My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 125

Chuck did not stay after all.
Yvette was lying on the bed, thinking about what he said earlier, was he too direct?
Talking about raising him? But he is a man, would it hurt his self-esteem to say this just now? Maybe.
Yvette sighed, isn’t he encouraging Chuck to eat soft rice? No, his meal is very hard, he is not eating soft rice.
Yvette thought so and closed her eyes. She actually wanted Chuck to stay, thinking that she would help him if she didn’t give it to him tonight, so she couldn’t let him continue to bear it.
However, Chuck received a call and opened the door just now and went out, saying that something was wrong.
Yvette was a little bit disappointed. She got up from the bed, looked out through the window, and found Chuck in Zelda’s car. Are the two of them going back to that one?
Yvette struggled. She thought she was disgusted with such things, but when it really hit her, she became ambiguous.
She was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep. She turned over and over again. She took out her mobile phone and checked the tutorial on how to help her boyfriend happy…
Yvette looked blushing, and looked down at her hand subconsciously. Is this OK? She hadn’t thought about it before, so it’s no wonder that Chuck has to look at her hands…

Chuck got into Zelda’s car. He was very depressed just now. He originally thought that he would stay at Yvette’s house for one night and do nothing. In the middle of the night, in case Yvette can’t bear to sleep by himself On the ground, let yourself sleep in her bed?
This is also possible.
After all, Yvette has changed a lot about himself now. It is also a pleasure to be able to sleep with Yvette, but…
The police station just called and said that a car was found in the suburbs, which seemed to be abandoned. After someone called the police, he found Chuck’s phone number through the license plate number and called.
Chuck now has to go to the police station to explain something to prove that he is not in the sea market these few days. He has gone to the capital, and Chuck still has the round-trip ticket.
After arriving at the police station, Zelda continued to wait for Chuck in the car.
Chuck explained the situation. When he saw his car, he was speechless. It was stolen. It didn’t matter if he drove to the suburbs. Even all the valuable things on the car, including four tires, were removed. Is this a robbery?
How the hell did this steal? Chuck really couldn’t figure it out. The police said it was stolen by a group of people who used high-tech computers to open the lock. The police will immediately investigate.
This car can only be reported for insurance. Chuck immediately contacted Charlotte and explained the situation. Charlotte explained that he would ask someone to drag the car over.
Chuck admitted that he was unlucky, but the driving permits in the car were taken away, and Chuck was speechless. He felt that this might not be a simple act of stealing the car. Otherwise, what would he do with the driving permit?
Coming out of the police station, Chuck was depressed.
Zelda was curious, and after inquiring about it, he couldn’t laugh or cry. He comforted Chuck a few words, and drove Chuck back.
After arriving home, Chuck said, “Thank you Sister Zelda…”
The two looked at each other.
Zelda looked at him, couldn’t help looking down, and asked, “Do you want to?”
Of course Chuck understands the meaning of these words, but Yvette has changed a lot about herself, so if she does this, is she really cheating?
“No, no, there was a solution just now, there was a solution,” Chuck could only say that.
“You, didn’t you just take less than five minutes? It takes time to take the elevator, open the door, and go downstairs. You’re done?” After Zelda was surprised, he felt normal.
After all, she has helped Chuck twice, knowing the time…
Chuck blushed, what is Zelda talking about!
Is he really that bad? Must fitness! Chuck vowed that this is the dignity of a man and must be upheld.
“Sister Zelda, don’t talk about it.” Chuck wanted to find a seam and got in.
Zelda smiled, and couldn’t help but ask, “Does she have a joke on you?”
Chuck was speechless, shook his head and said no, he was also nervous, what if Yvette laughed at himself?
“Well, you are normal, don’t worry, I checked it online, it’s much faster than you, don’t think about it.” Zelda said.
This “quick” made Chuck face red, is he boasting or despising himself? “Sister Zelda, don’t say anything.”
“Okay, I won’t say anything. I want to tell you that I don’t mind your time.” Zelda was serious and serious.
She deliberately checked the Internet and said that it should not be stressful. The greater the pressure, the more you look down on, then you will only fall into a vicious circle. You must know that young boys who have not contacted girls will encounter problems. After this time, they will More and more normal.
She didn’t want the young Chuck to lose confidence because of this. After all, Chuck has a good figure and has a bit of muscle, and he will be well in a while.
Chuck was a little moved. Where can I find such a good woman? He wants to go home with Zelda now, or RaZelda into his home.
“Since I don’t want to, then I will go back.” Zelda said.
But she was disappointed in her heart. She sighed. Her mother wanted her to take Chuck back to her hometown. She was entangled, what should she do?
Nothing happened overnight. Charlotte called and said that he had called for insurance. He went to the police station to tow and went to the 4s shop. After busying early in the morning, it was finally settled. The car can be picked up in a few days, Chuck In fact, Ce still had another sports car, which was parked in front of the store, and he thought that he should be driving out to play.
“How about eating together.” Charlotte said.
Chuck still has to go to school. There is Yvette’s class in the afternoon. He is about to prepare for the exam.
“Well, let’s eat together next time,” Charlotte said.
Chuck left the 4s shop and took the car to school. When Charlotte looked at Chuck who was going away, she suddenly had an idea…
Chuck arrived at school in the afternoon, just in time for Yvette to enter the classroom. Yvette looked at Chuck, “Come in, don’t be late.”
The voice is gentle, the whole class is dumbfounded, isn’t Yvette looking down on Chuck the most? Why are you talking so softly now?
Chuck was delighted. He sat on the seat, and Queenie’s eyes were red next to her. She had encountered something, but Chuck’s whole mind was on Yvette, and Queenie did not find any abnormality.
get out of class is over!
Taking advantage of no one, Chuck went to the parking lot and waited for Yvette. She also had to go to the square. Yvette walked over all the way. After seeing Chuck, she opened the car door and Chuck sat in.
When Yvette drove, Chuck took her hand.
“Don’t move, I’m driving!” Yvette is serious, and you can’t joke while driving.
Chuck had no choice but to let it go. Everyone went to the square, Yvette went to the company, and Chuck went to find Yolanda, but when he got out of the parking lot, Chuck couldn’t help touching her, Yvette’s face immediately blushed. , But Chuck has run away, Yvette has no choice but to think all day.
Chuck told Yolanda about the movie coming over here. Yolanda was surprised and pleasantly surprised, “This is a chance to show up in the square!”
Chuck nodded, but director Erica Yannic, the heroine, hadn’t called yet. He talked to Yolanda for most of the day. Seeing the time was almost up, Chuck went upstairs to find Yvette. Chuck must live with her tonight. Home, but after arriving, I saw Queenie actually crying with her arms around Yvette.
Chuck was surprised. What happened?
Yvette winked at Chuck and told him not to come in. Chuck nodded and waited and waited outside. After 11 o’clock, Yvette came out with comforted Queenie.
After Queenie saw Chuck, she lowered her head and said nothing. Yvette asked Queenie to wait. She nodded and Yvette walked up to Chuck, “What are you doing? Why don’t you go back to rest?”
“What’s wrong with her?” Chuck was concerned.
“Something happened to her house, don’t ask too much, you go back soon, I will take Queenie to my house to rest tonight.” Yvette said, it was too late, she could only do this, after all, she liked Queenie a lot.
“No, I want to go too!” Chuck said.
Yvette glared at Chuck, “What are you going to do? Queenie lives in my house and I have only one bed. What are you going to do?”
“I sleep on the sofa, sleep on the floor, you make arrangements for me,” Chuck thought happily. He didn’t want to touch Queenie, but touching Yvette under Queenie’s eyelids, wouldn’t it be a good thing?

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