My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 100

Yvette was about to sit in, and Wang Ke was ridiculous, “I thought the BMW 7 Series next to you belonged to you, it turned out not to be!”
Yvette shook her head. She also spotted the car parked next to her just now. Why has she seen this car several times?
“This car seems to be top-of-the-line. It costs more than two million. The average person can’t afford it, husband, we’ll change this next time we change the car,” Wang Keke sneered.
“Yes.” Ma Dongnan originally drove the fifth series, and he really wanted to change the car. He leaned over and looked at it for a while, and the more he looked at it, the more he became more excited.
“Yvette, why don’t you let your boyfriend give you one, this car is not expensive, my husband just bought it.” Wang Keke laughed.
Yvette glanced at her and sat in.
Wang Keke muttered, and the two of them sat in. Wang Keke was not happy, “This car is so uncomfortable to ride, the space is so small…”
Yvette was silent and started the car.
Wang Keke muttered in his heart.
Wang Keke kindly said, “Yvette, then be careful, don’t wipe the BMW 7 series next to it, just wipe it will cost tens of thousands!”
Yvette drove away. Wang Keke saw that Yvette was very skilled. She sneered. Fortunately, you didn’t run into the BMW 7 Series just now. Otherwise, the money earned in a few months would not be enough to compensate.
After Chuck finished eating the fried rice, he got up and left. However, thinking of Yvette’s aggrieved expression, he said to Betty, “Sister Li, do I think it is difficult to reorganize this company in Southeast Ma?”
“No, a phone call can make him close now. This person has a lot of black background, and there is no difficulty in handling it,” Betty shook her head.
Chuck laughed, so it’s fine. As long as Ma Dongnan is embarrassed by Yvette, then your company will not open and you will die.
“Okay, Sister Na Li, I’m leaving first.” Chuck said.
“Okay, Master, go slowly,” Betty saw the clean plate on the table. This Master really won’t waste it!
She smiled and called someone to come and clean up.
Chuck went out to the parking lot and drove to the square.
“Yvette, your company actually opened here?”
Wang Keke muttered, what kind of square is this? It looks ugly, and there are no high-end brands. No wonder Yvette’s company is losing money. Isn’t it a death to open in such a place?
“Yes,” Yvette nodded.
“What kind of square? There are no high-end things. Without high-end things, there will be no rich people coming here. It’s remote. There is no future for starting a company in such a square.” Wang Keke said.
This Yvette’s vision is really low. She wants to start a company, and she won’t be here if she is killed. Such rubbish, isn’t she downgrading her taste?
“Yes, this location is too bad, no wonder your company is not good!” Ma Dongnan also shook his head. This is the most rubbish square he has ever been to. The boss is a fool, right? The square is designed like this? It’s a hell if it can be done here.
“I think it’s good,” Yvette said and pressed the elevator.
“What a shit! This trash square gives me a place to start a company for free, I won’t come!” Wang Keke muttered.
The three people got into the elevator. Wang Keke and Ma Dongnan followed Yvette to the company. Wang Keke even more disdain, “Yvette, do you get 100,000 yuan from this company?”
What decoration is this? The sofa is not made of genuine leather. It feels so cheap. How uncomfortable is sitting? The floor is not bright at all, there are bookcases, and the decor is too rubbish.
“Almost,” Yvette was too lazy to talk to her more, and she took the two of them to the office.
Wang Ke was despised, and didn’t want to go in, because it was too low-end.
Yvette poured tea, and then talked to Ma Dongnan. She mainly used Ma Dongnan’s reputation to advertise for her company and tell her what she meant. Wang Keke said, “You let my husband do so many things. , Just give six hundred thousand?”
“Well, six hundred thousand.” Yvette was calm.
“Too little, husband, we are going well, don’t waste time, I don’t want to stay for a second,” Wang Keke acted like a baby.
Ma Dongnan has other ideas in his mind. This office is good. If she can be here, it will be good.
“Coco, we are here, forget it,” Ma Dongnan said.
“Husband…who wants her company to be such a rubbish? Didn’t you downgrade your status as your husband? Let’s go,” Wang Keke said.
“is acceptable.”
“Husband…Oh, I don’t want to stay anymore, I’m out,”
Wang Keke actually wanted to go to the bathroom, Ma Dongnan nodded, “Hurry back!”
Wang Keke went out, Ma Dongnan smiled, five or six minutes is enough, he is straightforward, “Your company is not easy to do to be honest.”
“I know, so I invited you over,”
“I came all the way, and you are Coco’s friend again. I don’t have much problem with helping you, but your six hundred thousand is too little, why don’t you add more?”
Yvette frowned.
“If you don’t have that much money, then I have no objection to do something else. There is no one else in the office anyway…” Ma Dongnan was excited, so you should understand?
Hey, it’s time to play the best.

“Her mother’s toilet is so rubbish? She didn’t actually sit in a pit?” Wang Keke spit out and squatted down in disgust.
She came out of the bathroom and spit at the door again, “Garbage!”
Chuck, who happened to come out of the elevator, frowned when he saw it.
“What to look at? Junk square, rubbish man!” Wang Keke glared at Chuck and left with disdain.
Chuck didn’t bother to pay attention to her. He had to go up to see Yvette and let Ma Dongnan and Yvette stay together alone. He didn’t worry. He went to Yvette’s company and Wang Keke was the same. When Chuck went to Yvette’s company, was this an employee? More rubbish.
But when Wang Keke went in, he saw that one of his husband’s cheeks was red, as if he had been beaten. Wang Keke immediately became angry, “Husband, what’s the matter? Who beat you?”
Ma Dongnan was angry. Just now when he was about to touch Yvette, Yvette raised his hand and slapped him. He knew what was wrong and didn’t dare to make trouble, so he could only come out.
But okay, if you don’t go to the road, I will spend the relationship to destroy your company!
Let your company go bankrupt!
“It’s okay,” Ma Dongnan shook his head, he couldn’t say anything else.
Wang Keke got angry and rushed in immediately, “Yvette, your mother beat my husband, right?”
Yvette gave her a cold look, “Go away!”
“Fuck, you fucking let me go? What right do you have to let me go? Such a rubbish company, do you really think you are the boss? Shit? In my eyes, it’s not as rubbish, husband, call and die. This bitch! Actually let me go! Her mother doesn’t dare to let me go! You and her mother pretends!” Wang Keke said immediately, like a shrew.
Ma Dongnan had this intention. He took out his mobile phone and Yvette sighed. Ma Dongnan had the strength to squeeze out her own company. She felt wronged. What is this today?
Yvette pointed outside, “Get out!”
However, when she saw Chuck walk in, she was even more aggrieved. It took her eight or nine thousand to invite such a person? I just wanted to treat myself…
He saw the bad side again, Yvette sighed.
“Get out of Nima! Dare to beat my husband, I won’t let you open this company, let you beg for food!” Wang Keke cursed, and Chuck walked over.
“Who is your mother? Get so close to me? Get out!” Wang Keke watched Chuck come over, making her even more annoyed.
Chuck glanced at her and said, “I’ll just say it once, and immediately kneel down to apologize to Yvette!”
“Do you…” Wang Keke cursed.
“After you graduated from college, you worked as a TV station. Do you want me to tell your husband?” Chuck said.
Wang Keke was shocked and immediately became ashamed. “What did your mother say?”
“You went to open a room with a foreigner four days ago, want me to tell your husband?” Chuck continued.
“You!” Wang Keke was stunned, she leaned in anxiously and lowered her voice, “How did you know? Humph, I haven’t done it, and my husband won’t believe what you said! My husband killed you!”
“Husband, he bullied me…” Wang Keke walked over coquettishly, Ma Dongnan’s hands that hadn’t been on fire, now he is bullying his wife? He can’t stand it anymore.
“You fucking bullying my wife? You’re all dead!” Ma Dongnan came over, as if he was going to beat Chuck. Chuck glanced at him and took out his phone. “Hey, now give me the whole horse. the company!”

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