My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 123

An Zaijie took off his clothes and took off in public. The beauties on the scene were all dazzled. They were full of shock. They were able to make a popular star undress in front of so many people. This producer is an absolute entertainment gangster!
Why haven’t you seen it before? I do not know!
This is too low-key!
What’s so good about a man undressing? Chuck was too lazy to watch, and looked down to play with his mobile phone.
“Mr. Chuck, he has already taken off,” Erica Yannic said.
“Okay, it’s him.” Chuck said without raising his head. He didn’t want to see this kind of piercing eyes.
An Zaijie lowered his head, regretting in his heart, who did he offend just now?
Wu Qianqian, who came in with him, was completely stunned, why is her dear so low-pitched?
The few people who were also called out just now also came back. Seeing the bald An Jae-jie, their jaws fell in shock.
An Zaijie put on the clothes, and many beauties on the scene despised them. They look very handsome, but they are actually enoki mushrooms…
The three views are completely destroyed!
“An Zaijie, get ready, I will agree with you when you turn it on,” Erica Yannic said.
An Zaijie nodded in shame and didn’t dare to stay any longer, because the mocking voice of the beautiful lady present made him blush!
Wu Qianqian was stunned. She hesitated and walked over, begging, “Producer, can I have a role?”
“Yes, in the script, you are the one who was forced to stand on the street,” Chuck said.
“Thank you, the producer,” Wu Qianqian said with joy, how to say this is also an opportunity to show her face!
“Then do I need to undress?” Wu Qianqian asked.
“No, just turn it on at that time,” Chuck shook his head.
“Thank you for the production.” Wu Qianqian breathed a sigh of relief and ran out in surprise.
Others are eager to try it. It is also a great opportunity to appear in a play directed by Erica Yannic!
Erica Yannic began to choose roles, one by one according to the role to play a paragraph, this is the first time Chuck watched it live, it was really interesting, even some beautiful women glared at Chuck, meaning that they can accept the unspoken rules.
To be honest, the actresses are all very beautiful and well-built, Chuck said, let them all take off their clothes, but Chuck is too lazy to do so.
How can I say that Aunt Logan is still waiting outside! These things cannot be done.
The entire casting process lasted all morning. Basically, the second male and female second have been determined, the only one is the female one, and the male one has not yet been determined.
This drama has Ahn Jae-jie as the villain as a gimmick, coupled with the reputation of director Erica Yannic, then it is impossible to sell as a literary film, but there is definitely no problem in making money.
Chuck was relieved, thinking who should play this female one?
The casting is over for the time being. Erica Yannic said that she would look for someone for Chuck to take a look these days. Chuck nodded, thinking that there are some scenes in the script that need the square, so she has ready-made ones.
When the shooting starts, you can shoot in your own square, maybe it can increase the reputation of your own square, Chuck is very happy.
The first movie he invested in is about to start shooting, and he is also looking forward to it.
Coming out of the casting scene, Chuck got into Aunt Logan’s car. She had been reading in it all morning. When she sat in, Chuck felt the fragrance and smelled particularly good. It was not perfume, but that kind of woman. Xiang, Chuck didn’t want to come down anymore.
Chuck didn’t dare to think about it, otherwise it wouldn’t work like the joke last time.
After having a meal with Aunt Logan, Chuck called Yvette. He had already seen Yvette’s message and said he had been discharged from the hospital. Chuck was anxious. He originally wanted to go after the casting was over. From the hospital, accompany Yvette.
But Yvette was discharged by himself, and he was helpless.
He asked where Yvette was. Yvette said that at Susan Sun’s company, she would start class tomorrow, so she planned to fly back overnight tonight.
Chuck asked Aunt Logan to send him downstairs in Susan Sun’s company.
“Then Auntie Logan, I might be going back tonight.” Chuck said.
Just now, Chuck has transferred most of the money in the card to Aunt Logan. This is an investment and must be given. As for who the heroes and heroines of the movie are, the director Erica Yannic has begun to look for the results, and Chuck will be notified of the results. Yes, others, after the boot, I will talk about it when I go to the side of the square to view the scene.
Aunt Logan accepted with a smile, “En.”
Chuck waved to Aunt Logan, and then went to Susan Sun’s company to find Yvette.
“This kid…” Aunt Logan smiled slightly when she looked at Chuck who was walking away.
Then he said to the person in the car, “You two will follow in this movie. Who does he want to star in? You solve it. You will warn him when An Jae-jie is not in your eyes, he will disappear forever!”
“Drive!” Aunt Logan closed her eyes.
Rolls-Royce started slowly.
When Yvette and Susan Sun saw this scene upstairs, the two of them were surprised. It was Rolls-Royce!
This license plate is amazing!
Yvette was too puzzled. How could Chuck know such a person? Why did he go out just now?
“It’s incredible, who does your husband know?” Susan Sun couldn’t believe it. She didn’t see who the person in the car was, but the license plate alone was beyond her reach.
Yvette shook her head. At this time, she saw Chuck coming in. Xiang, he was very fragrant. This was the fragrance of a woman, indicating that the person in the car was a woman.
Yvette felt lost, why would Chuck know so many women!
Everyone is richer than himself, will he not want himself?
Chuck saw Yvette and he felt relieved. The red mark on her face basically disappeared and she returned to her beautiful appearance. She wore Chuck’s favorite skinny jeans today. This figure is really…
Yvette found Chuck staring at her body. His eyes were as if he was looking at his hand in the car that day…
What is he thinking about?
She was nervous, she had been enlightened by Susan Sun, thinking about what she should do?
“Yvette, let’s go back,” Chuck said.
“En.” Yvette was ready. She greeted Susan Sun. Susan Sun wanted to show her performance and said to drive them to the airport.
Chuck has no opinion, nor does Yvette.
Going directly to the airport, the two of them went in.
Susan Sun envy, when will he find such a boyfriend?
About ten o’clock, the two returned. Yvette wanted to take a taxi back. Chuck’s BMW 7-series parked in the airport parking lot. He planned to drive Yvette back. After all, it was unnecessary. Concealed.
Yvette watched Chuck head toward the parking lot, Yvette followed, sighing, did Zelda already come to the airport to meet him?
“Chuck…” Yvette said.
“Well, what’s the matter?” Chuck looked back.
“I… Zelda came to pick you up, right?” Yvette asked.
Chuck shook his head. He didn’t call Zelda again. He thought that Yvette should have changed his mind, so should he break up with Zelda?
In fact, Chuck was a little bit reluctant. He had a feeling for Zelda, and she helped him twice. That feeling really made him unable to forget.
“No, my car is parked here,” Chuck said.
Zelda bought it for you? Yvette sighed, she followed Chuck to continue walking, but after walking for a while, Chuck was surprised, because she was driving? Why is it missing?
He remembers stopping here! Was it stolen? It should be impossible!
Yvette was surprised, what did Chuck look like? Where’s the car?
Maybe Zelda drove back. She said, “Or we can take a taxi and go back.”
Chuck saw that Yvette was relatively tired, thinking about coming tomorrow and coming out by himself, so he agreed. The two walked out and Yvette asked, “Why did you go to the capital?”
“Because I am worried about you, I want to be alone with you.” Chuck is serious, this is his true word.
Yvette was moved, but… she didn’t know what to do, after all, Chuck and Zelda were living together.
“Can you tell me, what have you encountered recently?” Yvette asked her biggest question that she had buried in her heart recently. Yeah, what has he encountered to be so good in Beijing?

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