My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 114

what! !
Huang Keyue was holding her head, she screamed in pain, the bright red liquid flowed down her head, she couldn’t tell whether it was blood or red wine!
“My head hurts, it hurts, ah!!!” Huang Keyue screamed and rolled on the ground, embarrassed!
In the huge living room, only Huang Keyue screamed, and the others’ eyes widened. No one dared to speak!
Susan Sun sat slumped on the ground, it’s over, it’s over today…
Yvette stared at Chuck. At this moment, she was not afraid, but only touched and unexpected. You know, Yvette clearly knows Chuck’s character and will not quarrel with others easily, let alone beat others. But now you hit someone for yourself?
This was her move, and it was also her accident. Today she gave it up…
“You hit me? You fucking hit me?”
Huang Keyue got up from the ground, swayed, and almost fell to the ground again. She was shocked, how dare a waiter hit herself?
She came over holding the wine bottle, she wanted to teach Chuck a lesson! She wants to kill Chuck with a wine bottle!
Has your beautiful face been hurt by the wine bottle? She felt pain all over her head.
“A waiter actually hit Huang Keyue? I’m really tired of living.”
“Look, he is dead today!”
“Hush, you see Xu Zhongqing is here.”
“It’s really over here, it’s not a joke that he is angry!”
There was a lot of discussion on the scene, and they were all ready to watch the show.
“Let you hit me, I will kill you!” Huang Keyue walked over, as if going crazy, Chuck glanced at her and snapped!
Slapped it out! !
Huang Keyue sat down on the ground with a sigh of relief, and Chuck walked over. This woman beat Yvette so badly, and Chuck absolutely wanted her to pay back ten times!
Chuck raised his foot, Yvette held his belly with his hand, this woman definitely kicked Yvette.
“Ah, you dare to kick me? Fuck…”
Huang Keyue wanted to get up, but she screamed when she saw Chuck kicking one foot in her face.
“Kicked? You can’t go out here today!”
A cold voice sounded here!
Chuck looked over and saw a man walking out of the crowd with a cold face!
“You said?” Chuck said lightly.
“Yes, I said! If you do it again, none of the three of you want to go out!” Xu Zhongqing walked over.
A pair of eyes stared at Chuck like a poisonous tongue!
Chuck glanced at him.
“Young people have to learn to be smarter, some people can’t fight you! Big things happen if you fight! Your friend is much smarter than you, she didn’t dare fight just now!” Xu Zhongqing said slowly.
“So, did she have a chance to hit someone just now?” Chuck narrowed his eyes.
“Yes, she is smart! You know what the consequences are, but you don’t know!” Xu Zhongqing stared at Chuck like a beast!
The audience was silent!
“I asked you, did you stop her just now?” Chuck asked.
“Yes! I stopped her, otherwise she was already lying on the ground… She is smart, and you…” Xu Zhongqing said coldly, full of no doubt!
The people at the scene kept their eyes on, Xu Zhongqing came out in person. This person should wake up and know what he did?
“I advise you to stop? Huang Keyue is not something you can afford! If you provoke, your whole family will suffer!!” Xu Zhongqing continued, his tone indifferent!
Chuck just glanced at him and kicked him down! !
Huang Keyue covered her face and screamed!
The sound suddenly resounded on the scene! These people are stunned again!
Xu Zhongqing has come forward, but this person still dares to hit someone? ?
Does this person really want to live?
“I hit.” Chuck said, his tone was so indifferent.
“You!” Xu Zhongqing’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe it!
How dare this kid hit people under her nose? ?
Xu Zhongqing’s expression turned ugly, “You are over today…”
Snapped! !
Chuck raised his hand and slapped it out, and a scarlet slap print appeared on one of Xu Zhongqing’s cheeks, which was very conspicuous!
Xu Zhongqing was shocked, he was beaten?
Everyone in the room was ashamed. Was it an illusion just now? Too unpredictable!
Xu Zhongqing, a Baller with assets of over 100 million, was beaten by a waiter? ?
Xu Zhongqing held his cheeks and stared at Chuck with wide eyes, furious! “Do you dare to hit me? Does your mother know who I am? You…”
Snapped! !
Chuck didn’t want to listen anymore, he grabbed a wine bottle on the table and smashed it out. The wine bottle burst on Xu Zhongqing’s head, and the wine was spilled from his head!
Xu Zhongqing covered her cheeks with her hands, and screamed while holding her head!
His screams echoed in the hall!
Huang Keyue, who was kicked by Chuck just now, was also shocked. Uncle Xu was also beaten? How is this possible!
Chuck walked in front of Xu Zhongqing, squatted down and slapped it out, “Aren’t you hanging? Let your mother hang! Let your mother stop me, your mother is qualified to stop me??”
Xu Zhongqing was beaten and snorted, lying on the ground!
Except for Xu Zhongqing’s scream, there was no other voice, and there was no sound!
Who would have thought that a waiter would not only hit Huang Keyue, but also Xu Zhongqing!
This is a scene that everyone hadn’t expected to kill!
The air is full of horror!
“It’s over, it’s over…” Susan Sun walked over blankly.
This Xu Zhongqing must be able to organize this chamber of commerce. This person… is Yvette’s wife, is it Yvette’s boyfriend?
Susan Sun is incredible!
“Jordan, Yvette… he, it’s you…” Susan Sun came over!
“I… my boyfriend is also my old…” Yvette’s eyes were also a bit dull. Today’s Chuck overturned her previous view of Chuck. It turned out that the person who slept with herself until the age Will hit people, but also for myself…
Susan Sun shook his head, this is Yvette’s boyfriend? Isn’t it in the sea market? Why did you come to the capital suddenly? Could it be that he actually followed Yvette secretly, so worried?
Think so. Then this boyfriend is not bad.
But, it’s not bad, I got into trouble today, and everything is going to be over today. I hit two people and can’t go out today.
“Your boyfriend killed us!” Susan Sun cried. She felt that her company must be over.
Because Huang Keyue alone is not something she can afford, let alone Xu Zhongqing? !
Yvette held his stomach and was silent. She is in pain now, but not afraid, this is her husband!
“Sorry.” Yvette said, she also felt it was over, but there was nothing to be afraid of, because she was an orphan since she was a child, and today she finally felt protected.
Chuck gave her this feeling for the first time in more than ten years.
Susan Sun sighed, it’s over when it’s over, everything can’t be saved, but she asked with the last glimmer of hope, “Your boyfriend knows someone in the capital?”
Otherwise so bold?
“No.” Yvette shook his head. There should be no. He only knew Zelda, so Chuck couldn’t know other people so far away.
Susan Sun slumped on the ground with dull eyes, her face was gray and desperate, that was really over…
Chuck finally slapped Xu Zhongqing. Xu Zhongqing had passed out and stood up. Because Huang Keyue had already got up and ran outside, Chuck raised his hand and slapped it out!
Huang Keqing screamed and fell to the ground, “Ah, you hit me, hit me, I want you to die here today!”
She took out her mobile phone to make a call, and the people at the scene looked at each other. They called, and Huang Dalong came over, so this waiter can still hit someone?
Chuck walked over and Huang Keyue got up, afraid that Chuck would take her mobile phone, so she shouted in horror, “Come here, come here, hit someone, hit someone!”
The sound was too loud, and soon the hotel security rushed in!
“What’s wrong?” a security guard asked.
“The waiter in your hotel hit someone, have you seen it? This stupid guy hit me!” Huang Keyue screamed!
Several security guards glanced at Chuck and shook their heads, “Sorry, he is not a waiter in our hotel.”
“What? No, he wears the uniform of your hotel, isn’t he?? Your hotel wants to protect people, right?” Huang Keyue screamed, her mother played in this hotel, and my dad killed your hotel and asked the waiter Hit me? ?
Huang Keyue turned on the phone and dialed her father’s number!

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