My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 12

“What are you doing here?” Yvette Jordan’s brows furrowed. This was the Ministry of Housing. She was surprised to see Chuck in such a place.
“I’m doing a part-time job, learning how to transfer customers’ ownership”, Chuck came up randomly with an excuse. Otherwise, what could he tell Yvette?
“A part-time job?” The surprise on Yvette’s face was swept away. It was logical for him to be doing a part-time job here. Or else, what other business will be have here?
“Since you have chosen to do this, then do it well. If you do it here, I heard that the salary for an agent can be as much as over ten thousand dollars”, Yvette informed him with a look of resignation.
Chuck nodded, it was meaningless for him to have more than ten thousand dollars per month now. If Yvette knew that he had bought over her house, what would she think?
The agent was momentarily stunned but soon understood Chuck’s words. So he smiled and said, “I see you two are acquainted. Yes, Chuck is a part-time agent. Today, I brought him here to let him get familiar with the process. Miss Jordan, would you prefer him to follow you, or….”
“Whatever”, Yvette said coldly.
Chuck heaved a sigh of relief. Yvette looked around and was a little confused. “Where is the person that bought my house?”
“The boss is very busy. He won’t be able to come over today”. The agent apologized.
Chuck was a little nervous, because Yvette’s brows knitted themselves deeply once again in a slight annoyance. “The agreement has already been made. How can we transfer the ownership if he doesn’t come?”
“Miss Jordan, don’t worry. The boss has already told me to have Miss Jordan transfer the ownership to me first, and then I’ll transfer it to the boss”, the agent explained.
“Isn’t it troublesome? When will that boss be free then? I am not in a hurry since the deposit has been paid anyways. I can wait for one or two days”. Yvette’s expression eased.
Chuck hurriedly winked at the real estate agent.
“The boss has been busy recently, so he has asked me to do so. It is a little troublesome, but it’s the only way. Don’t worry, Miss Jordan. After the transfer today, the money will be immediately transferred to your account”, the agent said.
Yvette thought for a few seconds and nodded. “Well, that’s fine. But who’s the boss? He trusts you too much!”
“Haha, it’s all because I’m trustworthy, isn’t it?” The real estate agent laughed.
“Trust is only one aspect. The person must be rich to not care about this kind of money, so he let you deal with it. There are so many rich people in the city, and I know some of them. Who is this boss of yours? Maybe I know him”. Yvette said coldly.
Chuck glanced at the agent and laughed silently. Indeed, they knew each other…..
The real estate agent smiled and then laughed. “Haha, I guess so. Anyway, this boss is young and promising, so Miss Jordan should know him”.
“Should?” Yvette’s gaze glistened. This reminded her of a certain someone. She had always wondered why someone would choose to buy her house despite it being on sale for just half a day. In addition, they insisted on not showing up for the transfer process. Could it be him?
Chuck was curious. Who did she think of?
“Then what is the name of this boss?” Yvette asked and her tone…. became a little expectant.
Chuck suddenly became nervous. This real estate agent was smart, he wouldn’t say it out directly, would he?
“This person… Anyway, he is young and promising. Miss Jordan, you can think about it by yourself”, the agent said with a smile.
Yvette’s face was full of disappointment, but she didn’t give up and asked, “Baller! Is he called Baller?”
Chuck was stunned. Turns out that after some analysing, Yvette had guessed it was “him”!
“Baller? He must be a baller. How could he not be a baller since he had bought Miss Jordan’s house in full payment?” The agent said with a smile.
Yvette was speechless. They were talking about two completely different things.
“Miss Jordan, please follow me!” The agent said.
Yvette strolled forward, her long slender legs making her way across. However, when she saw Chuck not moving from his spot, she frowned. “Chuck, don’t you want to learn the process of the transfer? Why are you not following? If you’re trying to slack off, how will you be able to do your job properly?”
“What are you looking at? Hurry up!” The real estate agent was clever enough to wave to Chuck.
Chuck walked over embarrassingly.
“If you want to do it, just do it well!” Yvette said coldly.
“Yes”. Chuck could only nod.
The three of them entered the Ministry of Housing. When the real estate agent went to line up to process some documents, Chuck’s mobile phone suddenly vibrated. He doubtfully took it out and looked at it. It turned out to be Yvette’s WeChat message: Baller, are you nearby me?
Seeing these words, Chuck was quite stunned. He looked at Yvette secretly and found that she was sitting and glancing around, but she didn’t look at him at all.
Chuck smiled in relief, but at the same time, he smiled bitterly. Seemed that Yvette never expected him to be the “baller”!
If she knew that “baller” was indeed Chuck Cannon, who she had never thought of, what would be her expression? Chuck was afraid that Yvette would find out, so he hurriedly switched his phone to silent mode and put it in his pocket.
It vibrated several times in a row, which means that Yvette had sent messages in succession. However, Chuck did not reply or check the messages at all. After a few minutes, the vibration stopped.
Chuck looked over and saw the disappointed look on Yvette’s face. It was probably because Baller was ignoring her.
As expected, during the transfer process, Yvette’s face was stoic all the time, but thankfully, the process was quick. Two hours later, the transfer process was completed, and they headed to the bank.
Chuck followed the whole process. When they came out of the bank, Yvette looked at Chuck in disapproval and said coldly with disappointment, “You are not suitable for this job”. After that, she drove away.
Chuck was stunned. What’s wrong? Did Yvette mean he was incapable? He was helpless and could not follow the agent to the ministry again. It was not until afternoon that he had transferred the ownership. He sighed in relief.
Just as he was about to rest for a while, the furniture he ordered had reached his doorstep. Chuck could only drive back as they had called him up. It was not until seven or eight o’clock in the evening that the furniture was placed according to his request.
Sitting on the sofa, Chuck felt as if the last few days were just a flurrying dream. In just a few days, he actually owned something that most ordinary people could only dream of but could not have, two houses and a BMW.
After lying down for a while, Chuck finally had time to check his phone. When he opened the WeChat, he was stunned. Yvette had sent seven or eight messages.
“Baller, why aren’t you saying anything? Are you in the Ministry of Housing? Are you afraid that I will see you?”
“Baller, you saved me and even transferred 200,000 dollars to me. You must’ve helped me because I know you, that’s why I think my house was bought by you”.
“Are you busy?”
“I’m sorry to disturb you. You go ahead with your work first….”
“Baller, the transfer is completed. I’ll treat you to dinner, don’t reject me. I’ll be at Modern Restaurant today”.
“I’ve arrived at Modern Restaurant. Where are you?”
“Is it too sudden? If so, I’ll apologize to you, but I’ve arrived at the restaurant. Can you come out to meet me? I just want to thank you”
“I will wait for you today. Whether you come or not, I will wait for you….”
Chuck read these messages, the last one being sent just a few minutes ago. Her last message was filled with disappointment. Does that mean that Yvette has been waiting for him in the Modern Restaurant for over an hour? Chuck was surprised. It was already eight something in the event, so Yvette should have left, right? Chuck hesistated for a while, then he got up and drove to the restaurant.
Halfway, Queenie Carson called, saying that she was very anxious. Why wasn’t the car owner calling her? Chuck could only reply that the car owner probably didn’t mind, and asked her not to think too much.
“But I’ve done something wrong. I should bear the responsibility”, Queenie said.
“Since you have a good attitude, they probably knew and chose to let it go. Don’t think too much”, Chuck comforted her.
“Well, I’ll still wait for his call. I’ve found a new part-time job today. It’s in a western restaurant, 15 dollars an hour. I need to make some money. Otherwise, if the owner calls me, I won’t have the money to pay them back”.
After hanging up the phone, Chuck was tongue-tied. Such a serious and hardworking girl was hard to come by. He didn’t know where the restaurant that she was working part-time was, but at this time, he had already arrived at the Modern Restaurant. Hence, he didn’t continue to think about it.
He drove into the car park. As the security guard noticed such a luxurious car swerving in, he immediately gave way and helped Chuck arrange for a parking space. There were too many luxury cars nearby, so Chuck had to be careful when parking. When he finally parked his car, he came out and saw that Yvette’s car was still there. She was still waiting.
Chuck hesitated for a moment, then his cell phone rang as a WeChat message arrived. He opened the app and noticed that the message was from Yvette. There was inconceivable disappointment in her words. “Baller, are you coming?”

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