Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 9

The man in the suit, whose legs were broken, knelt on the ground with a “poof”, his hands hung down helplessly, the light smile on his face had long disappeared and turned into panic, and on his forehead, cold sweat kept emerging.
Zhang Xuan noticed the back of the suit man’s neck, there is a shallow tattoo.
Zhang Xuan frowned, “Dark Night’s assassin? Who sent you.”
The man in the suit swallowed hard when he heard Zhang Xuan say the words Dark Night, it was rare for someone to be able to say the name of the organization so lightly.
“You actually know about Dark Night!” The man in the suit’s eyes widened.
“Is it mysterious?” Zhang Xuan asked rhetorically, “Say it, who sent you here, I can leave you a whole body.”
“Ha, ha, ha!” The man in the suit took a breath and laughed twice, “Since you know Dark Night, you should be clear that we, Dark Night, never reveal the identity of our employers even if we are dead.”
Zhang Xuan tilted his head for two seconds, then spoke, “also right, the rules still have to be observed, see the tattoo on the back of your neck, you should be one of the thirteen sons of the Dark Night, I heard that you thirteen sons of the Dark Night love each other, I now give you a choice, either violate the rules of your organization and tell me who the employer is, or I kill all your remaining twelve brothers and sisters. ”
“Arrogance!” The man in the suit knelt on the ground, “I admit, you are strong, I am no match for you at all, but do you really think you can take on the entire Thirteen Sons of Darkness? How many people in this world dare to say such words?”
“Not many, yes, but I am one of them.” Zhang Xuan said in a very flat tone.
“Where did you get the confidence? Just by virtue of you being able to defeat me?” The man in the suit sneered.
“With this.” Zhang Xuan took out a dark golden ring from his beach pants pocket and raised his eyebrows gently, “Is it enough?”
The moment he saw this ring, the man in the suit’s pupils underwent a violent contraction, and his voice was trembling as he spoke.
“Saint …… Saint Ring! It’s you! It’s you! It’s you!”
The body of the man in the suit, are unconsciously trembling, even if he just mentioned death, did not show such an unbearable.
“How about it, are you convinced now?” Zhang Xuan put the ring back into his pants pocket and looked at the man in the suit.
“I never thought that I would be lucky enough, to fight with the legendary Satan, hahaha! Okay, I can tell you who your employer is, but you have to promise that you won’t make a move on my brothers and sisters.”
“You are not qualified to make conditions with me!” There was a chill in Zhang Xuan’s voice, “Three seconds, tell my employer, then die.”
The man in the suit let out a miserable laugh, “The employer’s surname is Su, a Yanjing native.”
After saying that, the man in the suit bit the poison hidden behind his teeth, his eyes rolled over, and the whole person fell forward and fell in front of Zhang Xuan.
“Surname Su? Yanjing?” Zhang Xuan did not even look at the dead man in the suit, muttered, after sending a text message out.
Zhang Xuan dragged the corpse, walked out of the north door of the living room, went to the backyard, waved his hand in the air, a black shadow swept in, carried the corpse, said nothing, and disappeared again.
Zhang Xuan returned to the living room, confirming that the room did not leave any signs of a fight, before walking towards the main door south of the living room, coincidentally, Lin Qinghan and Jiang Jing also walked in through the front door.
Lin Qinghan’s pretty face, covered with a chill, just now Zhang Xuan cowardly appearance, she saw clearly.
“Hey, Mr. Lin, the tea has been brewed for you, enjoy it.” Zhang Xuan brought a cup of brewed tea in front of Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan coldly glanced at Zhang Xuan, did not say anything, and did not bother to take this cup of tea he handed over, she had nothing more to say to Zhang Xuan, today’s matter, let her decide, immediately call her father, and tell this man to get lost!
Jiang Jing looked at Zhang Xuan’s gaze, also with some contempt, a man, when his wife is in danger, run away first?
Zhang Xuan saw that Lin Qinghan was in a bad mood, a trembling smile and went back to his bedroom, he called the handsome youth and told the handsome youth to tell him to check the entire Yanjing surname Su, all over again!
When Zhang Xuan finished dealing with these things, Jiang Jing also checked the villa once, so Lin Qinghan mood a little better is that the villa was not bugged or something like that.
In fact, these things, a month ago, had long been disposed of by Zhang Xuan.
Lin Qinghan sat in the living room, the more she thought about Zhang Xuan’s appearance just now, the more annoyed she became, she was just about to call her father and tell him about Zhang Xuan’s cowardly performance, when the phone rang, it was her father calling.
“Qing Han ah, you and Xiao Zhang come to Di Shengte now, on the newly opened enamel restaurant, Zheng Chu the boy came back from abroad, your uncle Zheng and aunt Zheng have invited you.”
Lin Qinghan listened to her father’s words on the phone and swallowed her words to tell Zhang Xuan to get lost.
The Zheng family and the Lin family is a family friend, Lin Qinghan outstanding appearance, since childhood by the pursuit of Zheng Chu, but Lin Qinghan to Zheng Chu, that is not interested at all, this is a family spoiled second generation, as far as Lin Qinghan know, Zheng Chu at the age of fifteen and his tutor relationship, that is a college student, Zheng Chu knocked up her belly, directly kicked her away, after the private life is to be more chaotic as much as possible.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.
When Lin Qinghan heard Zheng Chu and his parents, he knew what they wanted.
In between Zheng Chu and Zhang Xuan, Lin Qinghan is obviously able to accept Zhang Xuan more, although this person is a bit cowardly, scrappy, but at least do things that do not make people feel like vomiting.
In the past year, Di Sante Enamel Restaurant can be said to be one of the most famous restaurants in Yinzhou City, in the spirit of the original flavor, let people feel the deepest enamel style features, this restaurant from the decoration style to the service staff are full of enamel style.
Lin Qinghan chose a random supercar in the villa compound and drove Zhang Xuan here.
The first time he got out of the car, Zhang Xuan did not have time to speak, he felt a slender jade arm holding on his arm, and saw Lin Qinghan standing beside him with a gentle face Han, completely missing the indifferent look at home, looking at Lin Qinghan’s actions and look at this time, it would really make people feel that she is a small woman snuggled in the arms of her husband.
Zhang Xuan subconsciously reached out and wrapped his arms around Lin Qinghan’s waist, and the moment he touched it, he felt the slenderness and softness.
Lin Qinghan’s delicate body trembled slightly, and the smile on her face was extremely unnatural, “Take your hand away.”
“Oh.” Zhang Xuan rubbed his nose and obediently took away the big hand that was wrapped around Lin Qinghan’s waist.
Lin Qinghan glared at Zhang Xuan, although there is a gentle smile on his face, but the words still carry a chill, “wait go in don’t talk much, you and I try to show a little love, when I ask you what you want when ordering food you just let me decide, understand?”
Zhang Xuan nodded and raised a hand, “Guarantee to complete the task explained by Mr. Lin!”

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