Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 78

A group of security guards stared at Zhang Xuan with wide eyes.
“Dude, this is …… you.”
“Oh, I’m the new security guard.” Zhang Xuan took out his work card, on which was written the position of deputy captain, “Next time you encounter such people, no nonsense, directly tazed finished.”
“This ……” a security guard looked at Zhang Xuan, and then looked at Wang Wei’s mother who was fainting on the ground, foaming out, “Brother, you may be, in trouble.”
“Brother, we as security guards, how can we be afraid of things? If we are afraid, the security of this building, who should be handed over?” Zhang Xuan reached out and patted the security guard’s shoulder, and said in an educational tone.
“But buddy, this person you are electrifying is Mr. Lin’s aunt!”
“Aunt?” Zhang Xuan raised an eyebrow, “dare to come here to make trouble, no matter what the identity, are electric batons waiting! Go, take the person to the security room and handcuff him, then let the police handle it.”
Zhang Xuan put the electric baton to the belt, hands behind his back, decent to go to the side of the patrol went.
The few security guards left behind you look at me, I look at you.
“Let’s go, the new vice captain has said, dry.”
“But this is Lin ……”
“Who cares who she is, what’s the matter, it’s not our turn to head, someone to top.”
Several security guards set up Wang Wei’s mother and carried her to the security room.
Lin Qinghan sat in her office on the top floor, looking down at the documents on her desk, dealing with the official business at hand, after taking over as chairman, the things she had to do every day were even more onerous than before.
Secretary Li Na knocked on the office door.
“Enter.” Lin Qinghan said without raising her head.
Li Na opened the door and entered, “Mr. Lin, there is something to report to you.”
“What is it?” Lin Qinghan looked up and stroked her hair in front of her forehead, she saw that Li Na didn’t have any documents in her hand and guessed that it should be a personal issue.
“Just now, Ms. Lin Hui came to look for you and was stopped by the security guards downstairs, Ms. Lin Hui and the security guards erupted into a conflict and ended up being electrocuted by the new deputy security captain.”
Li Na was reporting while admiring the deputy security captain in her heart, Lin Hui is the personal aunt of Mr. Lin, so she was electrocuted?
Lin Qinghan frowned, put down the paper in his hand, “Go to the security room, by the way, let the new security guard also come.”
Zhang Xuan skipped through the lobby with great pleasure.
A small girl at the reception desk secretly sized up Zhang Xuan with her eyes, don’t look at Zhang Xuan wearing a security uniform, but his perfect figure, so that the uniform on him, just like a model display, coupled with Zhang Xuan’s handsome appearance, it is easy to attract the attention of those young girls just out of campus.
“Beauty, although I know I’m handsome, but you should not sneak a look at me with such fascinated eyes.” Zhang Xuan plopped down to the front desk and looked up and down at this front desk beauty.
Absolutely just out of school graduates, and may not even have graduated yet, just to intern, all over the body is filled with a pure and lovely temperament.
The receptionist beauty was a little embarrassed by Zhang Xuan’s stare, lowering her head, the ponytail tied behind her head jumped two times in the spirit.
Zhang Xuan’s gaze swept over the other party’s chest plate, “Qiu Yu, what a nice name, what is your boyfriend’s term of endearment for you?”
“I …… I …… I don’t have a boyfriend yet.” Qiu Yu blushed shyly and stammered a bit when she spoke.
“Impossible!” Zhang Xuan revealed a shocked face, “A girl as beautiful as you and with such a nice name, how could you not have a boyfriend?”
Qiu Yu’s head lowered even more, hating to be buried in his arms.
Another receptionist girl standing next to Qiu Yu covered her mouth and gave a light laugh, “I said handsome, you should not tease us Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu this girl is easily shy, why don’t you two add a WeChat private chat, and then eat a meal together tonight.”
“Haha.” Zhang Xuan laughed out loud, “just kidding, just kidding, weibo what not to add it, I’m married, you do not know, my mother-in-law, love me to death, but also know that I have a lot of charm, afraid that I cheat, every day I have to check my phone, I have to add such a beautiful girl, my wife will have to fight with me! ”
Qiu Yu heard, “pfft” a laugh, small hand to cover his mouth, the appearance is very cute.
Zhang Xuan lying on the front desk, just ready to give the two little beauties bragging about their status at home or something, when I heard someone calling himself.
“Team Zhang, please come to the security room for a moment.” It was a security guard trotting over.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded, and after giving the two front desk beauties a chance to talk next time, he walked towards the security room.
“Team Zhang, that what.” The security guard who came to call Zhang Xuan pulled a hand on Zhang Xuan’s sleeve.
“What’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan gave a puzzled cry.
“That …… General Lin is also here, the one you electrocuted, is the General Lin’s own aunt, and so on speak carefully ah.” This security guard face some worried look.
“It’s okay.” Zhang Xuan carelessly waved his hand.
At the entrance of the security room, there were many people gathered around, all wearing security uniforms.
Once they saw Zhang Xuan coming, these people focused their eyes on Zhang Xuan and let out whispers.
“Is that him?”
“That’s right, the vice captain who came only today.”
“So young, at a glance is a rash, even the relatives of General Manager Lin dare to hit, you say that these big shots, even if the personal relationship is no longer incompatible, it is not for us small people to get involved ah.”
“Who says it is not, this is to try to be impulsive, the results, it is estimated that just looking for a job will have to be lost.”
“Vice captain ah, six thousand a month salary, there are five insurance and a gold, really a pity.”
“You can’t say that, a few of us were humiliated by that woman, and the vice captain was helping us out.” A security guard who just blocked Lin Hui in front of the company said.
“Yo, so soon the vice captain are called on, dog legs? You watch, even if Mr. Lin doesn’t punish him today, when Team Sun returns from his business trip, he’ll have a good time!” Another security guard glanced at his mouth with disdain.
They whispered here, with Zhang Xuan’s ears can naturally hear clearly, Zhang Xuan did not pay attention and walked into the security room.
In the security room, Lin Qinghan looked at the unconscious woman in front of her, and the expression on her face was a little unnatural.
Just happened, Lin Qinghan also heard, this woman a mouth a watchdog, a subordinate, anyone who heard are angry, but no matter what, this is also their own aunt, in their own company was stunned, this is really a bit unjustified.
Lin Qinghan sighed, and so on that electric security guards will come, how should they deal with?
To say that the wrong it, today the wrong is their own aunt, the security guard is just to perform their duties, and did not do wrong, on the contrary, if today he electrocution is someone else, they should also praise.

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