My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 115

The top floor of the night hotel!
Karen Li was staring at an acquisition document, when the mobile phone on the table rang. She never recovered, and glanced at it. The note on the screen was a “Logan”.
Karen Li smiled.
Swipe to answer.
A woman’s voice rang in the phone, “Sister Karen Li!”
“You are so much younger than me. It’s not so good to call my sister all the time! Call me auntie.” Karen Li said, her body leaned back, rare relaxation.
“It’s better to call you Sister Karen Li, be so kind.”
“Well, it’s up to you.”
“Cer is a very interesting boy…”
“He went to look for you? I only heard Betty say yesterday that he went to the capital, thinking that the capital is your place, I wanted to call you…”
“No, Sister Karen Li’s precious son has come to the capital, how could I not send someone to protect him at any time? He is now… is fighting in a hotel!”
“Fighting?” Karen Li got serious, Chuck was fighting?
“Yes, but watching the video, his fighting methods are not as good as your sister Karen Li. When are you going to teach him martial arts personally as a mother?”
“This is not anxious. He is too young. He has to go through experience. After all, fighting is all about life and death. People who are not cruel can not learn it. When he grows up, then learning fighting will be useful.”
Karen Li shook her head and said, but when she said that, she was still a little worried. After she was silent, she said, “Then how is he? Is there any injury?”
“No, how could I hurt him in the capital? Sister Karen Li can rest assured.”
Karen Li breathed a sigh of relief, “Then my son will trouble you first. It’s okay to be injured, but don’t be too heavy. I’m afraid he won’t be able to carry it…”
“I know, I’ll take a look at it now. I have never seen him before.”
Karen Li hung up the phone. Somewhere in the capital, in a Rolls-Royce car, a woman sitting inside could be vaguely seen through the window of the car. The figure was bumpy, with long hair and shawl.
Soon, there was a nice magnetic faint voice, “Go to the Dorsett Hotel!”
The driver who drove slowly drove towards the Dorsett Hotel!

Huang Keyue stared at Chuck. She had already called her dad Huang Dalong, but no one answered. She was very anxious. She called a few consecutively, but still did not answer. She panicked. What is her dad doing? ?
“Uncle Xu…” Huang Keyue ran to Xu Zhongqing who was lying on the ground. She must wake Xu Zhongqing, otherwise she would be miserable today!
Xu Zhongqing had been knocked out. Chuck hit him on the head with a wine bottle just now, and even hit him in the face, which made him unconscious.
No matter what Huang Keyue called, Xu Zhongqing couldn’t wake up.
Huang Keyue could only spray Xu Zhongqing’s face with wine anxiously, and Xu Zhongqing suddenly woke up!
“Uncle Xu, my dad can’t get through on the phone, so quickly call someone to call this idiot!” Huang Keyue was pleasantly surprised!
Xu Zhongqing was swayed up by Huang Keyue, his eyes staring at Chuck like fire, his voice was full of anger, “It’s been so many years, no one dared to treat me like this to someone Xu! What should I do? Return to you?”
This voice is full of monstrous anger!
The onlookers immediately made a look of watching the show.
“Xu Zhongqing is angry! I can’t think of this Chamber of Commerce today.”
“Of course it can’t be done. The Chamber of Commerce is organized by Xu Zhongqing. He has been labeled as a bird, so how can he still have the mind to continue presiding the Chamber of Commerce?”
These people talked a lot, and they were curious about how miserable this waiter would be?
Chuck looked at him lightly.
The gloom in Xu Zhongqing’s eyes is so strong that it is your own death! !
“You call your boss!” Xu Zhongqing pointed at a security guard present and said!
The security guard was helpless, “Mr. Xu, this is really not our employee!”
“No? What did your mother say?” Huang Keyue was angry!
The clothes in Chuck are those worn by the hotel attendants. Can she read this wrong? How can it be worn without a waiter?
This bastard was acting as if he didn’t know where he found the jacket. He probably stole it, absolutely!
The security guard was helpless and did not dare to talk back.
But how could the hotel attendant as a security guard not know? There really is no such person as Chuck, let alone such a handsome waiter?
The others looked at each other, didn’t they? How could it not be?
“Whether it is or not, it doesn’t make any sense anymore. I asked you to call your boss. I just asked you to send a message and tell him that I am going to hit someone with him today! I will be responsible for all compensation afterwards!!” Xu Zhongqing stared at Chuck like a poisonous snake, his red and swollen face was distorted to the point of hideousness.
The security guard hesitated and could only use the walkie-talkie to contact the manager. After all, how could he have a call from the boss?
Soon the manager’s voice came from the intercom, and the security guard immediately said, “Our boss is out of town, he can’t come back temporarily.”
The implication is that it doesn’t matter.
Xu Zhongqing sneered. He took out his mobile phone to call one person. This time he would call many people over!
Today he will turn this place into hell!
After the call, Xu Zhongqing sneered. This man is his old friend for many years. He is nearby. Call this kid and call ten people over!
He couldn’t wait to see Chuck lying in front of him covered in blood!
“Haha, Uncle Xu, you call, good.” Huang Keyue was excited, she stared at Chuck, and said coldly, “Now kneel down for me!!”
Chuck looked at her calmly. He took out his mobile phone and was ready to call his mother. Only his mother could do it herself.
But at this time, there were already more than a dozen people from outside.
So fast?
Everyone at the scene was surprised! A lot of people, is this going to kill people?
Chuck was expressionless, Susan Sun was desperate, she slumped on the ground, and someone came, and she might be beaten to death here today.
Yvette clutched his stomach and walked to Chuck with a pale face, “Chuck…”
Chuck saw Yvette’s appearance, and he felt distressed, “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”
“I’m very touched that you can come over. And you can show up on this occasion, I’m very touched,” Yvette said softly. She worried that if she didn’t speak, there might be no chance.
Because there are so many people here, the consequences can be imagined!
“Yes, I…” Chuck was happy. His purpose of coming here has been achieved, and Yvette has changed a lot about himself.
“Centipede, you came well, used to help me get rid of this kid. Money is still the old rule.”
Xu Zhongqing sneered. This centipede was nearby when he called just now. He really came over so soon. Well, I can enjoy Chuck’s screaming voice.
Centipede glanced at Xu Zhongqing, and under the shock of the audience, he raised his hand and slapped Xu Zhongqing!
Snapped! !
The sound of crisp skin and flesh!
The audience was stunned!
what happened? The person Xu Zhongqing called, actually hit Xu Zhongqing in turn?
Xu Zhongqing touched her cheek with a look of doubt, Huang Keyue was also confused.
“Centipede, why are you hitting me?” Xu Zhongqing looked ugly.
Without saying a word, the centipede raised his hand and slapped it out again!
The audience was shocked!
Xu Zhongqing fell to the ground with a cry. The people brought by the centipede immediately punched and kicked Xu Zhongqing. For more than ten seconds, Xu Zhongqing screamed for more than ten seconds before fainting.
Before he lost consciousness, he didn’t understand that he had a good relationship with the centipede, but he called it by himself. Why did he hit himself?
The whole audience was dumbfounded!
Because everyone didn’t expect Chuck to be beaten? Why is Xu Zhongqing who just woke up?
“You, you…” Huang Keyue was already shocked, what’s the matter? She hurriedly took out her mobile phone and called her father.
When it was connected, it was her father’s screaming voice. She widened her eyes, “Dad, Dad, what’s wrong with you?”
“Dad was beaten, what did you do?”
Huang Keyue was completely stunned. Her father, Huang Dalong, was actually being beaten now?
Centipede slapped out!
Huang Keyue screamed and fell to the ground with a look of horror. What happened?
“Daughter, Dad is going to do it soon, so hurry up and apologize to the person who offended you, hurry up, ah…” Huang Keyue looked at Chuck in horror as she got up and ran over. Kneeling in front of Chuck!
For an instant, the audience was shocked!
Yvette covered her mouth and looked at Chuck, who was expressionless,…husband, why did she kneel for you?

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