My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 10

Chuck Cannon was very worried. If Yvette Jordan knew he had bought this car, what would she do? He didn’t want her to know now.
However, Chuck’s worry was unnecessary, Yvette drove very fast. They passed by in a flash of light and she didn’t even look at him at all. It seemed that she never thought that he would be able to afford this car. He breathed a sigh of relief and stepped on the gas pedal to speed up.
Yvette glanced at the rearview mirror with a cold look. She was a little confused. “This car is one of the top luxury cars in its series, isn’t it? It costs more than two million dollars. Whose car is it?”
She had been living in this area for long, and she knew almost all the cars. Someone must have bought a car. However, such an extravagant car cost a lot, so who could afford it?
As she pondered about it, Yvette had already returned to her residential area. She had come back to retrieve her cell phone as she realized she had forgotten to bring it out when she came out just now. Yet, she didn’t see Chuck who was supposedly carrying a large bag downstairs. She frowned to herself and muttered, “Did he take a taxi and leave so soon?”
“Still taking a taxi in such a money-lacking situation? Hopeless of him”. Yvette shook her head coldly…..
Chuck drove his BMW to the furniture store. He didn’t want to buy any over-the-top furniture since practicality is more important.
However, others didn’t think so. Driving such an amazing car, the saleswoman had recommended the most expensive furniture for Chuck. A bed which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a sofa that cost about seventy or eighty thousand dollars. Chuck sighed. Yes, he had money now, but he couldn’t spend it recklessly.
In the end, Chuck spent 200,000 dollars for two beds, a sofa, a cabinet etc. They were almost done. They could be delivered by tomorrow. Chuck took the receipt and walked out of the furniture store, but….
When he went out, he saw his classmate Queenie Carson, who had a good relationship with Chuck. He still remembered how she had defended him when he said he had ‘picked up some money’.
However, he was slightly frustrated as she had somehow accidentally scratched his new car with her bicycle.
Queenie was visibly scared that her face turned pale. She had been wiping the scratched area with wet tissue while tears welled up in her eyes. But how could the scratch be covered up with a tissue?
Queenie realized this and couldn’t help crying. Her family was very ordinary, but she definitely recognized such a popular brand like BMW! She cried because she couldn’t afford to pay for it.
Chuck couldn’t stand it any longer and rushed over to her. “Queenie, what are you crying for?”
When Queenie saw that there was someone she knew, she stood up and cried even more anxiously. She couldn’t stop her tears from flowing. “Ah? Chuck, I hit someone’s car. I didn’t notice that I accidentally hit it when I was riding my bicycle. I’ve been trying to remove it with a tissue but I can’t. What should I do? What should I do?”
Seeing Queenie crying so sadly, Chuck couldn’t bear it. He really wanted to say, “It is okay. It’s my car”
However, there would be some trouble if he said so. Queenie would definitely ask him where he got the money from. It was not easy to answer. His mother was still abroad and had not come back yet.
“This is a BMW, which is definitely very expensive. It may cost over three hundred thousand dollars. What should I do?” She was so anxious she burst into tears.
Chuck felt helpless. If he told her the car cost 2,450,000 dollars, she would probably cry for a whole day.
“It’s just a small matter, people won’t notice it. It’s okay. Let’s go”, Chuck said.
“I…. No, I have to admit that I have done something wrong. I will pay for it, but I have to pay in instalments. I will beg the owner of the car to let me do so. Just don’t look for my family….” She bit her lip and sobbed with tears in her eyes.
Chuck stood powerless. Queenie was a good person with principles and virtues. She would definitely admit what she had done wrong. But who would she admit to in this situation?
“Chuck, can you accompany me to wait for the owner to come over? I’m afraid to be alone”, Queenie whispered in a pleading tone.
“Okay, let’s wait” Chuck smiled and pulled her to sit down on the ground next to him.
“Thank you”.
“It is okay”.
“By the way, what are you doing here?”
“I, I was looking if there was any part-time job here”
After a moment of silence, Queenie’s thoughts began to drift away. “Will the owner be fierce? What if he wants to beat me up? Will he….”
“It’s okay”. Seeing that Queenie was about to cry again, Chuck hurried to comfort her.
“How I wish the owner of this car was someone I knew! I would be able to ask him to let me pay in instalments. But now, this is a stranger, I’m afraid he won’t agree….”
“Yes, he will. Don’t think too much. If you are sincere, others will definitely agree”.
“I hope so…”
Chuck waited with Queenie until ten o’clock in the evening and the shops nearby were all closed. As it was already dark, she was even more afraid. Chuck could only say, “The owner has not come for a long time. I don’t think he’ll come. Let’s go”
“But…” Queenie thought for a moment and took out a pen and paper from her small backpack. She wrote ‘sorry’ on the paper, and notified that she was willing to take responsibility and so on. Finally, she left her phone number and carefully stuffed the paper under the wiper. Only then did she let out a sigh of relief.
“I hope the owner of this car will call me, I will compensate for it”, she said.
“Yes”. Chuck nodded, but he certainly would not call her. He would ask the saleswoman, Charlotte Yales and asked how much it cost. He would solve it by himself.
“Thank you for waiting with me for so long, let me treat you to supper. But I don’t have much money, is 50 dollars enough for the both of us?” Queenie looked at Chuck seriously and said in a small but sincere voice.
“I’ll treat you”, Chuck said with a smile.
“No, you’ve been with me for so long, so I have to treat you. What do you want to eat?”
“Well, it’s up to you”
“Then, how about noodles?” Queenie asked.
Chuck was okay with it, so they went to the nearby noodles restaurant. Chuck was hungry and felt much more comfortable after eating a bowl of noodles. Queenie was in a better mood, but she was still worried. She probably was still thinking about the compensation. Halfway through the meal, Chuck received a phone call from Lara Jean, which was unexpected.
Chuck was not surprised. After all, Lara paid more than 6,000 dollars yesterday.
“Hey, is this Chuck? I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. I’ll treat you to dinner and apologize. Are you free now?” Lara asked in a sweet voice.
Of course, Chuck would not be fooled. “I don’t have time. I’ll have to work part-time tomorrow”.
“Ran out of money so soon?” Lara was full of disdain, but she was even angrier. If he really had no money, then what will happen to the six thousand dollars she was forced to pay yesterday? She definitely could not fill the gap in her financial pocket money, and she absolutely had to find Chuck to get it back!
“Of course”
“It’s alright. I’ll treat you to dinner. Just the two of us”, Lara said.
Chuck was surprised. Just him and Lara? Indeed, Lara was still very beautiful, with a curvy body size and sexy fashion sense as well. They were all in the same class, and it was inevitable he would see something when she bowed her head or bent down. Chuck did not deny that he had seen it before. However, he had no interest in such a person.
“How about your boyfriend?” Chuck asked.
“We broke up just yesterday. I’m really sad, can you accompany me? Please”. Lara sneered. Conrad Lee, her boyfriend, held Lara by his side and kept touching her, with a sinister smile on his face.
“Break up? But I really don’t have the time. You can find someone else”.
“It’s alright. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time today. We can meet the day after tomorrow or tomorrow. Just let me know the time and I’ll be there”
“We’ll see”
“Okay, I am hanging up. But don’t tell others that I broke up with my boyfriend. I’m afraid that they might mock me”.
As she hung up the phone, Lara exclaimed defeatedly. “I can’t believe he didn’t take the bait!”
“Why don’t you go and flirt with him tomorrow? Give him a taste of forbidden lust first, and he’ll ask you out himself”, Conrad thought for a moment and said.
“Are you crazy? Asking me to flirt with him. How disgusting will it be? I don’t even want to see him, and you’re asking me to flirt with him?” Lara was angry.
“What else can we do? If you don’t flirt with him, he will never take the bait! If he doesn’t take the bait, who can we ask for the 6,000 dollars?”
“But! Ah, damn Chuck. It’s an advantage for him!” Lara stamped her feet.
“Well, for 6,000 dollars, we can only sacrifice a little”. Conrad said and started to play tricks with Lara.
Chuck and Queenie came out of the noodle shop. All of a sudden, Queenie cried out, and Chuck asked what happened.
“It’s 11 o’clock. The hostel’s gate is closed, what should we do?” Queenie was anxious.
Chuck used to live with Yvette. He didn’t stay in the dormitory, but he knew that the gates of the school’s dormitory was closed at eleven o’clock sharp. It was true that she couldn’t access it now.
Chuck didn’t think of this just now. He could only say inadvertently, “Why don’t we get a room to sleep tonight?”
It was estimated that the furniture could only be moved to the house tomorrow. Chuck had already planned to book a room for today, but he said so on impulse, but…. It probably wasn’t something decent to say to girls.

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