My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 124

Hearing Yvette’s question, Chuck smiled and asked, “What do you think?”
“I… I think you met a noble person, that’s why you have such a big change,” Yvette said.
Chuck is not a rich second generation, so there is only this reason.
“Then why don’t you think I am the rich second generation?” Chuck asked with a smile.
Yvette shook his head seriously, “I grew up with you, don’t I know if you are a rich second generation?”
This is really true, if it wasn’t for his mother who suddenly called last time and called himself five million, he would not believe that he is the rich second generation, and he is also the super rich second generation.
“If you don’t tell me, let’s go back,” Yvette said softly.
She didn’t get to the bottom of it. Maybe Chuck met the lady because of his handsome face? Zelda was the first, so the woman in the Rolls-Royce downstairs in Susan Sun just now might be the second. It doesn’t seem to be a glorious thing.
Is your husband eating soft rice?
Yvette looked at Chuck cautiously.
“I’m really a rich second generation, don’t you believe it?” Chuck said seriously.
“Don’t believe me,” Yvette shook his head seriously.
Chuck was speechless, and he took the initiative to admit that Yvette didn’t believe it.
“But I am really,” Chuck helplessly.
“Okay, don’t say anything, okay?” Yvette shook his head, “Let’s leave the airport by car.”
“If you don’t believe me, then I will transfer one million to you now, will you believe it?” Chuck earnestly.
“Huh?” Yvette was surprised. She looked at Chuck in surprise for a second, but when she saw Chuck suddenly became embarrassed, is there a million?
“Sorry, I forgot that there is no money in the card,”
Chuck was speechless. He just remembered that almost all of his money has been invested in the movie. He now has 100,000 in his card, which is not much money.
Yvette smiled, “I believe it, I believe it.”
She suddenly felt that Chuck was so anxious to prove herself, did she not want her to think about that?
She also thinks this is Chuck’s ability, at least it’s okay to know noble people, but don’t betray your body too much.
But even though I think so, Yvette is still a bit lost. After all, she has been keeping it with Chuck for the first time, and hasn’t his first been given to Zelda long ago? Even the woman in the Rolls Royce?
She is actually very disgusted with such things, but maybe because she was moved, she didn’t dislike Chuck, because he showed up when she needed someone the most. He had himself in his heart, but she didn’t know how long she could hold on. ,
Chuck is helpless, okay.
He saw Yvette tired, Chuck didn’t go on talking, but his car stopped here and disappeared. What’s the matter?
He could only go outside with Yvette, but at this time, Yvette suddenly saw a car parked on the side of the road. She knew the car, which belonged to Zelda.
Sure enough, she came to pick Chuck.
Yvette sighed, and she pulled Chuck with her hand.
“What’s wrong? Ah, why is sister Zelda here?”
Chuck was surprised because he saw the window of a car in the distance opened and Zelda was sitting in the driver’s seat, looking at this side.
He was Loganled, thinking about sending Yvette back alone.
But when I saw Zelda, it was not going to go, and it was not going to go. He could only tell Yvette that the past was fine.
“En.” Yvette followed Chuck towards Zelda with dim eyes.
Zelda in the car was even more Loganled.
She actually came here to send her friends, but she saw Chuck from a long distance, and she thought she would definitely send Chuck back. If he wanted to, then she could continue to help him, either in the car or at home.
But when she was just about to go there, she actually found Yvette by her side. She was actually very disappointed. Are the two of them out for fun?
She was about to leave, but Yvette actually saw herself, she was entangled and could only stop the car.
“Sister Zelda, why are you here?” Chuck was a little embarrassed.
It seems that the derailment is being caught, after all, it was in this car last time, and Chuck was lost…
“I came to see my friends, do you want to go back? Then I’ll take you back,” Zelda said.
“Okay, thank Sister Zelda, then.” Chuck felt helpless, so she would be sad if she refused.
Yvette sighed. She didn’t want to make a car, and would rather walk home. Wouldn’t she be a light bulb by herself?
“Yvette, sit down,” Chuck said.
Yvette bit her lip. She couldn’t refuse. She sat in and felt very bored. She sat prudently, and Chuck also sat in. Zelda asked where to go. Chuck mentioned a place where Yvette lived.
Zelda drove, and there was no sound in the car along the way.
Chuck felt Yvette’s change. He was nervous in his heart, stretched out his hand carefully, and grabbed Yvette’s hand.
Yvette struggled slightly. If this was in a taxi, she would not refuse, but in Zelda’s car, she didn’t want to do this. This would be seen by Zelda.
Feeling the struggle, Chuck had no choice but to let go. This was the first time he took the initiative to grab Yvette’s hand. As expected, women’s hands were different.
Zelda saw it through the rearview mirror. She didn’t speak and drove all the way.
Soon I arrived at the place where Yvette lived. Chuck and SongYvette went up. She was originally shaking her head, but seeing Chuck’s sincere eyes, she couldn’t refuse. The two of them went up, Chuck was happy for a while, and actually forgot to give it to Mo Zi. Yi said hello.
Seeing the two of them coming upstairs, Zelda sighed, did he have to wait or don’t wait?
Gone, what if you make a plan?
But wait, what if one policy stays at Yvette’s house?
She Loganled, hesitated for a long time, and sighed in her heart, but she stayed. She also felt that she was very low, and others ignored her, so what else did she keep?
But Zelda couldn’t help it. Her mother Manny kept urging her to take Chuck home to see. She wanted to take it, but how to take it now?
Chuck followed Yvette home, he was happy in his heart, her door opened, Chuck walked in, and saw Yvette’s small bed, Chuck looked at Yvette’s buttocks again, he wondered whether to do it What to order
However, when Yvette’s eyes were wrong, Chuck’s thoughts disappeared, and he walked over to comfort him, “What’s wrong with you, wife?”
Yvette wanted to cry, but how could he go to someone else’s house if he grew up from a nap to an adult?
She lowered her head and said, “Chuck, where are you and Zelda?”
Chuck suddenly didn’t know how to answer. Could it be that she had helped herself twice?
“Okay, I understand.” Yvette shook his head and sat down.
Chuck was guilty. He regretted the incident with Zelda, but he really couldn’t help it at the time. He regretted it.
“Wife, I…”
“Stop talking, she’s still waiting for you below.” Yvette said softly. She felt like crying, but she couldn’t cry in front of him.
Chuck remembered Zelda now. He walked to the window and saw that Zelda’s car was still parked downstairs. Chuck was silent.
“Then you rest early.” After Chuck finished speaking, he walked outside, but he walked to the door and didn’t want to leave. “My wife, I want to stay.”
Yvette looked up and stayed behind?
Yvette shook her head. If there is no Zelda below, then she should agree, but…how to agree? Yvette felt like she was a junior. He first gave up Chuck, and now he can’t bear it anymore.
“I will do nothing and just stay, OK?” Chuck walked over.
“I sleep on the sofa, you sleep on the bed, or I sleep underground, the same as before,” Chuck said.
Yvette thought that a month ago, two people still lived in the same room. She hesitated, “She is still waiting for you down there.”
“I want to stay here,” Chuck repeated. He had no other thoughts in his mind, so he wanted to sleep here.
“You are my wife. The two of us have slept together for more than ten years. I want to stay here,” Chuck said.
Yvette struggled, she looked up at Chuck, “Chuck, I am working hard now, trying to make money. One day I will be richer than Zelda, and I will definitely…”
Chuck was surprised. Is Yvette trying to support herself? What is she thinking?
“I’m sorry that I treated you so well before, but I work hard now and I will make a lot of money. You can separate from Zelda and I will continue to raise you,” Yvette said, feeling more comfortable in her heart. Think of it?

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