My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 11

“Ah?” Queenie’s face turned red, and she whispered, “My mother said we can’t share a room with boys”.
In fact, Chuck Cannon didn’t think much about it either and just said so on impulse. But to be frank, Queenie is actually young and very beautiful.
Because she was poor, she usually wore cheap clothes and didn’t wear any make up when she went out. How could she look good? But with a little make up and some short denim pants that revealed her long, slender legs, she would definitely look prettier than Lara Jean and the other girls.
“Er… But the school dormitory has been closed. Where are you going to sleep if you don’t get a room?” Chuck asked helplessly.
“I….” Queenie’s heart beat faster.
In fact, she didn’t have many feelings for Chuck. She had good impressions of him and were at the most just good friends. It was true that she was really touched that Chuck accompanied her and waited for the car owner just now. But, even though she was touched, she couldn’t share a room with him!
“But if we don’t get a room, does it mean we’ll sleep on the street?” Queenie was in a dilemma. She bit her lip and looked at Chuck. She was worried that he might do something to her if they shared a room.
As soon as she started to speak, Chuck said, “Okay, let’s not get a room then. I’ll take you to a place and you can rest there”
“Really? Where?” Queenie was surprised.
Chuck could only tell her the address of the house he had bought today. The previous owner had already moved all his furnitures and items and since it was rather hot, they could just buy a mattress and sleep on the floor. Anyway, it had three bedrooms and two living rooms, so Queenie would feel more at ease.
“Highstreet distreet? It’s a very lively place in the city”. Queenie was surprised that Chuck knew such a place. After all, she knew that Chuck was as poor as her.
“Yes, it’s there. I’m doing a part-time job as an agent recently. There’s a house to sell and the owner is in a hurry, so he gave me the key to make it easier to take a look at the house. We can stay a night there since no one else knows”. Chuck said.
Queenie hesistated. “Isn’t it inappropriate to do this?”
“It is up to you. If not, our only option is to get a room. Don’t worry, no one else would know, the owner is not in the city anyway”, Chuck persuaded.
“Okay”, Queenie bit her lip. She had not done a thing like living in someone else’s house yet, what if the owner comes home at night?
But if she didn’t do so, she could only get a room with Chuck, and everyone knew the meaning behind a room together. She knew that it was better to be friends with Chuck than crossing the boundary of friendship.
“Well, then wait a minute. I’ll…” Chuck almost spilled the beans and said that he was going to drive.
“What are you going to do?” Queenie was confused.
“Nothing. We can go there by taking taxi”, Chuck said.
“Yep”. The two of them went to the roadside to get a taxi. Chuck had no choice but to park his car here for a night.
Soon, they got a taxi and went to Chuck’s house. When they got out of the car, the driver was surprised and asked enviously. “Young man, you bought a house here? The houses here cost almost two million dollars, you must be a rich guy!”
Chuck coughed. It was indeed the house he bought, but…
Queenie just felt embarrassed and thought, “This is the house of the owner. We came here just for a night”
The driver drove away and the two of them stood in silence. Queenie felt that she was doing something bad, so she was nervous. What if the owner came back?
But now, she could only follow Chuck inside. Queenie had never been here before, and the interior was amazing. She wanted to live here in the future, but the price was too expensive. She would never be able to afford it even if she worked for the rest of her life, so she had no choice but to dispel the thought.
They took the elevator and arrived at the designated floor. Chuck opened the door and went in, while Queenie followed and immediately heaved a sigh of relief. It was indeed empty inside. Chuck really didn’t lie to her, the house was currently vacant.
The roof, the wall and the cabinet that couldn’t be removed were in top condition. One could already imagine how extravagant it was before.
“This house is so big and beautiful. How much does the owner intend to sell it for?” Queenie asked curiously.
“3,560,000 dollars”
“Ah, it’s so expensive. Is there anyone who can afford it?” Queenie asked in surprise.
“Yes”, Chuck said with a smile.
“True, there are still a lot of rich people, I don’t know who will buy it in the end”, Queenie nodded, her eyes darting around the house. “Then which room should I stay in?”
“It’s up to you. There’s bathroom in every room” Chuck replied.
“Well, then I’ll stay here”. Queenie pointed at a room and walked over. Then she turned back and waved at him saying, “Thank you Chuck, good night”.
“Well, good night”, Chuck replied with a smile.
Seeing that Queenie had closed the door, Chuck began to study how to place the furniture the next day. After he had a rough plan, Chuck entered a room randomly.
Queenie, who was leaning against the door, let out a sigh of relief when she heard Chuck entering the room, but soon she felt depressed. She sat on the floor, her thoughts swirling. She was actually in a house with a boy. Although they were not in the same room, it still felt strange. She was very nervous when she leaned against the door just now, afraid that Chuck would come over. If he barged into the room, she, as a girl, would certainly not be able to defend herself. What should she do? Refuse him fiercely, or…
She had thought of countless countermeasures and waited anxiously. However, Chuck did not come over, which also made her feel a little uncomfortable. It was difficult to describe. It was strange, just like the story of the Monkey King in the Peach Garden, who stopped the seven Gorgeous Angels from moving just to go pick some peaches and totally ignored the beautiful fairies.
Queenie also didn’t understand why she would think so. Soon, she was depressed. How much will the car owner ask from her if he called her tomorrow? Would the owner agree to let her pay in instalments?
Queenie was upset. She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes slowly.
When Chuck was still sleeping in the morning, he was awoken by a phone call from the real estate agent, saying that Yvette Jordan was ready to leave as well. Everyone was going to gather at the Ministry of Housing to prepare for the transfer of the ownership of the house.
Chuck immediately got up. His back was sore and painful because he slept on the floor last night. Fortunately, he could sleep on a big bed tonight.
After going out of the room, Chuck found that Queenie had been waiting for a long time. Seeing that she was tired, Chuck asked curiously, “Didn’t sleep well last night?”
“Well, I’m worried that the house owner will come back, so…” Queenie said softly. “Let’s leave quickly, before the house owner will be here. It will be difficult and awkward to explain why we are here”.
Chuck smiled and agreed. Queenie was curious. How could he be so calm after doing such a bad thing?
She did not think much about it. The two of them exited the house and took the elevator down. By the side of the road, Queenie asked Chuck if he wanted to go to the class together. Chuck had to deal withe transfer of house ownership, so of course, he couldn’t go to the university. He could only say he wanted to leave for his part-time work.
“Alright, I’ll go back first”. Queenie took out some small change and went to take the bus.
As Queenie got on the bus, Chuck hailed a taxi to take him to the parking spot yesterday. Queenie looked through the window and saw the BMW from yesterday still parked there.
She was perturbed. When would the owner call her? As the bus pulled further and further from the BMW, she sighed. How nice would it be if the owner of the BMW was her friend? If so, they could talk about the compensation of the car’s damages in instalments. It was a pity that she did not have such a friend. Queenie’s gaze dimmed.
Chuck drove to the Ministry of Housing. When he arrived at the car park, he called the agent. The agent said that he saw him and would come over soon, but when he arrived, he was overwhelmed with admiration and envy. He thought he was wrong when he saw Chuck driving a BMW 7 series. But from another perspective, what was wrong for someone who could buy two houses consecutively to buy a luxury BMW? It was a good match!
“Mr. Cannon, changed car?” The agent was envious. He thought that Chuck had several cars and this was just a new car to his collection.
Chuck shook his head and said that it was his first car. The agent was surprised and looked at Chuck again, this time with approval. He was obviously a rich kid, but this was just his first car. If he knew how to control his desires, this Mr. Cannon will definitely have a good future!
He was definitely rich for a reason.
Chuck had already told the agent yesterday that he would first transfer it to the real estate agency, and then the agency will transfer it back to Chuck. He didn’t have to contact Yvette during the whole process. For Yvette, it was impossible for her to know that the person who bought her house was Chuck.
However, while they were discussing, Chuck suddenly heard a confused voice. “Chuck, why are you here?”
Chuck looked back automatically and realized that it was Yvette, a puzzled look hanging on her face. He suddenly panicked. “Oh no, I can’t let her know”

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