My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 127

Chuck was stunned. How could Queenie, who has always been quiet, say such things to herself so proactively?
This is what Chuck hadn’t expected to kill.
Could it be that when I touched her just now, what did she have? Maybe.
Queenie cast a glance at Yvette who was sleeping on the bed, bit his lip, and touched it directly.
Chuck was terrified. The two times he and Zelda had made Chuck feel guilty enough.
When Zelda took the initiative to mention it yesterday, Chuck did not agree. He felt sorry for Yvette for that, not to mention that he was still in Yvette’s room now?
Is Yvette still asleep? ?
Chuck wanted to do something to Yvette under Queenie’s eyes, but not to do something with Queenie under Yvette’s eyes.
This is not exciting, this is frightening! !
Chuck hurriedly shook his head, but Queenie had already begun. He was trembling with fright. He kept staring at Yvette who was sleeping, for fear that she would suddenly wake up. If Yvette caught him, it would be over. It will definitely be over…
Chuck didn’t dare to come out, staring at Yvette on the bed, every move…
Three minutes later…
Queenie stood up and took Chuck to walk outside. She closed the door gently and went to the bathroom.
Sitting on the sofa, Chuck felt too guilty.
When he entered just now, he already had an idea. As soon as Queenie took the initiative, Chuck really couldn’t refuse.
However, Chuck sighed.
Queenie came out of the bathroom, the light was very dim, and Chuck could still see Queenie blushing, very shy.
The time she had just now was an indescribable time for her. Why did she feel that she suddenly became so bold?
Maybe, she thinks she really likes Chuck.
She sat next to Chuck and whispered, “I did this for the first time. It was not very good. I hope you don’t mind. I will improve next time.”
Chuck looked at Queenie’s bright eyes in the dark, so simple and deep, her eyes were shy, but her eyes were firm, as if her last words “I will improve next time”, she would really be here. To work hard.
Chuck sighed, how should he face Yvette? How to face Queenie?
“Is it uncomfortable? Are you angry?” Queenie was cautious.
When she was in the square last time, she saw the distance between her and Chuck. She was a little inferior. Once the two became friends because the family was not very good, but now Chuck has changed.
It is not that Queenie does not want Chuck to be good, but that there is a big gap, she will feel inferior.
Chuck shook his head, feeling that Queenie was simple, “No.” Chuck said.
Queenie breathed a sigh of relief. She blushed and whispered, “Actually, you just made me feel a lot, or…”
Chuck was silent.
Queenie is simple and beautiful. His body is not like Yvette’s bumpy and plump body, but his legs are beautiful and his skin is super good. That kind of symmetrical feeling is particularly charming.
Chuck has been sitting with her, how could he not know this?
In fact, occasionally, Chuck can still see something through the cuffs when Queenie wears short sleeves in the summer. Chuck has a general understanding of her figure, and also quite a deep understanding.
No way, at that time Chuck was hanging silk. When he saw the spring scene, he would pretend not to watch a saint?
Now, it’s almost the same. He will look at beautiful women. This is the nature of men.
“Teacher Jordan will wake up later,” Chuck whispered. His scalp has been tense for more than ten minutes, and his body is tight. In fact, it is not comfortable for him, most of which are suffering.
He was afraid that Yvette would suddenly wake up and lose his temper. He could imagine how disappointed Yvette would be when he saw this scene, but…
“Ah? That’s right.” Queenie felt nervous when she thought of this. She looked back at the door of the room, and she didn’t dare to speak anymore.
“Then go back to sleep.” Queenie said.
She was also afraid that Yvette would wake up. She actually wanted to pull Chuck out just now, but when she was in the dormitory, her roommate said that men like stimulation. The more nervous they are, the more stimulation, so she just was there. The room is fine.
Now I remembered that Queenie was scared. If Yvette woke up just now, would she really not know what to do? After all, it was Yvette who believed that she brought her home.
Chuck nodded and asked in a low voice what happened to her house? If it’s money, he can help, after all what happened just now…
Even if there is nothing just now, Chuck will help. Queenie shook his head, “I did what I just did, not asking you to help me.”
Chuck understands that she is very simple, “I know, tell me what’s wrong with your family? If you talk about money, I can…”
Queenie’s eyes were red, and she was already inferior. She was worried that Chuck would misunderstand and think that what she did just now was for Chuck to help her.
However, she didn’t have any thoughts on the aspect just now.
“Then let’s not talk about it, you go to bed earlier.” Chuck was helpless, he saw that Queenie was about to cry.
Chen Qingping let out a sob and held her breath. She walked into the room cautiously. Chuckxin was suspended. After more than ten seconds, there was no voice from Yvette. Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. Yvette was really tired. , Otherwise I wouldn’t sleep so dead, but am I a thief?
So sneaky.
Chuck just lay down to sleep, but then he became nervous because Yvette’s dumb voice came from inside, “Huh?”
It sounds like a stretch.
She then opened the door and came out. Chuck quickly closed his eyes. He heard Yvette go to the bathroom, but there was Yvette’s muttering voice inside, “Why didn’t Queenie flush the toilet? The paper is in it?”
These words scared Chuck almost out, Queenie, how scared are you? That’s right, if you flushed just now, wouldn’t Yvette wake up?
But Yvette didn’t say much. After she used the toilet herself, she flushed out and Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Yvette didn’t think about it.
Chuck thought that Yvette would go back to the room and continue to sleep. After all, it was still early, but Chuck smelled the scent of Yvette’s body. She actually walked towards her. Chuck was so scared to death. Could it be that Jordan was in the toilet just now? What did Yvette find?
Chuck complained and could only continue to pretend to sleep. Yvette didn’t see it just now.
“How old are you, you don’t have to cover your stomach when you sleep, and you have diarrhea when you want to wake up in the morning?” Yvette’s voice is very gentle, very light, and very small.
Soon, Chuck felt a blanket on his stomach. Yvette turned back to his room and heard the sound of closing the door. After a few minutes, Chuck opened his eyes and saw the blanket on his chest. , Chuck felt even more guilty…

Chuck didn’t know how he fell asleep. In the morning, it was Yvette who came to call. Chuck woke up. Everyone cleaned up in the morning. Yvette simply sat for breakfast. Everyone ate. Queenie lowered his head. Dare to look at Chuck, when she woke up, she felt more and more that she was not her last night, too bold.
Chuck couldn’t look at her even more. If Yvette found something was wrong, it would suffer.
After breakfast, everyone followed Yvette out. Chuck and Queenie got into Yvette’s car. Halfway through, Yvette stopped, took out 10,000 yuan, and gave it to Queenie. Cried.
Chuck was silent because of money.
“Why are you crying? The girl has to rely on her own,” Yvette comforted, she couldn’t get much money by herself. After all, she still had to pay back 500,000 “Ballers”, but she was very sympathetic to Queenie, so she gritted her teeth and took out 10,000. .
“Thank you teacher, I will return it to the teacher.” Queenie cried.
“It’s okay,” Yvette continued to drive, but directly sent Queenie to the bus station. The exam was about to be taken these days. Yvette told her to come back tomorrow night.
Queenie nodded, and she ran in crying. Chuck was a little worried. It would be fine if she needed money. She looked like she was not enough. Chuck sighed. Yvette watched Chuck stare at Queenie who was going away. She Snorted softly, “Do you want to chase in?”

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