My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 120

Chuck and Huang Keyue went to open the room last night? Yvette was dumbfounded, she shook her head, “No…”
Although Huang Keyue is in good shape, how can Chuck go to open a room with the woman who beat her?
It won’t!
Yvette believed in Chuck.
“Why not? That’s what she said just now. This bitch is so shameless.” Susan Sun stared at Huang Keyue. She wanted to slap her again.
If Chuck was there, Susan Sun would definitely beat her in the past.
“I believe him.” Yvette was serious.
But she didn’t have much confidence in her heart, because Chuck was now living with Zelda.
“Do you think a man would refuse to send a woman to the door? Sun Huang Keyue is a cheap woman, but she has a good body. You didn’t see her big fart…” Susan Sun said angrily.
“Xiaoxue, stop talking,” Yvette sighed. She wanted to call Chuck to ask.
But what if…really?
“I said Yvette, do you usually make your boyfriend tolerate too hard? Let her sleep even this bitch Huang Keyue?” Susan Sun analyzed.
Yvette was taken aback, but she understood what she meant. The two of them slept together for so long and did nothing. He is also a man, is it too long, so she went to find Zelda? Was with Huang Keyue again last night?
Yvette nodded.
Susan Sun was surprised. She looked at Yvette again weirdly, and leaned in her ear to say a few words. Yvette shook her head, “What? No, no, he didn’t mention it. How am I embarrassed?”
“You take the initiative, isn’t he your husband?” Susan Sun was helpless.
Susan Sun said again, Yvette blushed and shook his head, “No, I haven’t helped him.”
Sun Shangxiang pointed Yvette’s mouth.
Yvette shook his head.
Susan Sun was speechless, she pointed to Yvette’s hand again.
Yvette also shook his head.
“Oh my God, then I sympathize with your husband.” Susan Sun can’t imagine how Chuck spent these years. She just thought Yvette was saying that sleeping together for more than ten years had nothing to do. In that respect, but you can usually do other things.
But Yvette didn’t do it at all, how could he be his wife?
“I’m too much?” Yvette asked in a low voice.
“Yes, very excessive, how old is he?”
“Almost nineteen years old.”
“My God, when are you going to give it to him?” Susan Sun asked.
“I…” Yvette didn’t know how to answer. She was going to give it to him when she was sixteen or seventeen, but he never asked for it.
Shouldn’t this kind of thing be a man’s initiative? After all, Yvette was not an active person in the first place, so if she asked her to mention this, she would not do it because of love.
“Forget it, this is your own idea. You can keep these for him on the day of your wedding, but usually you have to do your best to be your wife and do what your girlfriend should do. Keep holding him, can he not Go out?” She said, pointing to Yvette’s hand.
Yvette levies.
One thing suddenly came to mind. When he was in the car that day, he seemed to have been staring at his hand. Could it be…
What did Yvette think of, and suddenly felt blushing. He was thinking about that?
Yvette was helpless, no wonder his eyes were weird.
She was also entangled. If Chuck had said so, what would she have done?
Refuse? Or… find a place where no one is, right in the car…
Yvette sighed, did he fail to do what his wife should do?
“Think of these things yourself.” Susan Sun can’t continue to say these things.
Yvette nodded, she could only go back and check the information about these things.
After all, she has no experience.
But let Yvette take the initiative to mention this matter, she couldn’t speak, to see when Chuck would look at her hand again, when the time comes…look again, look again.
But if he did it by himself, could he and Zelda break?
“Do you want to ask Huang Keyue? You can leave without asking her.” Susan Sun said.
Yvette shook her head. She was thinking about the time to pay back the money agreed with the “Baller”, how she should pay back 500,000.
She sighed.
“Then you don’t call?”
“do not fight.”
“Then we go to eat.”
Yvette took one last look at Huang Keyue, who was walking away, and looked for a place to eat with Susan Sun.

“Auntie Logan, you are planning to invest in a movie now, so let me come and see it?” Chuck was really surprised, because Aunt Logan took her to see her film company last night. Many domestic actors and actresses share Aunt Logan’s company. There is cooperation.
Chuck watched the night yesterday. Aunt Logan asked Chuck to rest for a while. Chuck reluctantly left Aunt Logan’s company and went to Aunt Logan’s house to sleep under Aunt Logan’s arrangement.
He had been thinking last night. When he met Zabrina, he was thinking about when he could invest in a movie and build the No. 1 movie in China. This is a goal.
Unexpectedly, Aunt Logan had already started to do this, and she was already the big boss behind the famous film company in China and even internationally.
“Yes, are you interested?” Aunt Logan smiled, her voice very nice.
Chuck hesitated. The minimum investment for a movie is several million, right? Large investments are in the tens of millions, and there are not a few hundreds of millions.
Although he can ask his mother for money at any time, it is not always the only way to ask for money, so he has to put pressure on himself to make money!
The five million that my mother called last time, in addition to the investment in the square, plus 500,000 to Yvette, so now there are more than two million in Chuckka, a movie by a big boss like Logan, More than one million is definitely not enough.
“Aunt Logan, I don’t have that much money now.” Chuck was embarrassed.
“Puff.” Aunt Logan smiled, “Then how many do you have?”
Chuck whispered more than two million, and Aunt Logan said with a smile, “That’s enough, enough,”
“Is it really enough?” Chuck asked tentatively.
“Enough,” Aunt Logan nodded. The investment in her movie is not that big. The cost of 30 million is mainly because she wants to bring Chuck into the industry. Even if Chuck doesn’t invest a penny, she won’t mind. She would be happy to be able to help Chuck.
“Look at the script first.” Aunt Logan handed a file to Chuck.
Chuck has never read a script before, and when he opened it, it turned out to be a literary film.
The director intends to use the famous Chinese director Erica Yannic to guide and invest 30 million yuan.
The lead actor has been booked, but the lead actress has not been confirmed yet.
Chuck looked at the script and found it quite interesting. The director Erica Yannic had heard of it. The first few movies had a good box office, and this one should be good.
This Auntie Logan started her career by herself!
“How do you feel?” Aunt Logan asked.
Chuck closed the script and nodded, “Very good.”
He decided to put all the money in the card into this movie. Chuck said so, and Aunt Logan smiled, “Okay.”
Chuck couldn’t wait to say that the money transfer is now complete. Aunt Logan smiled, “Don’t worry, do you like the heroine? For example, any actresses you like, you can recommend as an investor.”
Chuck shook his head. He doesn’t chase stars, but he does have a few favorite actresses, as well as foreign ones. He has a few favorites, such as the one who plays Sicily…
However, these 30 million investment obviously can’t invite those actresses, so we can’t use all the investment to invite actors, right?
“No? Then you can discuss with the director. Erica Yannic is very famous in literary and artistic films. Many actresses actively want to cooperate with her,” said Aunt Logan.
“Cooperate actively?” Chuck was surprised, but also suddenly. Who wouldn’t want to make a few good movies?
“Yes, the casting has already started today, you can choose with Erica Yannic later,”
“Okay.” Chuck hasn’t seen such a scene yet.
Next, Chuck and Aunt Logan ate something, which was made by Aunt Logan himself. It was very delicious. Chuck should know that this is the first time Aunt Logan made food for a man. He might be shocked…
Chuck took Aunt Logan’s car and went to the casting scene. Aunt Logan didn’t mean to get off the car and said she was waiting in the car. Chuck nodded and opened the door by herself. Aunt Logan said just like the casting scene.
“This kid didn’t bring the work card, so give me the work card and send it to him,” Aunt Logan said.
The black woman sitting in the front took the work card, opened the car door and chased after her.
Chuck saw a sign on the first floor of a hotel with casting. There were many people on the scene, including men and women, all beautiful women.
The leading actor has been selected, but the second male, male third, female first and so on have not yet been selected, coupled with Erica Yannic’s reputation, so many small actors have been attracted, and there are also famous actors.
Chuck walked over.
“Who is he? Come to participate in casting too?”
“I don’t know, maybe it is a student of film school.”
“Huh, no fame has followed us to choose a role? This is a big dream!”
The actors and actresses on the scene whispered in a low voice, with contempt, especially when a bunch of actors whom Chuck didn’t know were still coming, so they were even more unhappy.

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