My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 112

Chuck walked into the hotel. He had an invitation card in his hand, so he saw the logo of the Chamber of Commerce. He couldn’t wait to walk inside, but Zabrina chased in, “Stop…”
Chuck frowned and stopped, turned his head and glanced at Zabrina, “What are you doing?”
“You really don’t know me?” Zabrina asked.
She felt that Chuck was indulging in his own desires and absolutely knowing himself. First of all, he is very popular now, how could he not know him? Unless he doesn’t play mobile phones or watch the news.
But is it possible?
Secondly, she thought about it carefully just now, and felt that Chuck had premeditated, because everything was a coincidence, how could it be possible to meet so many times in a row? Isn’t that a coincidence?
Zabrina even felt that this was a method of Chuck, deliberately misunderstanding herself, and then surprised herself by showing her identity.
Indeed, he did this, and he was really shocked just now!
“I don’t know.” Chuck is too lazy to care about her. The star thinks that everyone in the world should know her? ?
He turned around and left, but a waiter happened to come over with something, it was red wine, and it crashed into Chuck’s clothes.
The black suit and white shirt that Chuck wore were all wet. The black suit was okay, but the white shirt was red, which made it hard to read.
Chuck was suddenly helpless.
“Yes, I’m sorry,…” The waiter panicked, and hurriedly apologized, almost crying. He didn’t know Chuck, but how could he not have any eyesight at work in the hotel?
This suit is absolutely intact for tens of thousands! His salary for a year is not enough to accompany him!
Chuck shook his head, “It’s okay, I didn’t pay attention just now, it’s okay.”
Chuck sighed, it was really his fault, but if it wasn’t for Zabrina to call him…
But can’t let him go back and change clothes now?
He must not wear this white shirt, because it is so dirty and blood red. When others saw it, they thought it was a murder! It was even worse for Yvette to see.
Seeing that the waiter’s uniform was also a white shirt, he thought about letting the waiter take a white shirt and put it on. It doesn’t matter if he wears it anyway.
“It’s too late for me to go back now. Do you have more uniforms like this? If so, please give me one and I will change it.” Chuck said.
“Yes, yes! But…you…this is our waiter’s uniform!” The waiter was stunned. This person didn’t let himself lose money, and now he still wears the waiter’s uniform? ?
“It’s okay, I have done this before.” Chuck smiled. He had worked part-time as a waiter in the restaurant outside the school.
“Are you sure.” The waiter asked tentatively.
“OK, please take me over.” Chuck nodded.
“Please here!” The waiter came back to his senses, tidied up the floor quickly, and took Chuck to the staff lounge to change clothes.
Chuck just followed the waiter. Zabrina was surprised. Of course she could see that Chuck’s suit was at least 200,000 yuan!
But it didn’t even make any fire. Knowing his identity, it is estimated that the owner of this hotel could show up and apologize in person, but he did not do so. This is…
Isn’t he really perverted?
Zabrina was puzzled. She walked to the backstage of the Chamber of Commerce. She had to sing the finale at the factory. Just going in like this would not work. It would cause a commotion because she was very popular!
Chuck gave the waiter five hundred dollars before he changed the waiter’s shirt. As for this soiled shirt, he could only carry it in a bag, so he had to go back and wash it!
Looks in the mirror, it fits well!
Chuck came out of the lounge with his dirty clothes in satisfaction. The waiter inside was already dumbfounded. Are you really wearing it?
This rich second generation really has affinity!
Chuck walked into the venue. Someone checked the invitation letter. Chuck took out the invitation letter. After the reception, Chuck looked at the inside with a puzzled look. Why are there so many people around?
“What happened?” Chuck was curious.
Why does it seem that everyone participating in the chamber of commerce is surrounded, what happened?
“Oh, nothing, Huang Keyue is beating two women.” The receptionist said.
“Huang Keyue?”
Chuck had never heard of it, and he didn’t bother to hear it. He couldn’t wait to see Yvette.
He walked directly inside, but the receptionist looked confused
Why does this gentleman wear the shirt of our hotel attendant? ?
Did you read it wrong?
Chuck looked around and didn’t see Yvette. He could only walk into the crowd. Maybe Yvette was also watching the excitement.
Snapped! !
Huang Keyue slapped Yvette with a slap in the end. Her cheek immediately turned red again. A shocking slap print was so obvious.
Yvette didn’t fight back, she didn’t. On the one hand, her classmate Susan Sun cast a pleading look at her. Susan Sun’s company is still open in Beijing. If she fights back, it will hurt her company. This is Yvette’s reluctance to watch. Arrived.
On the other hand, this is the capital city. She doesn’t know anyone, so she fights back. She really can’t leave today.
Things will get very serious.
So she chose to bear it well, it didn’t matter. When she was in college, all her tuition fees were earned by her own part-time work, and she had suffered a lot of grievances long ago. It’s okay, she has resistance…
Seeing Yvette didn’t fight back, the people at the scene shook their heads. Are they really courageous?
Also, how can you be brave?
Among the crowd, Xu Zhongqing glanced at Yvette. She ignored her expressionlessly and continued to be busy with her. There was no need to watch it. If she didn’t fight back, it meant she had given up, and it also means she hadn’t made a mistake. She has no background. , So she didn’t dare to fight back at all!
Susan Sun saw Yvette being beaten without saying a word, regretting in her heart, enduring the severe pain in her stomach, she limped over.
“Sorry, don’t hit her!” Susan Sun said. She felt that she was too embarrassed and too angry. How could this be? It’s obviously her fault!
Huang Keyue raised her hand and slapped Susan Sun. She scolded, “Did you let you speak?”
Susan Sun almost fell to the ground with a cry, and she dared not speak.
Yvette supported her, and the two supported each other.
“Want me to let you go? Okay, apologize to me and say out loud that I know I was wrong, and I won’t dare anymore? Say it ten times!” Huang Keyue sneered!
“Say!!!” Huang Keyue said loudly! Her face is full of pleasure, so cool!
Susan Sun hesitated, Yvette was silent. She felt that she was wrong and shouldn’t bear it like this, but it’s all here…
Huang Keyue slapped Susan Sun, she yelled, and immediately began to say, “I know I was wrong, I don’t dare anymore…”
Susan Sun cried as she spoke. She felt that she had received too much insult, and she felt very wronged.
“Don’t you say so!” Huang Keyue stared at Yvette and pointed at Yvette’s face.
Yvette bit her lip and said nothing.
Huang Keyue slapped it out, Yvette said nothing!
“Yvette, say it, say it quickly, we can go…” Susan Sun cried.
Yvette didn’t say a word, she didn’t want to say it. She felt that she was beaten and she could bear it, but she was not wrong, and now she wants to admit her mistake, she really can’t do it.
“Okay, don’t you admit your mistakes? I gave you a chance, did you admit your mistakes, did you? I slapped you to death!” Huang Keyue raised her hand to slap again, and she decided to beat Yvette fiercely!
Yvette bit her lips and closed her eyes to accept it. She didn’t open her mouth, absolutely she wouldn’t open it!
At this moment, a voice suddenly rang, and an angry person rushed out from the crowd, Chuck, and Chuck came out. He was looking for Yvette just now, but he saw Yvette being beaten. Suddenly the fire reached its extreme!
He saw Yvette so embarrassed. He was originally beautiful, especially beautiful, but now his face is red and his clothes are torn, which makes Chuck very distressed.
“Do you dare to beat my wife?” Chuck rushed over and grabbed Huang Keyue’s hand!
“Who’s your mother? The grass mud horse!” Huang Keyue was playing happily, and was suddenly stopped by someone. She was so angry that she immediately cursed Chuck!
“Go to Nima, beat my wife, I will kill you today!” Chuck looked cold! !
He raised his hand and patted Huang Keyue’s hateful cheek heavily!

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