Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 93

“Not bad.” The flat-headed man patted Lao Si’s face with satisfaction.
Old Fourth showed a pleasing flattering smile.
Now, Han Gentle’s face was very unpleasant.
One point was because of Old Four’s backlash, and another point, because of the appearance of the two Bai Chi.
In fact, don’t look at Han tender mouth shouting fierce, in fact, she is a very insecure woman, since her mother died in a gang feud many years ago, the so-called security, away from her more and more.
She enrolled in the police academy, cynical, violent behavior, these, in fact, are just a manifestation of her lack of security.
In the relationship with Zhang Xuan, in fact, Han gentle herself, also do not understand what this relationship is exactly like.
She does not deny that her behavior that night was impulsive, after the incident, she also regrets in her heart, but her character makes her not show it, she blames herself, knowing that Zhang Xuan has a wife and still do such a thing, she tried to keep herself from bothering Zhang Xuan, not to contact him, if not for today’s incident, she does not know when she will take the initiative to give Zhang Xuan a call.
Han tender is a very contradictory woman, just like she has been catching her father, and so really catch that day, Han tender is not sure if she can do it, but she still keep doing it.
Just now, after calling Zhang Xuan, Han tender regrets that call, one of the bigger reasons, is the little woman’s psychology at work, she wants to know, when she is in danger, Zhang Xuan will not come to protect herself.
When Han tender saw the white pool and prickly peak, her heart, is disappointed, she understands that she is not so important in Zhang Xuan’s heart, he loves his wife, between himself and him, is just a misunderstanding, otherwise, how would Zhang Xuan find such two people to perfume himself.
Han gentle heart is disappointed, her face showed a self-deprecating smile, herself, not so important at all.
“Little girl, and do not say I do not give you a chance, today you have to take the initiative to play with this little brother of mine, I will leave you a life, how about it?” The flat-headed man’s teasing voice rang out.
Blood’s eyes surveyed Han’s gentle whole body and stuck out his tongue to lick his lips.
“Pick a way to die.” Out of Bai Chi’s mouth, a plaintive voice came out.
“Hm?” The flat-headed man raised his eyebrows and looked at Bai Chi, “Kid, you’re talking to me?”
“Yeah.” Bai Chi nodded, “You choose a way to die, I’ll make you whole.”
“I didn’t hear you.” The flat-headed youth looked at Bai Chi with a ghost-like gaze, “Say it again?”
Bai Chi turned around and looked at the prickly peak standing behind him with a puzzled look, “I’m speaking Mandarin, right?”
“Yes.” Stabbing Peak nodded his head.
“The voice isn’t too small, right?”
“Not too small.”
“Then that means he heard it and doesn’t want to choose it himself, in that case, you can help him choose one.” Bai Chi made a gesture of please.
“Understood.” Stabbing peak face expression without ripples, took a step forward, immediately after, saw a flash of cold aura, in this cold aura, ten fingers flew in unison.
The flat-headed man’s hands were bright red.
This sudden scene, so that everyone did not react.
The flat-headed man let out a pig-like scream, “Hand …… my hand …… my hand!”
He stretched out his palm with horror in his eyes, and on his outstretched palm, there was not a single finger.
“Tsk tsk tsk.” White pool shook his head, “So you chose to let him bleed to death, hey, a woman’s, it’s terrible.”
White pool and sorry to look at the flat-headed man, “You say you, talk to you properly, you do not listen, a blow to kill how crisp, have to suffer this torture.”
The young man named A Blood’s face changed violently, holding the butterfly knife in his hand, stabbed towards the stabbing peak.
The sharp tip of the knife penetrated Blood’s throat without hindrance, and Blood, who was unbeatable just now, lost his life in a single glance.
The scene that occurred, only in a moment, until the blood planted on the ground, Han gentle and other people reacted, and then look at Bai Chi two people’s gaze, has been completely different.
White pool rushed Han gentle smile apologetically, “sister-in-law, according to reason, big brother sent us, how these people should be disposed of, you say, but come over before big brother gave us an explanation, who want to speak out against you, all kill, so ……”
White pool embarrassed scratch the back of the head, at the same time, the prickly peak also moved.
She wore a long white dress, like a ghost, shuttling through the crowd, where she passed, bringing up a piece of blood, she was as if dancing in the crowd, the blood formed flowers, dancing for her.
Black Thunder this time, brought more than thirty people, just now these people, but also scrambled to reach out towards the body of the prickly peak, now they, see the prickly peak, as if they saw a ghost, face with fear, too late to hide.
Two minutes!
In just two minutes, the floor of the night bar was stained red with blood.
The white dress on the body of Stabbing Peak was not stained with a bit of blood, except for her long and slender fingers, which were dripping with blood.
If you look closely, under the cover of her red-painted fingernails, flashing with a cold aura, hiding a blade.
The leopard head swallowed hard, since he met with Zhang Xuan, he has not seen such a scene once, but still can not maintain inner peace, just two young people, seemingly harmless, but in the conversation and laughing, to kill so many people, their faces did not change a little, apparently to such things have long been accustomed to.
The flat-headed man looked at Bai Chi and Stabbing Peak with fear in his face, and backed away from his feet.
The oldest is sitting there in fear, his pants are damp.
Han gentle gaze dumbfounded at the tragic scene on the ground, her heart in shock, Zhang Xuan, in the end what kind of person!
Last time at the Eight Immortals Building, Han gentle felt that Zhang Xuan was prepared, then this time, his phone call out, but about fifteen minutes, Zhang Xuan sent these two people over, look at the two of them look, absolute respect for their own.
“Prickly peak, let someone come and take care of it.” Bai Chi waved his hand.
Stabbing Peak nodded and blew a loud and clear whistle.
The whistle fell, since outside the night bar, into more than ten people, each wearing black, masked, after entering the bar, did not say a word, they skillfully carried the corpses on the ground, carried to the outside of the bar, these people did not make a sound, as if in the underworld, what kind of rules, oppressing them.
“Sister-in-law, things are done, we also go first, stay here, will attract unnecessary trouble for you.” Bai Chi greeted Han tenderly.
“Sister-in-law, Prickly Peak bids farewell.” Stabbing Peak bent respectfully at Han Gentle, followed behind Bai Chi, and left the Night Bar.

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