My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 121

Chuck ignored it. He came to cast the cast. With so many people on the scene, he could just let him go with a word.
It’s just not necessary. Chuck has read the script given by Aunt Logan just now, and the filming will start next month, so hurry up and prepare.
Chuck took a general look. There were still a lot of beautiful women who came to the scene. Some were wearing tight jeans and some were wearing short skirts. Anyway, all kinds of beautiful thighs were just casual look.
I haven’t chosen a girl, a girl, but I can choose among them. Chuck thought to himself, but these actresses basically didn’t even look at Chuck. There were even a few famous women who were against
Chuck. Taunting and talking about what they were talking about, several beautiful women laughed presumptuously, and Chuck looked even more disdainful.
Chuck feels helpless. If you knew that with a word of your own, you could be the first women. What would you think?
I’m afraid I will fight to come over to fawn on myself!
Chuck also began to watch these male actors.
They are all very handsome and stylish. The male one has been selected, and the other male two to six males can choose among these people. For the others, go to the studio to find high-quality extras.
However, these actors are basically hostile to Chuck.
Chuck didn’t want to waste time. He had to hurry up to see Yvette after casting the corner. He wanted to stay alone with Yvette, and he didn’t want to do anything. Anyway, just appreciate Yvette’s figure and Appearance is enough.
Chuck looked around among the crowd, but did not see the director.
“Where is Director Erica Yannic?” Chuck walked over and asked.
He had seen this director on TV, and he was also a very talented and beautiful director, so naturally he didn’t see it.
No one cares about Chuck, and more people frown and look impatient.
“Is director Erica Yannic coming?” Chuck could only ask again.
“Ask the director for what? You are a relative of the director. Ask the director when you come?”
“Don’t look at what you look like, do you think you are the number one male? Let the director come out to see you in advance? Are you qualified?”
“That’s right, you don’t look at your position. Just like us, you can’t wait. You want to jump in the line? If you can’t act, you will be eliminated if you jump in the line.”
“What do you say to this kind of person? A waste of words! He just wants to be a director, but they are beautiful directors. What are you going to be close to? You kneel down and they won’t respond to you!”
These people were chattering with irritation and disdain in their voices. Chuck frowned when he heard them, these people!
Chuck didn’t bother to pay attention to them, and walked inside.
A handsome boy stopped Chuck.
This person Chuck knew him. He showed his face in a recent TV series, but he is a man in his twenties, but he has a proud expression on his face, like the man who has made many movies and TV shows.
He raised his hand and said impatiently, “What do you want to do? Everyone is queuing here, why are you jumping in?”
“That’s right, her mother has no quality! It doesn’t matter if I get close to the director, but now I still want to jump in the line. How can such a person become an actor? What a shame for us actors!”
Several actors walked over and stared at Chuck, with that look, as if they were about to hit Chuck.
“You think too much, I’m not vying with you for two boys and three boys, I am…” Chuck said.
But this handsome actor interrupted Chuck directly, with a sneered expression on his face, “Don’t fight for two boys and three boys, don’t you still want to fight for boys one?”
“Haha, laugh to death, you still want to fight for the male one? Don’t you know that the male one has been decided.”
“You think this is the casting scene of the idiot pass, right? Choose the idiot as the male number one, then I think you can definitely do it.”
All the people present laughed, the mockery on their faces was too strong.
Chuck frowned.
At this time, a handsome young man with sunglasses walked in, surrounded by five or six people, most of whom were assistants, some of them carrying water and carrying boxes, all in the style of a big star.
And he hugged a coquettish beauty, in hot pants, showing long legs, with a white translucent t-shirt on it, and tied up the t-shirt, revealing a small waist, very charming.
“Wow, it’s the male number one An Jae Jie!”
“So handsome! He has become a big hit recently!”
“Yes, I heard that the male number one has been scheduled as soon as the script came out. I really envy you!”
“What is he doing here?”
“You’re blind, you didn’t see him bring his rumored girlfriend Wu Qianqian? He is the default male number one, which means that he has the ability to recommend in front of film investors. Isn’t the heroine vacant? He must be looking for a director to recommend Wu Qianqian is the number one girl!”
“Oh, why is this, I still want to be the number one girl!”
“Don’t think about it, I don’t think about it anymore. People An Zaijie is red. As long as he speaks, the director will definitely agree.”
The people on the scene suddenly boiled up, and many actresses were idiots.
Chuck glanced at An Zaijie. This actor is indeed suitable for the character of the script male number one, and he is just as popular.
The boy who stopped Chuck just now walked in front of An Zaijie, pointed at Chuck and said, “Brother Jie, this guy wants to fight you for the number one man!”
“Yeah, this person may be a relative of the director. Once he came, he was almost like…”
“You’re talking about a dog? You keep looking for the owner when the owner is away?”
Many people laughed.
An Zaijie took off his glasses and glanced at Chuck, showing sarcasm, “It’s just him? He got drunk, right?”
“Haha, I also think that he is completely incomparable with Jie Ge.” The handsome boy said.
He has to be flattering, he wants to be the second male number.
“My dear, let him get out of the way, so I dare to compete with my dear for being the first one. Where is the face?” Wu Qianqian said, if he became the first one, what would she do?
An Zaijie nodded and pointed at Chuck with her sunglasses, “You can go! I promise, you won’t have any chance to participate in this movie! Not even a dragon, I said!”
“Hurry up, haven’t you seen An Zaijie coming?”
“It’s shameless, nothing, where does the courage come from?”
“Be careful, Brother Jie is angry, block you out!”
Several people catered to Chuck and mocked Chuck!
Chuck glanced at him, “You speak so usefully?”
“Yes, it works for me!” An Zaijie walked over with Wu Qianqian in his arms, “You can go away while I’m still not angry, or you will never appear in the showbiz again.”
“Then you also get out of the way while I am not angry, otherwise you can’t do it as a man.” Chuck calmly.
“What are you pretending to be? You told my dear not to be a male one? Who do you think you are? Don’t soak, take a good photo of your urine!” Wu Qianqian was cold, she was angry. , Is this person shameless? I don’t have any reputation, but I dare to say that to the popular An Zaijie!
Nima’s, find someone to block you!
An Zaijie narrowed his eyes and sneered, “You don’t want to get involved anymore, do you?”
“Brother Jie, block him!”
“Yes, banning him, such a person is simply a shame in the entertainment industry!”
Everyone gathered around.
“It’s because you don’t want to mix up, you can go.” Chuck looked at him.
“Haha! Pretend to be in front of me?” An Zaijie laughed, he thought he heard a joke.
“Believe it or not, I will let you get out now?” An Zaijie’s eyes narrowed.
“You are no longer the male number one, so you are not qualified to appear here.” Chuck shook his head.
Ann’s face turned cold.
“Haha! This man is stupid!”
“I think so! Such a kind of “expulsion” An Jae-jie? This is a big pretense!”
“You, you, and you! You can go, too.” Chuck looked at the other people.
The people present laughed and laughed mockingly, they looked at Chuck like a fool.
“I think you are looking for death!” An Zaijie stared at Chuck. He felt embarrassed in front of so many people. He is a big star!
“Do not understand what I said? You can leave here now.” Chuck said.
“Fuck! Still pretending to be forced by her mother?”
“Everyone, kick this idiot out!”
“Yes, actually pretending to force us to go? So that you have a chance? Shameless!”
Several people gathered around, and the others looked at Chuck impatiently, and the sentiments were agitated.
At this time, among the crowd, a woman in black gave the work card, and Chuck took it and put it on her body directly, with three words on it.

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