My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 119

Chuck is the rich second generation?
Yvette was so surprised that it was unbelievable.
“Yvette, you really don’t know?”
Susan Sun was surprised, Yvette’s reaction surprised her too much.
Yvette came back to his senses and shook his head, “I don’t know.”
“Then he is low-key enough,” Susan Sun was envious, how good would it be to find such a good boyfriend?
“No, he is not the rich second generation.” Yvette shook his head, suddenly feeling unhappy in his heart.
“How could it not be? All five-star hotels in the capital used the highest hospitality standards, and Rolls-Royce came to greet him. How could it not be the rich second generation?” Susan Sun couldn’t understand.
This is Chuck too low-key, so let her think so?
But what people are doing today is obvious to all.
“He’s really not,” Yvette sighed.
“Why are you so sure?” Susan Sun was surprised.
Yvette was silent for a few seconds and said, “I… grew up with him. Can I know if he is a rich second generation?”
Chuck is the rich second generation?
When Yvette said this sentence, she denied it herself.
Yvette was an orphan brought back by Grandpa Chuck. At that time, Chuck’s family was a small bungalow, and it was very shabby. Both people borrowed money for their studies. Yvette remembers it very clearly.
In the summer when they were young, two people wanted to eat popsicles with two cents apiece, but Grandpa Chuck couldn’t afford it. In the end, his grandpa took the bottle in his house to sell it, exchanged it for one dollar, and gave it to two people. Everyone bought a popsicle…
She remembers it now!
How could Chuck be the rich second generation?
“What? You grew up with him? You two childhood sweethearts?” Susan Sun was really stunned.
Yvette nodded, “Well, I moved into his house when I was very young, and I…I am his child bride…I will take care of him when I was young…”
Susan Sun is shocked, Tong Yang? Is there a child bride in this era?
“Then when you two were very young, didn’t you just sleep together?” Susan Sun asked.
“Well, I slept together.”
“Then you…” Susan Sun couldn’t help but look at Yvette’s belly. Why didn’t she get pregnant for so long?
“We… didn’t do anything.” Yvette shook his head.
Susan Sun’s eyes widened, and since she slept together, she did nothing? She couldn’t help but leaned in Yvette’s ear and said something.
Yvette shook his head solemnly, “Don’t talk about him like that, he just didn’t understand those things at that time, it’s not a problem.”
Susan Sun was puzzled, so Chuck is really not the rich second generation?
She thought it was Chuck who spent a lot of money chasing Yvette before chasing Yvette.
But I didn’t expect that the two of them grew up together since they were young, and they knew from a young age that Chuck was definitely not the rich second generation.
It’s just that it’s not the rich second generation, so how can Chuck have such strength?
In fact, Yvette didn’t understand this.
She knows Chuck too much, but recently, she has no idea what happened to Chuck. First of all, she has lived with Zelda. Now in the capital, she can still make Huang Dalong’s daughter Huang Keyue kneel down. Yvette never thought of it.
The two women did not speak. After hesitating, Susan Sun whispered, “You said your boyfriend has changed so much, is there someone you know who is particularly good?”
Yvette didn’t know how to answer this question. She thought Zelda at first, but no matter how good Zelda is, she can’t have influence in the circle of Beijing, right?
Could it be that Susan Sun said that Chuck knew other people?
How did you meet?
There were too many doubts in Yvette’s mind.
She is worried, Chuck, where have you been?
Susan Sun saw that Yvette didn’t answer. She definitely thought that she was not the rich second generation, so she must have known other people.
Yvette wanted to make a call to Chuck. She felt that it was too unreliable to be in this place, but she hesitated for a long time before sighing.
“Yvette, don’t think too much, go to bed early, this kind of ward is not cheap.” Susan Sun said, she was going to go back to sleep.
But Yvette suddenly subconsciously touched her neck. She panicked. Why was the necklace on her neck?
“Xiaoxue, did you see the necklace I rented?” Yvette was anxious.
Although the rent is more than one thousand a night, the price is hundreds of thousands.
“No, didn’t you wear it on your neck?” Susan Sun was surprised.
“No, no.” Yvette shook his head, more anxious in his heart.
It suddenly occurred to her that when she was in the hotel, when she was fighting with Huang Keyue, she seemed to be pulled by Huang Keyue’s neck. Could it be that the necklace was broken at that time?
This is hundreds of thousands!
“Could it be dropped?” Susan Sun was also anxious.
“It’s dropped, it’s really dropped,” Yvette sighed and lost. The hundreds of thousands can only be lost by himself.
“Don’t worry, doesn’t your boyfriend know someone? Just let him pay you. You have to know that the ward we live in is close to 10,000 yuan a night.” Susan Sun said.
Yvette shook his head. Chuck is not a rich second generation, and hundreds of thousands are not thousands or hundreds. Even if he knows people, hundreds of thousands cannot be taken out casually.
Yvette didn’t want to raise this matter to Chuck, she was going to solve it herself.
She was very worried in her heart that Chuck has become so powerful, but she is still like this, then will the distance from him be getting bigger and bigger? Thinking about it this way, Chuck didn’t want to say to Chuck that if he did, he might be bored.
She didn’t want this.
“Then you plan to solve it yourself?” Susan Sun asked.
“Well, I don’t want to trouble him.”
“But isn’t he your boyfriend? What kind of trouble is this?”
Yvette sighed. She decided to leave here tonight and go to the store in the morning to settle the necklace.
Yvette got out of the hospital bed and packed her things, but she couldn’t leave like this. Chuck would be anxious. She hesitated, and finally sighed and sat back on the bed.
Susan Sun was helpless. She didn’t understand why Yvette dealt with it like this. Isn’t it right to spend her boyfriend’s money?
If you want to have such a great boyfriend, what kind of company do you start?
The two of them chatted. Susan Sun asked Yvette about his childhood. Yvette said. She remembered that Chuck has always treated herself very well, but in the past few years, she has forgotten this point. Fortunately, Chuck did not. forget……

The two talked until dawn. Chuck hasn’t returned yet, but in the middle of the night, someone sent a piece of porridge, saying that it was given by Chuck. Yvette had eaten it, bitter, and did not return overnight. Who is Chuck seeing now?
At dawn, Yvette felt that she could be discharged from the hospital. She and Susan Sun packed up, and Susan Sun was reluctant to leave. How comfortable is this ward?
Yvette sent a message to Chuck, saying that he had been discharged from the hospital, but Chuck did not reply.
She immediately took a taxi with Susan Sun to the hotel, and carefully searched for the scene of the Chamber of Commerce last night, but the rubbish had been cleaned up and there was no necklace. It should have been picked up.
Yvette sighed and could only go to the place where the necklace was rented.
When the boss heard that the necklace was missing, his face immediately became ugly, and he said the price was 480,000 yuan!
Yvette’s heart was beating, she just borrowed 500,000 yuan from the “Baller”!
Susan Sun is helpless, why is it so expensive?
“Susan Sun, I clearly mark the price! Your friend already knows the price before renting it.” The boss said, with no room for negotiation.
Susan Sun pulled Yvette aside, “Yvette, you call your boyfriend and ask him if he can solve it! Four hundred eighty thousand, not a small amount, are you sure you want to solve it?”
Yvette shook his head, but Chuck didn’t reply, indicating that he was busy.
“Oh, you can’t live with Qian? Fight.” Susan Sun urged, Yvette was silent and swiped the card directly.
The two came out of the store, Susan Sun really didn’t know what to say, Yvette was so stupid, what happened to the phone call? From nap to big, no one else.
Yvette looked at noon, thinking that he should be free, right? So she took out the phone and called Chuck, but she did not expect that she saw Huang Keyue with empty eyes. She just came out of a hotel and said in a daze, “I opened a good room to admit you wrong. , What do you want?”
Yvette was stunned.
Susan Sun was surprised and opened the room to admit his mistake? “Yvette, your boyfriend never came back last night. Is this sleeping with Huang Keyue?”

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