My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 99

“Coco, now you pay attention, do you want to help her now? This is the case for a meal, and I am very worried about her company’s prospects!” Ma Dongnan shook his head.
He said that actually has other purposes
He is famous. He thinks that six hundred thousand is too low. He wants to use this to increase the price. So she doesn’t dare to resist, indicating that she needs help. It is okay to ask her for eight hundred thousand. She dares No? Don’t leave me immediately!
Secondly… When he came, he heard his wife say that the woman who was going to help had a bad relationship with his wife in school. He thought it was an ugly woman, but he didn’t expect that she was pretty and she was in good shape. Especially these thighs are really beautiful.
If you can spend the night with yourself, that’s okay, 600,000 yuan is okay, but it doesn’t matter that you can’t go to the Daoist.
The more you think about it, the more Ma Dongnan feels. Looking at Yvette, if it wasn’t for his wife, he would have to directly say you will stay with me for the whole night.
After all, he became more interested in Yvette as he watched, and it seemed that he would have to find a chance to distract his wife later.
“Yvette, you make my husband very angry!” Wang Keke dismissed it. She was so happy to see Yvette not saying a word.
Yvette sighed in her heart, she couldn’t help it, she was prepared when she came, thinking that it’s okay to be insulted by her, as long as her company can get better, then what does it matter?
But at this time, Yvette felt that she was too low-pitched and a little wronged. She had the urge to leave directly, but what would happen if she left?
Just bear it.
“Humph, I begged my husband to come over, you made my husband so angry, shouldn’t you do something?” Wang Keke said.
“What are you going to do?” Yvette heard this, and she understood what Wang Keke meant.
This is to add money.
“Add two hundred thousand! Otherwise, I will take my husband away immediately. Your company can only be saved by someone who is famous in the industry like my husband. Without my husband to help you, your company will definitely be over.” Wang Keke sneered.
Do you think I will give you less money? Is it possible, I’m more expensive than others, you gave it to the door with a stern, would I not want it? ?
Yvette was silent, she stared at Wang Keke, two hundred thousand? She can get it out, but she has other plans for the two hundred thousand, not for them temporarily.
Yvette was angry.
“Husband! Let’s go! Looking at her, she can’t even get out 800,000 yuan, not even 800,000 yuan. What company do you start? We won’t make this small amount of money.” Wang Keke said.
Ma Dongnan has already seen Yvette, and the more I look at it, the more I think about it. He shook his head, “Forget it, just eat some food, go to her company first, and talk about the other things.”
I’ve already spoken to you, so you can wait until you get to the Dao! The company has a toilet, I’m waiting for you!
Wang Keke acted like a baby, “Husband, you are so generous, then okay, help her this time, Yvette counts you lucky!”
Yvette sighed.
“En.” Ma Dongnan nodded.
“Then just order a few dishes, eat first before going to your company to see it. Waiter, this, this, and this…” Wang Lele ordered a few at will, but it’s expensive. Thousands.
The waiter immediately went to deal with it.
Chuck was far less clear than he heard, but when he saw Yvette’s face was not so good, there were a lot of grievances, Chuck felt a little bit painful, and immediately took the phone and called Betty.
After the call was connected, he said directly at the hotel and then hung up.
In less than two minutes, Betty took the elevator down, but when she saw that there was no food on Chuck’s table, she immediately said, “Master, a fisherman brought a wild yellow croaker this morning. I now ask the chef to do it for you. All right,……”
“No need,” Chuck shook his head, selling such an expensive fish for money.
“Help me find out what that person is doing.” Chuck pointed at Ma Dongnan in the distance.
Betty looked over and nodded immediately, “Master, wait a minute.”
She took out her mobile phone and took a picture of Ma Southeast and sent it to someone. Within a minute, Betty received Ma Southeast’s detailed information.
“Master, this man is called Ma Dongnan. He is 42 years old. He is the boss of Huacheng Training Company. He is one of China’s well-known training teachers. His personal assets are between 50 milliond 60 million. His wife is Wang Keke. After graduating from university, this woman used to attend a three-month class in a nightclub. She has published about ten times in total…”
As Betty said, Chuck was surprised. This Wang Keke was not a good person to listen to. He was acrimonious. This is a sugar daddy. What is the relationship between her and Yvette?
“That’s Yvette, yours…” Betty continued, but stopped, Yvette was Karen Li’s focus, of course she knew who it was.
“Wang Keke is Yvette’s classmate,” Betty said.
“En.” Chuck nodded, he roughly knew Yvette’s purpose for inviting the two of them over.
“What dark history does Wang Keke have?” Chuck asked.
“Yes, a lot, let me see,” Betty said after staring at the detailed information. “This Wang Keke had two fetuses for her boyfriend when he was in college, and he had been married to Ma Dongnan for a year and derailed about six times…”
Chuck laughed, is this Wang Keke so open? I don’t know if Ma Dongnan knows this.
Betty continued to say something, and Chuck listened carefully.
The three of them, Yvette, had finished their meal. Yvette was about to check out. The three of them walked outside and did not find Chuck here.
Chuck said, “Sister Li, give Yvette a waiver,”
“Okay, Master, wait a minute!” Betty took out the intercom and said to the front desk.
“Master, don’t you want something to eat?” Betty asked concerned.
Chuck thought for a while, Yvette must have gone to the company now, so it’s fine to have an egg fried rice, “Okay, give me an egg fried rice.”
“What? Master, do you have egg fried rice?” Betty was surprised, don’t you know how rich your mother is? There is no problem with eating hundreds of thousands of meals every day.
“Yes, keep it simple.”
“Okay, Master, wait a minute!” Betty immediately went to the backstage to order.
Three Yvette walked to the front desk. It happened that Wang Keke saw a waiter carrying a large yellow croaker to give to some customers. She muttered in her heart, Yvette is really too weak, how did others make a reservation?
“How much is it?” Yvette took out his wallet and prepared to swipe the card. Wang Keke was even more disdainful. It was actually a credit card? Too poor to use a credit card? Did that 600,000 come from a credit card?
You are so poor!
Wang Ke can be despised!
“Hello, someone has ordered, you come to our place to consume, you don’t need to spend any money.” The front desk said with a smile.
Yvette was astonished. This meal is eight or nine thousand. Who can avoid it? The boss here? She doesn’t know the boss here, could it be said? Yvette glanced around, the owner of this hotel is a “Baller”?
It should be impossible, this is a five-star hotel!
Wang Keke is surprised, free? Humph, Yvette must have a fever again to seduce the boss here, hum!
It’s actually free of charge, not bad! !
Wang Keke envy and hate!
“No need,” Yvette shook his head and insisted on swiping the card. If the boss here is not a “tyrant”, then what is the purpose of waiving the order?
She didn’t want to accept other people’s favors inexplicably.
The front desk was helpless, “Don’t embarrass me,”
“It’s still time to buy the order, hurry up!” Wang Keke urged impatiently.
Yvette put away the card and took out all the cash in the bag, “Thank you.”
After Yvette finished speaking, he told Wang Keke that they could leave.
The three people walked out, the front desk was helpless, and they could only talk to Betty on the walkie-talkie. Betty said to Chuck. Chuck was silent and smiled slightly, “Since I don’t accept it, then forget it.”
Following Yvette, Wang Keke became more and more unhappy. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to avoid orders here than to find him? She was not happy, “Where did I say the car was parked?”
“Just ahead.” Yvette led the way.
“I can’t tell Yi Nan, you are a sugar daddy? What kind of company do you open? Just be a rich wife?”
Wang Keke is yin and yang strange, “But I have heard that there are many very rich people, but there are many women. You may be just one of them. Maybe you will be dumped one day. You have to pay attention. People are playing around.”
Yvette didn’t speak, but took out the car key and pressed it. Wang Keke was even more contemptuous. It turned out that he was thinking too much and driving such a junk car!

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