forward to meeting with the living king of hell again, after all, can live, no one wants to die.
But Lin Zhengnan was disappointed, he went to the suburban park every day during this period, but never saw the legendary character again.
Gradually, Lin Zhengnan began to disappoint, he thought in his heart, also, if the edge of the living king of hell is so good bump, then the title of living king of hell, will not be so valuable, there will not be so many people, give everything, just to see the living king of hell.
But Lin Zhengnan did not expect that he would once again meet the legendary Living King of Hell, and that the other party would come to see him as his own granddaughter’s son-in-law?
The world-renowned Living King of Hell is his own granddaughter’s son-in-law! And he’s also a member of his own family! Lin Zhengnan had a very strong sense of unreality.
This ……
Lin Zhengnan looked at Zhang Xuan and opened his mouth, unable to say anything.
Lin Zhengnan saw Zhang Xuan dazed, Zhang Xuan saw Lin Zhengnan, also a little dazed, he is not the person he saw that day in the suburban park, he also a mouthful of old man called happy, did not expect to be Qing Han’s grandfather, that is not his own grandfather!
This ……
An old man and a young man looked at each other, who did not take the lead to speak, the atmosphere was a little awkward for a while.
“That ……” Lin Zhengnan coughed dryly, “Zhang Xuan ah, you are Qing Han’s husband, I will not be uncomfortable with you, first sit, first sit.”
Lin Zhengnan than a gesture of please.
Zhang Xuan heatedly smiled, did not dare to disrespect, towards the next stool to sit, at the same time to Lin Zhengnan gesture, “Grandfather, did not expect that we two have so much fate ah.”
The living King of Hell took the initiative to say the word “destiny” for the first time, to be heard by those who had gone out of their way to offer more than a billion dollars to ask Zhang Xuan to save their lives, they would probably vomit blood.
“Haha.” Lin Zhengnan laughed bashfully, “I really didn’t expect it either, the titled Living King of Hell is actually my Lin Zhengnan’s granddaughter-in-law.”
“Grandpa, you should just call me Zhang Xuan, the Living King of Hell or whatever, it’s all called by outsiders.” With some embarrassment on his face, Zhang Xuan’s words brought the relationship between him and Lin Zhengnan closer.
Lin Zhengnan nodded, “Good, then I will rely on the old man and call you Xiao Zhang.”
“I should, I should.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head repeatedly.
“That little Zhang ah, you ……” Lin Zhengnan looked at the photos all over the ground, his face was a little embarrassed, “You tell me, the person on this photo, is it you?”
“Yes.” Zhang Xuan did not hesitate to nod, “but the photo was taken from a special angle, the real thing is not what you see.”
Hearing Zhang Xuan say this, Lin Zhengnan’s heart breathed a sigh of relief, he did not think that Zhang Xuan was lying to himself, because he knew that the living hell, there is no need for this, he lied to himself for what? For money? Jokes, the living king will be short of money, will look at the Lin family assets? For his own granddaughter? That is even more unlikely, although Lin Zhengnan knows that his granddaughter has a beautiful appearance, but the world is full of beautiful women, to the status of the Living King, what kind of beautiful women can not get?

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