My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 110

Yvette seldom cries, but this foot hurts too much. The pointy heels of high-heeled shoes are completely stuck into the flesh, not to mention that she was hit in the stomach by a wine bottle just now.
Yvette wanted to endure it, but the eyeballs that rolled in his eye sockets still flowed out after a few turns.
She clutched her belly and stood up, but the woman raised her leg and kicked it out again. Yvette was shocked and hurried back, but accidentally fell down.
Shattered, knocked over a table and felt embarrassed. The people who participated in the chamber of commerce immediately watched. This is interesting. The three beauties are actually fighting, which is unprecedented.
“I know one of these, that little girl from the Huang family, who are the other two?”
“I don’t know it, but when I look at their dresses, it’s not so good. It may be tens of thousands of grades. When they come to the Chamber of Commerce wearing this kind of dress, it is no wonder that they were beaten. I guess they came in troubled waters to fish.”
“No, don’t the two of them wear jewelry? There are a lot of diamonds on it! It should be quite expensive.”
“Mrs. Chuck, you are really rich. Of course you don’t know that you can rent jewelry. I saw their jewelry in a shop. I know the boss. One of them costs three. Four million, and the other one is cheaper, more than 300,000 yuan, which the boss specializes in renting out.”
“Well, this kind of necklace must be rented.”
“Yes, it’s kind of funny, don’t wear it if you don’t have it, rent jewelry to pretend to be a force, this is also a talent.
The pointing voice nearby made Yvette feel even more wronged. She was just here to look for opportunities, and she was not used to pretend jewelry, and to let others know that she has the strength, otherwise who would cooperate with her company?
Yvette got up from the ground, holding his stomach to prevent her from crying. Susan Sun saw Yvette’s face turned pale, and she was shocked.
She saw that Yvette was beaten twice, she got up and ran over, “Yvette, are you all right, ah!!!”
The woman lifted her leg and kicked it out. Susan Sun was kicked in her leg. Under the severe pain, she screamed and fell to the ground.
She was holding her leg. The dress had been pierced by the heel of the high-heeled shoes, and it was bleeding. It seemed that she had been stabbed. Susan Sun’s tears came out. It was so painful.
“Her mother, you two are so casual?” The woman came over, sneered, knelt down and slapped it out!
Susan Sun immediately blushed on one cheek and was slapped directly.
“Dare you slap me in the face just now? I am killing you now!” The woman sneered, then raised her hand and slapped Susan Sun.
Susan Sun was so temperamental that she almost cried, but she gritted her teeth and resisted. How could she make people beat me like this?
“Grass, dare you fucking resist?” The woman was annoyed, raised her hand and slapped it out again!
The sound of crisp flesh beating sounded at the chamber of commerce.
Susan Sun injured her leg and couldn’t get up at all. She was slapped again and again. She was already dizzy and she could only protect her face with her hands.
“Fuck, your mother still protects your face? Shameless stuff, what do you want to face? Fuck Nima!” The woman stood up and kicked Susan Sun. The heels of her high heels got into her stomach, and Susan Sun screamed She’s going to faint to death, it’s very painful, how can she be a woman?
“Isn’t it that you were so awesome to make me regret it? Does your mother have eyesight? I bumped you, it was to give you face, and his mother actually talked back to me! See if I won’t convince you today!” she said. Side kick.
Susan Sun was screaming, and the woman smiled happily, her face full of revenge pleasure.
The sound of a wine bottle hitting the ground sounded throughout the chamber of commerce.
“Stop! I’ll let you stop!” Yvette was talking, her voice hoarse and her eyes cold.
The woman frowned and glanced at Yvette, and saw that Yvette not only smashed a bottle of wine, but also held a bottle in her hand at this time. Is this going to open a scoop for herself? ?
She sneered, “Come on, take a wine bottle and want to hit me? Come on, I haven’t been afraid of anyone, Huang Keyue! Come here!”
She continued to kick Susan Sun.
“I want you to stop!”
Yvette stared at her with a cold voice!
She was already unsteady at this time, her stomach was so painful, she felt that she might have internal bleeding.
“Have her mother ordered me? Come here. I won’t beat her when you come here, come here!” Huang Keyue sneered.
Yvette clutched his stomach and walked over with the severe pain. Susan Sun struggled on the ground because Huang Keyue was still stepping on her stomach with one foot.
The smile on Huang Keyue’s face grew deeper and deeper, and she raised her hand to wave to Yvette, “Come here!”
Yvette came over, clutching the wine bottle tightly with his fingers.
“Come on, give me a scoop over here!” Huang Keyue stretched her head jokingly, as if Yvette was hitting casually.
Yvette held the wine bottle in her hand tightly. At such a moment, she was provoked. She wanted to smash it directly and knock her out, but Yvette did not dare to hesitate for a moment.
She didn’t dare to be unfamiliar with this place.
Her company is now at the most critical time, she can’t have an accident, she dare not.
This woman must have a background, otherwise she wouldn’t hit someone here, she didn’t dare, if she hit, she and Susan Sun would never go out.
If she doesn’t have a company or care, she won’t have any hesitation to smash it down, but life has let her temper.
“Don’t hit her, we will leave now!” Yvette said.
“Leave? Leave Nima away! Who the hell told you to leave?” Huang Keyue raised her hand and slapped Yvette!
Yvette’s face turned red in an instant, and a shocking slap print appeared on her torn face.
Yvette clutched the wine bottle tightly. At this moment, she smashed it desperately, but the cry of Susan Sun made Yvette sober. It’s over today.
“Enough?” Yvette was calm.
“Not enough!” Huang Keyue raised her hand again and slapped Yvette’s face with a snap.
Yvette looked at her, tears gone, just looking at her like this.
“Do you mother still look at me with this look? Did her mother hold the bottle?” Huang Keyue snatched the bottle in Yvette’s hand and wanted to smash it down!
Yvette clenched his fists, his eyes shot coldly like leopards.
“Ke Yue, don’t make too much noise.”
A voice suddenly rang from the crowd, but it was the organizer of this chamber of commerce, Mr. Xu Zhongqing, the president of Guangtian Group!
Huang Keyue stopped, and she glanced at Xu Zhongqing who was walking by, “Uncle Xu, these two idiots just hit me, should I teach them a lesson?”
“I think the lesson is almost done. If your wine bottle is smashed, this Chamber of Commerce cannot continue today,” Xu Zhongqing said lightly, as if Yvette and Susan Sun were worthless in his eyes.
Huang Keyue frowned. She didn’t intend to smash Yvette’s head just now, because it would definitely bleed, and she didn’t want to make such a big fuss, but she was beaten just now. How could she not be able to breathe like this?
I slapped Yvette a few times and kicked Susan Sun a few times. He still felt that it was not enough, not enough!
“Uncle Xu, I don’t need the wine bottle, can I give me three more minutes?” Huang Keyue said.
Xu Zhongqing glanced at Yvette and Susan Sun, and nodded blankly, “Hurry up, you girl will really cause me trouble!”
“Okay, Uncle Xu, I will invite you to have tea tomorrow, and my dad will call you up too.” Huang Keyue said.
“All right. You can do it yourself!” Xu Zhongqing turned and walked inside. This chamber of commerce was organized by him, so he must be ready to start!
Huang Keyue showed hideousness, slowly put the wine bottle in her hand on the table, raised her hand and slapped it out, Yvette was slapped again!
Yvette didn’t say a word. She squatted down and helped Susan Sun up. If she went on like this, Susan Sun would pass out. She was too heavy just now.
“Want to go, did you ask me?” Huang Keyue kicked out, Yvette looked at Susan Sun, she said dazedly, “Hit her mother…”
“Okay, just hit her!” Yvette grabbed the wine bottle on the table and smashed it directly at Huang Keyue!

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