Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 90

Boss Huang was a bit speechless, and was silent for a few seconds before he said again, “President Ma, you misunderstood, what Mou Huang is talking about now is the hypocrisy of some people, as well as the big words, he just sarcastically said about all of us, and he only mentioned money, not saving people, but now he refuses to pay for it himself, what kind of reason is that?”
“You’re being shabby ……” President Ma was just about to speak when he was interrupted by Zhang Xuan’s voice.
“Who said that I am shabby? And who said that I am unwilling to contribute this Chinese medicine technology to the society?” Zhang Xuan asked rhetorically.
Zhang Xuan’s words, so that the eyes of all the physicians in the meeting hall are focused on him, at the same time, these physicians, in unison heartbeat accelerated, can not, he really want to pass trembling needle method? This …… is too amazing! If you say it out, it will definitely be a national sensation!
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly and said to Lin Qinghan: “Mr. Lin, I took the liberty to make a decision for you, you can not blame me.”
Zhang Xuan finished, did not wait for Lin Qinghan to open his mouth, then loudly announced, “Our Lin’s, the original purpose, is to invest in several hospitals, and to hold Chinese medicine training institutions, teaching Chinese medicine treatment method, taught by myself, in the next period of time, Lin’s group will look for partners in all provinces of the country, after the local medical association to notify you, if you can pass the local If you can pass the audit of the local medical association, I will definitely give my best to teach you all what I have learned, without leaving anything behind, that’s all.”
Zhang Xuan’s words fell, turned his head and left.
Lin Qinghan’s pretty face froze for a moment, then smiled, she immediately understood Zhang Xuan’s meaning and accompanied him, walking towards the outside of the medical tube.
The physicians inside the medical tube, hearing what Zhang Xuan said, and seeing that Zhang Xuan was going to leave, how could they still be calm.
In the end, it’s not up to them to say whether they can learn or not. Such a good opportunity, the Ning Provincial Medical Association to give up on their own, they will never forgive themselves in this life!
“Stay, Mr. Lin, stay!” President Ma ran over with big steps.
Lin Qinghan stopped, turned his head, and blinked, “President Ma, is there something wrong?”
President Ma smiled and said, “General Lin, I want to talk to you about the cooperation of this hospital project.”
“Didn’t all of you decide, to cooperate with Shuguang Medical?” Lin Qinghan deliberately glanced at the place where Boss Huang was.
“General Lin, the matter of cooperation, has not been completely shot, we are more than willing, to reach cooperation with Lin!” Such a big temptation in front of the eyes, President Ma even polite words are too late to say, directly indicate the heart.
Huang boss just in see President Ma chase up, feel some bad, now listen to President Ma said these words, that a heart, completely sunk.
“It seems that someone, stealing a chicken, but not the rice.” Zhou’s representative’s voice sounded behind Boss Huang.
Zhou’s representative before coming, specifically from the boss’s instructions, never, never, not to clash with Lin’s, and to do everything possible to make friends with Lin’s only, now there is this opportunity to fall on the stone, Zhou’s representative naturally will not let go.
After the sarcasm of Mr. Huang, the representative of the Zhou’s cast a smile of goodwill towards Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan nodded and did not say anything.
Huang boss, of course, clear, Zhou’s representative said the stolen chicken is what the meaning of the rice, originally just, people are going to leave, but their own cheap mouth, said so much, now good, gave others the opportunity, their own cooperation, completely ruined!
Huang boss at this moment, want to give himself two big mouth, have to talk so much a sentence why? Originally wanted to see other people’s jokes, and now, let everyone see their own jokes, his eyes covertly looked around, found a number of business leaders, are looking at their own snickers, Boss Huang knew that after today, he should become the laughing stock of the industry in Yinzhou.
The physicians of the Medical Association of Ning Province, all looking at Zhang Xuan with nervous faces, Zhang Xuan’s next words, for them, is particularly important.
President Ma is also the same, although he gave Lin please Han said the two sides to cooperate, but in the end, but also depends on Zhang Xuan’s intention.
Today’s bid, because of Zhang Xuan’s first-hand medical performance, making the role completely flipped.
Originally, it was the major companies to the Medical Association to explain their own ideas and request cooperation, but now, it is the Medical Association requested to cooperate with Lin’s.
Zhang Xuan clasped his hands to his chest and rolled his eyes, “Don’t look at me, our General Manager Lin says what he wants.”
“Then let’s wish us, a happy cooperation.” Lin Qinghan took the initiative to extend his hand to President Ma.
It could be seen that almost all the physicians present, had delighted expressions on their faces.
As for Boss Huang, that face, it was as ugly as crying.
The next matter of cooperation, there is no need for Zhang Xuan to care, Lin’s professional team will complete the back negotiations with the Medical Association.
Yan Li walked over and said to Zhang Xuan: “That, little master, your training institution, I wonder if I can let these two naughty apprentices of mine, also ……”
“This is not under my control, Mr. Yan old man, you have to ask this President Ma ah.”
Zhang Xuan inadvertently, and sold two face out, said to President Ma management, that means to agree to Yan Li’s two disciples also into the training institution, at the same time, also let President Ma heart pleased, in terms of cooperation later, will be more convenient.
Those companies that came today, who did not expect that Lin would be in the end, relying on one person, an absolute flop.
For a while, many people came up to congratulate Lin Qinghan.
“General Lin.” Boss Huang compensated with a smiling face and came up.
“Boss Huang?” Lin Qinghan likewise smiled at Boss Huang.
Boss Huang opened his mouth with a somewhat embarrassed face, “Mr. Lin, look, I’ve been doing this medical equipment for many years, looking around, there are not many medical companies in Yinzhou City, our Shuguang has always been in line with the principle of fair prices, thin profit and more sales, do we have the opportunity to cooperate this time?”
To be honest, Huang boss is really do not want to lick his face to say cooperation, but can not say and no way, he is a medical device, the next, the city of Yinzhou to build four hospitals, is absolutely the most important, for their Shuguang medical equipment, this may be a lifetime to come across a big single, do not take down, not only can not earn money so simple, it is likely, their Shuguang medical equipment, replaced by another company.
Therefore, Huang boss had to pull down this face.
“Ai.” Lin Qinghan sighed, “Boss Huang, it’s not that I, Lin Qinghan, don’t want to cooperate with you, but you, Boss Huang, just said it yourself, will never cooperate with us, Lin’s.”
Mr. Huang’s face changed, “Mr. Lin, we are all in the same city, we don’t see each other, so don’t be too desperate.”
“Oh, boss Huang, you are really interesting, if not to cooperate is to do the absolute, then I this Lin’s, completely changed into a charity, Zhang Xuan, let’s go.” Lin Qinghan lightly laughed and walked towards the outside of the club with his legs.
Zhang Xuan also grinned and followed Lin Qinghan.
Boss Huang stood there, looking at Lin Qinghan’s back, a ruthless look appeared in his eyes.

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