My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 126

Yvette was helpless, with a serious tone, “Don’t be fooling around!”
how can that be? Even if she is willing, Queenie is not willing, besides, Queenie still doesn’t know her relationship with Chuck!
How is this possible? A female teacher took the male student back, how much influence it spread out.
“Don’t make trouble, go back by yourself, isn’t Zelda waiting for you at home?” Yvette said.
“That house really belongs to me.” Chuck was speechless.
“Yes, did they buy it for you right?” Yvette looked at Chuck with his eyes.
Chuck sighed and shook his head, “You can do whatever you like, anyway, I am going home with you today.”
“No, Queenie and I go home without your place.” Yvette was determined.
But seeing Chuck not speaking, she was really helpless, remembering when she wanted to coax him when she was young, she hesitated and then whispered, “Chuck, stop making trouble, you will scare her, tomorrow, tomorrow you go My house is fine, is this all right?”
Chuck laughed. Is this Yvette’s compromise?
But the thoughts in his mind just got stronger and stronger. If you really touch Yvette under Queenie’s eyes, there are really only two words that can be described, that is “stimulation.”
“Today, it must be today,” Chuck said.
“I’m angry if you do this again.” Yvette was serious.
“I will follow when I am angry,” Chuck smiled.
He now knows Yvette’s temper. She won’t take the initiative, she must be forced to do it, and she can’t regress, otherwise there will be absolutely no chance today.
Chuck doesn’t have to do that, just touch her. Seeing the opportunity today, he absolutely can’t let it go and force her step by step.
Yvette sighed, and she glanced at Chuck bitterly, “How did you tell me to tell Queenie?”
“Just say I don’t have a place to live. I live on the sofa today. Queenie won’t talk about today’s affairs. Don’t worry,” Chuck said.
Yvette was silent, “Well, if she disagrees, you can go home for me immediately, have you heard?”
Chuck nodded and succeeded. Queenie has such a good personality that he will not refuse.
Yvette walked to Queenie’s side. In fact, Queenie just saw Chuck talking with Yvette, she found it strange. Now Yvette walked over and simply said that Chuck had no place to live.
Queenie was surprised. She looked at Chuck. Does Chuck want the teacher to help him and let him pursue himself today?
Queenie was a little surprised, but when she thought of her family’s affairs, she was suddenly in a mood.
She would not think about Yvette as Chuck’s wife.
“You sleep with the teacher, and Chuck sleeps on the sofa.” Yvette said.
After hesitating, she nodded. Why would Chuck buy the teacher and pull this red line?
Chuck saw Queenie nod his head, his eyes stared at Yvette’s figure, especially her round hip line, today… it should be his own.
Seeing Chuck’s wretched gaze, Yvette’s expression was unnatural, and he glared at Chuck, but he couldn’t help Chuck. He had prepared for it for ten years, so what would he see?
It’s just this look that makes Yvette’s scalp numb.
“Then go down.” Yvette took Queenie downstairs, and Chuck followed.
It’s not the first time I got into Yvette’s car, but this time Chuck is very nervous about looking forward to it. After all, it’s been more than ten years, and I’m finally going to touch Yvette today. Chuck feels that this kind of tension cannot be suppressed anymore. .
And Queenie in the car secretly watched Chuck, why did he laugh so strangely? Is that kind of thing in his mind?
In fact, when she sang last time, Queenie regretted it a little bit. She thought that she should help Chuck at that time, but… No, Chuck didn’t say anything to her during this period. Of course, it was because Chuck had less time to come to school. Is this Chuck angry because of what happened last time?
So tonight… it’s just that Queenie is particularly curious, how did Chuck convince Yvette? After all, when Yvette was in school, he was always not good to Chuck.
Maybe it’s the reason why the relationship between the two suddenly got better, Queenie thought purely.

It’s just that this scene was seen by Lara who came out of her store. She was surprised, why would Chuck’s hanging silk be with Yvette and also with Queenie? What’s happening here?
Could it be that Chuck did something to Queenie, who happened to be seen by Yvette? She knew that Yvette cared about Queenie a lot. It should be that Chuck himself was a hanging silk girl, and she really found a hanging silk girl, and the two matched them!
Lara called her cousin contemptuously. She was almost ready in the store just now, and she looked like it would open tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
But her cousin Charlotte did not answer. She was puzzled. During the day, when she called her cousin, she said that there was a problem with the car ratio and she was going to deal with it. Whose car is this?
Lara can only put her mobile phone away and take a taxi back to school, but after getting on the bus, she continues to send messages to the “Baller” and ask every day. This is her habit, but the “Baller” still ignores herself. What happened here?
Lara is a little sad…

Soon he arrived downstairs where Yvette lived. Yvette took them upstairs. Chuck pretended to have never been there before and followed in…
“Sofa!” Yvette made a loud voice, Chuck nodded, immediately sat down, pretending to be going to bed, waited until midnight, Chuck felt happy in his heart.
Queenie was taken to the room by Yvette, “You take a shower first, and when we two sleep, when we go to the bathroom at night, remember to lock the door, don’t you know?”
Queenie nodded, but, locked the door, then why did Chuck come in and call himself?
Queenie went to take a bath, and soon came out, Yvette also went in to wash, after coming out, dressed tightly, asked Chuck to take a bath?
“No.” Chuck shook his head. He was afraid that he would enter the bathroom and smell the scent of two people. He would entertain himself.
“I don’t like cleaning! Go to bed early, don’t think about it!” Yvette hummed and locked the door.
The two of them lay on the bed to sleep. Yvette was tired, so he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Queenie couldn’t sleep.
Chuck cautiously came over and twisted the door lock, but it was reversed. Chuck muttered, is it a waste of time tonight?
Chuck wanted to cry without tears.
He sighed, and fell asleep when he walked over to the sofa. In the middle of the night, Queenie got up to go to the bathroom and saw Chuck who was asleep. She blushed, because a man, young, you know everything you know about sleeping at night. , He didn’t actually cover the quilt.
Queenie watched for a few seconds and did not dare to watch again. She went back to sleep after going to the toilet in a low voice. She closed the door, thinking that Chuck should be asleep. There was no need to lock it up. She was actually a little expectant in her heart, Chuck Sneak in, then take yourself out.
But she fell asleep. She closed her eyes while lying on the bed. When she slept in a daze, she suddenly felt someone walking next to her, and she touched her hand. Queenie was frightened.
This is Chuck? ? Why is it so bold, the teacher is still sleeping next to him! Queenie felt that his heart was about to jump out.
She bit her lip and continued to pretend to sleep, but Chuck’s hand was too disgusting. He… Queenie didn’t dare to move. If Yvette wakes up, then I don’t know what Yvette will do?
Chuck was stunned. He finally met Yvette. He heard the sound of closing the door just now. He immediately ran over to open the door tentatively, but it didn’t lock. Is this Yvette giving him a chance?
Chuck just wanted to laugh, he still has a little delay? He promptly opened the door and walked in, but it was dark. Chuck remembered that Yvette likes to sleep on the left side, so he simply went to the left side and…
However, Chuck feels wrong, why is it different? Yvette has such a good figure, absolutely thirty-six d, how…
Is it wrong? Chuck felt that his scalp was numb, so he actually touched Queenie? This scared him to cry out, he stopped immediately, tiptoed out of the bed, and then prepared to go out, but one hand grabbed him.
Chuck almost called out.
Queenie is actually awake? Chuck turned his head with a numb scalp, and saw Queenie had opened her eyes. She gently got off the bed and walked over and whispered to Chuck, “I’ll help you…”

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