Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 98

“Yes, yes, young master is right.” President Ma nodded repeatedly, “Now medical resources are indeed tight, not to mention twice a week, even once a week is a bit difficult ah.”
“This ……” Lin’s that leader pondered for a moment, did not say anything, he really did not expect, this Zhang, once he came, how to speak for the other side, his heart is actually slightly unhappy, because he knows, this Zhang can negotiate this hospital single, not because of his negotiation level is high, but he understands the medical art, to say that negotiation, or their own people are the most professional.
This brother Zhang came, is not a bad thing!
This elite team, several people glanced back and forth, with some bitter smiles on their faces.
“Brother Zhang, so what do you mean, is ……” this leader is not good to refute Zhang Xuan face, asked Zhang Xuan’s opinion.
“I was thinking that ……” Zhang Xuan leaned back in his chair, stretched out three fingers, and kept tapping the desktop, “President Ma just said a lot of sense, not to mention twice a week to sit in the section, even once, the time is a little tight, and then the time is not good. When the time comes, it will not look good for everyone.”
“Yes, yes.” President Ma nodded his head repeatedly.
“What I mean is, if that’s the case, why do we need people from the medical association to sit in the department?” Zhang Xuan asked rhetorically, “How about this, when the hospital is built and run, half of the people from the Ning Provincial Medical Association, all have to come to work in our Lin’s hospital, at the same time, the training institute’s training time is once a month, the specific time is set by me, people from foreign medical associations who want to participate in training must agree to come to work in our Lin’s hospital, just like that.”
“This ……”
As soon as Zhang Xuan finished speaking, no matter if it was President Ma and others, or people from this elite team of Lin’s, all opened their mouths wide.
Compared to the conditions that Zhang Xuan is now proposing, what they just argued for half a day, is not even a gift item ah.
President Ma flattered, “Little Master, look at this, are we ……”
“There is no negotiation.” Zhang Xuan did not wait for President Ma to finish, directly opened his mouth to interrupt, “I still say, your Ning Province Medical Association to disagree, we Lin’s will go to other provinces to find partners.”
Zhang Xuan’s expression was very firm, no joking around at all.
President Ma and others looked back and forth a few times, with a bitter smile on their faces, they can give up cooperation? No! In front of such a high medical skill as trembling needles, if they were to give up, they would really regret even after going into the ground.
“Ai.” Ma Hui sighed long, “Little master, you are really making it difficult for us, your proposal, I will meet today to discuss with everyone.”
“Whatever.” Zhang Xuan said with an indifferent face, “My condition is this, what results you come up with in the meeting, it has nothing to do with me, still the same words, do not agree with my conditions, we Lin’s will find other medical associations to cooperate, that’s all.”
Zhang Xuan finished, directly got up and left, not giving President Ma and others the opportunity to speak again.
Inside the medical tube, a few minutes of silence fell.
Finally, Lin’s leader broke the silence, “President Ma, what do you mean ……”
“How many other meanings?” President Ma rolled his eyes, “Sign the contract according to the words of the young master.”
See President Ma take a stand, Lin’s, an elite team of people, although the surface did not speak, but inwardly, the admiration for Zhang Xuan, that is more than a star and a half.
The bully, brother Zhang!
Settle the matter here, Zhang Xuan back to the company, it is already the point of lunch, just in the cafeteria mixed a meal, and when the afternoon work, Zhang Xuan re-entered the door of the business department.
Once inside the door, Zhang Xuan remembered that the business manager seemed to be looking for himself in the morning.
He walked to the manager’s office and knocked on the door, but no one answered for half a day.
“Zhang Xuan, where did you go this morning?” Sister Hong appeared in front of Zhang Xuan with a reproachful face and questioned.
“Went on a business run, ah.” Zhang Xuan replied as a matter of course.
Sister Hong’s face is dark, Zhang Xuan has been completely disappointed, a new employee who came to work yesterday, not only running around during working hours, but also lies, this kind of person is really hopeless.
“The manager went out, you go back to your own position to watch then go.” Sister Hong impatiently waved her hand.
Zhang Xuan wondered how this woman suddenly so opinionated about himself, but he did not bother to pay attention, the company’s corporate culture, he read almost yesterday, this morning and a little bit, thoroughly read from beginning to end.
Zhang Xuan this afternoon work time, and nothing busy, simply open the computer, the Internet to watch some Chinese medicine teaching videos, he is not learning people’s skills, is to learn how to teach students.
Before, Zhang Xuan was with some students, but those are world-renowned famous doctors, their own merit is good, Zhang Xuan teaching, they can understand what they say.
But now the people he is teaching are a group of beginners to Zhang Xuan, so naturally he can’t teach as casually as he did before.
Zhang Xuan also thought for a moment before watching the video, he should not be doing personal things during work hours, after all, this is also for work.
Sister Hong saw Zhang Xuan did not look at the guard, instead, there watching the computer video with great interest, on the spot with the phone took a small video, sent to Luo Ling, also accompanied by a sentence.
“Manager Luo, this new employee is back, but I asked him to watch the guard then he also did not look, all afternoon here to watch the video, this kind of person can not stay ah.”
After Sister Hong did this, she sent a message to another person on her phone.
“Son, you into the Lin thing, should not be much of a problem, these two days to prepare, I gave you the interview questions last time you take a good look.”
Sister Hong while sending a message, with a cold smile on her face.
By about 4:30 p.m., Zhang Xuan turned off the web page, watched an afternoon of teaching videos, really boring, cleaned up the things on the desktop, ready to leave work.
A woman in her twenties with a hot body clapped her hands and said loudly, “Come on, let’s all put the work at hand!”
The people in the business department all put their eyes on this woman.
“Manager Luo just called to give instructions, today we work overtime, now all pack up, everyone in the department go to Xin Kai Hotel, there is a big customer to accompany, Xiao Sun, you are responsible for booking the meal, there are six people on the customer side, all enamel country, you count the number of us, today is a big project, everyone has to go, including the new arrival, your name is Zhang Xuan, right? No problem with drinking, right?”
“Uh …… no.” Zhang Xuan shook his head.
“Okay, then get ready, today this single to be negotiated, the department all, each at least a thousand bonus, all put into mind.”
After the woman finished, the department fell into a burst of cheers, everyone began to collect the things on the table, and then a group of three or five towards the downstairs, and no one took the initiative to greet Zhang Xuan.
“Hey, big brother, how come you transferred to the business department?” A crisp voice rang out behind Zhang Xuan.

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