My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 9

The manager was shocked, and the other salesmen gathered around them in surprise. How could it be possible? This poor boy actually took out 2,400,000 dollars?
“Are you sure?”, the manager asked in a serious tone. He knew that Charlotte Yales would not dare to joke with him at this moment, but he still askes because he could not believe that he had misjudged Chuck Cannon.
“Yes, I’m sure!” Charlotte was also flabbergasted just now, but the credit card machine wouldn’t lie. There was no insufficiency of balance as expected, and the payment was successfully made in one swipe. She thought it was an illusion, but it had turned out real!
“Oh gosh!” The manager was shocked!
“He really bought it? I really can’t believe that he’s actually so rich when he is dressed like this. Are the rich people so low-key now?”
“Who knows? It is probably just these rich kids with their weird antics. This must be one of the ways for them to have fun”.
“If I had known this person was so rich, I would have answered him properly when he asked me the price of the car just now. Then the commission of this car would be mine, sigh….”
The saleswoman’s heart from just now was full of regrets, but it was no use regretting it anymore. He had already bought the car.
The manager’s attitude took a 360 degree turn and he smiled politely at Chuck. “May I know your surname, sir?”
“My surname is Cannon. Please help me settle the insurance and the temporary car number plate as well. I’ll take the car out later”. Chuck said to Charlotte after answering the manager.
Charlotte nodded robotically. So this meant that she had sold a car on the first day of her internship? She felt as if she was dreaming, but this dream was real.
Seeing as Chuck ignored the manager, the manager immediately felt awkward. He winked at Charlotte as a sign of asking her to deal with Chuck properly since he was now an important customer of theirs.
Charlotte nodded and brought Chuck up to finish the necessary procedures. Since the money had been paid, the rest would be quick. An hour later, Chuck drove out of 4S Automoblie Store slowly. He planned to go to the car management office the day after tomorrow to install the car plate. Before he left, he also added Charlotte’s WeChat account. Chuck didn’t think too much since it was the first time he had bought a car. He could get her help on WeChat if he had run into any problems while maneuvering the car.
To be honest, it was the first time Chuck had driven such an extravagant car, so he was extremely tense. However, he definitely knew he paid well for the car, as even though his speed on the road was slow, the other cars didn’t dare to honk at him. Well, not everyone can afford to drive such a car after all!
Chuck deliberately drove to a road where there were no cars to practice driving around, parking and reversing a few times. He was ready to drive to the furniture store when he became more comfortable with his car.
Just as he was about to leave, Yvette Jordan called. Chuck’s phone was connected to the car and it took him some time to find the button to pick up the call on the steering wheel. As soon as he answered it, Yvette’s angry voice blasted, “What are you doing? Why did you pick up the phone so slowly?”
Chuck sighed. He could only say that he didn’t hear it just now.
“Come home and pack up all your things before tonight”.
“Are you deaf?”
“No, why did you ask me to pack my stuff?”
“I sold my house. Do you expect me to clean up the rubbish that you left behind?” Yvette replied coldly.
“All right”
After hanging up the phone, Chuck drove home silently. Since Yvette’s house would be his starting tomorrow, it didn’t make any difference if he cleaned up his things or not. However, since Yvette called him, it was better for him to go back.
As soon as he started driving, he received a WeChat notification. Chuck took a look and instantly felt faint as the message was from Yvette.
“What are you doing, baller? I’d like to treat you to a meal to thank you”.
“Are you free?” Chuck replied.
“I’m waiting for an annoying person to come over and pack his things. After that, I’ll be free so let’s have dinner together”.
Chuck smiled bitterly. He knew that the annoying person she was talking about was himself.
“I am not free”. Chuck could only reply like this. He didn’t want Yvette to know that it was him who saved her yesterday.
“Ah? It doesn’t matter. When do you have time then?”
“Sorry. I would not be free recently”
“Well okay, let’s talk when you may be available”
At this moment, Yvette sat on the sofa and continued clicking on the profile of this “Baller”. She was a little disappointed. Why didn’t he post any photos?
She felt that he didn’t really want to talk to her. Did he think of her as a flirtatious and easy girl?
Yvette sighed helplessly. She really wanted to know how the man who saved her last night and even transferred 200,000 dollars to her looked. Would he be a very handsome person?
Yvette was curious, but when she remembered that Chuck would come back soon, she went downstairs to buy a big bag so he could take away all the garbage in the house.
The road to Yvette’s residential place was not easy to drive through, especially with such a big car. Chuck took a long time to park into the garage cautiously as he was a newbie when it came to driving. However, just as he got out of the car and was ready to head upstairs, he heard Yvette’s voice. He was immediately shocked.
“How many times do I have to tell you? You should be observant and knowledgeable, why are you leaning so close to other people’s car? This kind of car pretty sure costs about a million dollars, if you scratch it you’ll never be able to pay for the compensation!” Yvette scolded sharply. He had only picked up two thousand dollars and he probably had only a few hundred dollars left. How could he be able to pay back the owner of this car if he damaged it?
Chuck smiled dryly and didn’t say anything.
Yvette was too lazy to say anything more. She stuffed the bag into Chuck’s hand and said, “Take all your garbage away”
Chuck nodded and went upstairs with the bag. Previously when he left, he had already taken whatever he could take with him, so all that was left here was literally trash. After packing for an hour, the big bag was fully loaded and he dragged it downstairs.
Seeing him panting out of exhaustion, Yvette frowned. She took her car key and followed him out. “You have too many things with you, it’ll be difficult if you drive alone. Where do you live? I’ll send you back”.
“There’s no need for that. I have…” Chuck stopped in a hurry.
“What do you have? Money for a taxi?” Yvette frowned even deeper.
“Sort of”. Chuck didn’t say much.
“Sort of? I think you can only live luxuriously for a few more days with the money you picked up”. Yvette didn’t want to talk much, so she followed him downstairs.
She planned to go out for some food and see if there were any houses for rent. She wanted to buy a smaller house, but it was not something that she could get in such a short time. She could only rent a house first.
However, as soon as they went downstairs, he heard someone cursing. “Whose car is this? Being so arrogant because you’re rich? You can’t just park in other people’s parking space just because you’re rich!”
Chuck thought, “Oh crap, we need to buy more parking spaces in this residential area, and most of them were already bought by someone”. He wasn’t paying attention when he was parking the car and probably parked his car in someone else’s parking space.
As expected, when he went out, he saw a man with a pair of glasses shouting loudly. This man was looking into the window angrily while holding his mobile phone.
Chuck was startled when he saw the man was looking for a number to call. However, he remembered that fortunately, there was no mobile phone number displayed on the car. He didn’t have the time to do that.
The annoyed man walked around the car a few times and didn’t see a number, almost resorting to kicking the door. Chuck’s heart skipped a bit and his fists slowly tightened. Anyone would feel distressed if their newly bought car was kicked.
However, the man knew that this car was expensive and was certainly a car that mo ordinary people could afford. He didn’t dare to touch it, so he could only mutter, “Hey, what kind of person is this? Not only do they simply park their car, they don’t even leave their number! I’ll head out to buy something. If this car hasn’t been moved when I’m back, I’ll smash it!”
Chuck heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the last sentence being yelled out. It was likely that the man wanted the owner of the car to hear it.
The man got into his car and drove off. Yvette glanced at Chuck’s car and asked him, “Didn’t you see whose car it belonged to when you came over?”
“I didn’t see it”. Chuck shook his head.
“The car is a good car, but it is not right to park it wherever he wants”. Yvette went to her car, opened the door and got in. She asked, “You really don’t need a ride?”
“There’s no need for that. I’ll just take a taxi”. Chuck replied.
“Whatever. But let me give you one last word of advice. You’ll never have a good future if you continue acting like this”. Yvette was too lazy to say anything more to him and drove away. Chuck scratched his nose and thought to himself, future? Now that he was a rich guy, he already had a wonderful future ahead of him.
After confirming that she has left the residential area, Chuck pressed the car key and opened the trunk to put the bag in. Then he drove out slowly. However, as soon as his car came out, he broke into a cold sweat as he saw Yvette’s car turning back. She had probably forgotten something. They would definitely meet up if this continued. Oh no, he would be seen by Yvette!

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