My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 118

“If you have time to sit down?” Aunt Logan asked with a smile.
Chuck hesitated. He planned to buy Yvette’s porridge in case she woke up and was hungry.
“En.” Chuck nodded.
“This way is fine, what do you want to eat?” Aunt Logan asked as she walked.
After thinking about it, Chuck said that the porridge was ready, and he could just pack a portion for Yvette.
“Okay, come out with me.”
Chuck followed Aunt Logan to the outside, and the two women in suits blocking the two ends of the corridor also followed.
Aunt Logan took Chuck to the nearest congee shop, which was very high-end. Chuck began to ask Aunt Logan if he recognized his mother as his sister?
She smiled and nodded, “Yes, Sister Karen Li helped me too much. I told her sister should do it, and she kept asking me to call her aunt, but I think I should call her sister closer.”
Chuck suddenly felt that Aunt Logan was not too old, maybe she was in her early thirties, thirty-two, about the same age as Zelda, but her temperament was absolutely different.
Aunt Logan in front of her has a dignified and gentle temperament. When she smiles, she feels too gentle, and Chuck feels flattered.
Chuck saw that the whole porridge shop was empty, and Chuck was surprised. She usually clears the place when she eats?
But it won’t work if you don’t clear the field. She is too beautiful and will cause riots.
Chuck was worried that Yvette would wake up, so he wanted to finish eating quickly and pack Yvette back.
Aunt Logan shook her head and said don’t worry, she has already been packed. Chuck breathed a sigh of relief.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take you to a place, would you?” Aunt Logan asked with a smile.
Chuck nodded after hesitating. Does this mean to fulfill the friendship of the landlord?
She is a friend of my mother, and Chuck certainly will not refuse.
He followed Aunt Logan out and got in the car. Chuck subconsciously sniffed when he entered the car, and subconsciously said, “It smells so good…”
“What?” Aunt Logan said.
Chuck’s face turned red after brushing, and he immediately shook his head, “It’s okay, it’s okay…”
He was embarrassed to sit tightly, Aunt Logan smiled, “What are you doing so tightly?”
Chuck didn’t even know what to say. What he said just now was really shameful, and he didn’t know if Aunt Logan heard it.
Aunt Logan asked to drive.
Chuck is also a little expecting where Aunt Logan will take him? But at this time, a Mercedes-Benz car drove over here, the door opened, and a man covered in blood came out of the car, ran over and knelt in front of the car.
Chuck was surprised.
Logan narrowed her eyes.
“Ms. Logan, my daughter and I already knew it was wrong…” The man cried and begged, yes, he is Huang Keyue’s father Huang Dalong.
He is also the number one person in the capital. When someone rushed in and beat him just now, he fought back in anger, but after the person who came, he told him a word, Logan…
Then he was shocked, and he didn’t dare to resist at all. You must know that his worth is several billion, but He Logan is still one world at a time!
Chuck suddenly turned out to be Huang Keyue’s father.
“Ms. Logan, my daughter knew that she was wrong, so I kowtowed to Young Master Chuck…” Huang Dalong cried bitterly. Kob his head in horror.
The window of the car was not opened, so Aunt Logan looked at him.
“Mr Logan, my daughter really knows that she was wrong. To express my daughter’s apology, she has opened a good room and waited for Master Chuck. Please forgive Master Chuck!” Huang Dalong said.
He really had no other way. He could only ask his daughter to go to the hotel after cleaning up, and try his best to confuse Chuck. After Chuck was favored, then the Huang family’s catastrophe could be over.
Chuck frowned. He didn’t show any interest in Huang Keyue! The figure is good, but the hips are big, but this kind of woman is disgusting!
What should Chuck do to her? Chuck is not so cheap.
Aunt Logan’s eyes flickered coldly, “What did you say?”
The sound is very cold, but it is very magnetic and very nice.
“Ms. Logan, my daughter, she…” Huang Dalong trembled, and he trembled all over.
“What do you think your daughter is?” Logan asked coldly.
“I…” Huang Dalong was speechless. My daughter is not bad, so he came up with this idea, but…
“Never mention it, or I want your whole family to disappear forever!” Aunt Logan said, her voice murderous.
Huang Dalong sat on the ground shiveringly, with a look of fear…

Susan Sun woke up, and she found that she was in such a high-end hospital. If she remembers correctly, the ward here would cost seven or eight thousand for one night!
This is where the rich and talented people come. She was a little uncomfortable, so she immediately opened the door to find Yvette.
She asked a nurse and found out about Yvette’s ward. She opened the door and went in, just to see Yvette who seemed to have just woke up.
Looking at the place where he was lying in confusion, Yvette could see that this ward was very high-end, how could he be in such a high-end ward?
Who… brought yourself here?
Yvette didn’t see Chuck, she thought Chuck brought her here? It’s expensive here!
“Yvette… Where is your boyfriend?” Susan Sun walked over after closing the door.
Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. She sat up from the bed and found that her stomach was still painful and her body was weak.
“He, I don’t know, I didn’t see him when I woke up.” Yvette shook his head.
Such an expensive place is very comfortable, but she has no sense of security.
Where did Chuck get so much money to send himself in?
She feels uneasy!
Susan Sun sat down by the bed and saw Yvette, she envied, “Yvette, you fooled me so badly, your boyfriend turned out to be so powerful!”
Yvette was astonished. He was indeed very powerful recently, but he didn’t lie to her. Why did she say that?
“Xiaoxue, why did you say I lied to you?” Yvette was puzzled.
Susan Sun helplessly, “Do you know? We came out of the hotel just now, do you know what car we were riding in?”
Yvette asked, subconsciously, “Taxi?”
“You’re so good! Nope!”
“BMW? Mercedes-Benz?” Yvette thought again.
“BMW is indeed BMW, but it is BMW’s highest-end Rolls-Royce!” Susan Sun said.
“What?” Yvette was stunned, how could this be possible? Rolls-Royce is in the millions, let alone in the capital.
Where did Chuck get Rolls Rolls?
“This my husband’s car?” Yvette’s voice trembled because it was incredible.
“No.” Susan Sun shook his head.
Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. He grew up with Chuck. How could Chuck be able to afford Rolls Rolls?
“What’s your expression? The Rolls-Royce we are sitting in is not a boyfriend, but you must know that this is a shuttle bus exclusively for the highest VIP of a five-star hotel in Beijing!” Susan Sun said this sentence Come, she is still incredible.
It’s not Chuck’s car, but if others can use this car, then its strength can be imagined.
“VIP of a five-star hotel?” Yvette was stunned again.
It’s the first time Chuck has come to Beijing. She can be sure, because Yvette watched Chuck grow up, and basically met every day. He has never been to the capital, she can be sure!
However, how could Chuck, who has never been to the capital, be a guest of a five-star hotel?
She found it difficult to understand.
“Yes. Your boyfriend is very strong, how did you meet him? Did he chase you in a sports car?” Susan Sun asked.
Yvette shook his head, “No.”
“Impossible, he is so capable, so he doesn’t drive a sports car? What kind of car does he usually drive?” Susan Sun is curious, at least such a person is a Maybach car!
“He didn’t drive, and he didn’t have a car.” Yvette still shook his head.
“how can that be?”
Susan Sun is surprised, such a person does not have a car? Is it flying a plane?
“Are you sure?” Susan Sun asked surely.
“Of course, he doesn’t have a car, but he does. He was driving his friend’s car recently…” Yvette sighed as he said.
He drove Zelda’s car, Zelda’s car was also five to six hundred thousand, but his own was only more than two hundred thousand. He drove Zelda, not his own…
“Also driving someone else’s car? This…”
Susan Sun was really shocked, she immediately smiled, “Then he is really low-key, and he is hiding it from you… It seems that Yvette, you still don’t know that your boyfriend is a rich second generation!”
“You, what are you talking about? My husband is a rich second-generation?” Yvette was stunned…

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