My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 128

Hearing what Yvette said, Chuck naturally shook his head in embarrassment. He was just worried about Queenie. After all, something like that happened to the two of them last night…
Chuck sighed with guilt in his heart and didn’t know what to do with Queenie, but he looked at Yvette’s eyes and Chuck decided that he couldn’t do anything to sorry Yvette anymore.
Because Yvette was finally able to change his mind, he couldn’t let Yvette down again.
“Go to school?” Yvette asked.
Exams are coming these days, of course I have to go to school.
Yvette drove, and Chuck secretly sent a message to Queenie, asking her to directly say if she needed money, Queenie returned a favor.
But Chuck was still worried, so he sent a message to Betty and asked her to help find out what happened to Queenie’s house? Betty quickly replied, “Okay, master,”
Chuck felt relieved.
After arriving at the school, Yvette parked the car.
Chuck saw Yvette’s gloomy look, and Chuck didn’t bother him, but Yvette might be too worried, so he forgot that Chuck was still in the car.
Chuck was curious. She saw Yvette holding a mobile phone with a WeChat interface and a chat history with a “Baller”. She seemed to be thinking about what to say.
Chuck remembered that when Yvette asked him to borrow money, he said that he would pay it back in ten days. Is Yvette worrying about money?
Probably not. She didn’t seem to spend much money on going to the capital this time?
Chuck is helpless, Yvette, you call your husband so well, so can you still use the 500,000?
“My wife, did I get out of the car?” Chuck said.
“Well, you go to the classroom first, don’t you know?” Yvette sighed and put away the phone.
That necklace cost her more than 400,000 yuan. She doesn’t have that much money now, but she doesn’t mean to delay time. She must pay back the money. After all, integrity is very important.
Chuck opened the door and went down, but walked to the driver’s seat of Yvette and asked, “Wife, see you being unhappy, what happened?”
“No, you go back to the classroom first.” Yvette shook his head.
Chuck was helpless and had to go to the classroom by himself.
But halfway through, Chuck’s phone rang, and when he opened it, it turned out to be Yvette’s WeChat, which roughly means that the money will be paid back at the agreed time.
It seems that Yvette is really worried about this matter, so don’t worry if Chuck returns.
Yvette’s return to honesty is important, and I will return it to you when the time is up.
Chuck was speechless and ignored her.
After arriving in the classroom, Chuck saw that Lara was handing out flyers, which meant that her store would open tomorrow, and everyone would join in, and everyone in the class was free, as long as you collected likes.
When she sang in the square last time, Lara was very popular, so her flyer came out. Everyone envied Lara even more, saying that Lara is the big boss, and he wants to treat him to dinner if he makes money.
Lara patted her chest and said that there was no problem. She was held in her arms. Lara was in a good mood, but when she saw Chuck coming in, she walked over with a hum.
“Yes, don’t say I have something good that I don’t want to hit you. You can scan this code on WeChat and collect ten likes to get a cup of milk tea.” Lara handed Chuck a leaflet with a code on it.
Chuck shook his head, so he took out WeChat, didn’t it just let Lara know that he was a Baller?
“You give it to others.” Chuck said.
“Are you sick? Ask you to scan the code and give you a cup of milk tea for free? Don’t you want to pretend to be something?” Lara was annoyed. Didn’t this prevent her from coming to the stage?
Chuck frowned.
“Chuck doesn’t have WeChat? There is no him in the class,”
“Really? I just noticed this. What age is this, and there is no WeChat.”
“What about it? You have to collect ten likes to get milk tea. Are there ten people in his WeChat?”
“Haha, I guess not. No one in our class added him. Where can he come from so many people?”
The people in the class suddenly ridiculed, they haven’t seen Chuck on WeChat.
“You don’t even have ten people, do you?” Lara was disdainful, so she didn’t dare to take out her mobile phone to scan the code? Afraid of being discovered.
Chuck was too lazy to take care of her and walked directly to her seat. Lara snorted and walked to Chuck, “You open your WeChat and let us see how many people are in it, and I will give you fifty yuan. How about the money?”
“Haha, that’s a good idea. Everyone bet, I guess, he has up to ten people on WeChat.”
“I guess seven!”
“Haha, one! He adds himself?”
The whole class roared with laughter and mockery.
“Don’t you dare to do this?” Lara sneered. She was really unhappy with Chuck. Without Chuck, would she be beaten last time?
“One hundred, I give one hundred, you open WeChat,” Lara continued.
Chuck ignored her and sat down, and the class was about to begin.
Lara disdain.
“Haha, I don’t dare to do this, how embarrassing is this?”
“Of course it’s a shame. There are no people on WeChat. Isn’t that shameful enough?”
The people in the class continued to mock, how could they miss this good opportunity?
Lara proudly gave the flyers to others, “Some people, it’s shameful, really shameful, I can’t collect ten likes…How come there are such hanging threads?”
At this time Yvette came in and Lara gave the flyer to Yvette, “Teacher, my store will open tomorrow. You can scan the code for me. If you collect ten likes, you will have milk tea tomorrow.”
“Okay,” Yvette took out his mobile phone and quickly scanned the code. This is what the students were waiting for, and soon there were hundreds of likes.
Lara smiled, “Teacher, your collection of likes is really fast, but some people are afraid to show it on WeChat, afraid of others laughing?”
“Who?” Yvette was surprised.
“Chuck, I just asked him to show WeChat to everyone. He didn’t dare. I guess he was the only one in his WeChat,” Lara said with a smile.
Yvette frowned, and she glanced at Chuck who was sitting in the corner, “How many people are in his WeChat, what does it matter to you?”
“Teacher…” Lara blushed, and she couldn’t get off the stage. Why would Yvette, who has always been arguing with Chuck, help Chuck speak nice things? The whole class was also surprised and admired Chuck even more. What’s the matter? Yolanda, the school girl, came to look for him before, but now even Yvette, the most beautiful teacher among the teachers, speaks for him?
There is nothing good about this policy, just hang a silk.
“Class is now!” Yvette was serious.
Lara walked to her seat in disgrace, and stared at Chuck with a light snort. Chuck ignored her and took out her phone directly to send a message to Lara. Are you so awesome? Chuck smiled.
“Where?” Chuck asked.
Chuck almost laughed when he saw Lara sneaking out the phone and was surprised.
“Baller, you finally paid attention to me, ooh, surprise, surprise!! I’m in class!” Lara replied.
“Class? Then take a video of the class to show me.”
“it is good.”
After Lara returned like this, she secretly filmed the video with her mobile phone, and it was soon transmitted. Chuck took a look. Lara turned the classroom around, but did not take a picture of herself. How disgusting she is ?
And finally, he patted his chest specially, which was showing off, and Chuck responded directly, “Why don’t you have any handsome guys in your class?”
“It’s all a bunch of hanging silks, there are no handsome guys.” Lara replied, she wouldn’t praise others for being handsome in front of the “Ballers”.
“Baller, where are you? I’ll go find you now. I’m very bored,” Lara continued.
But she felt the feeling of worrying about her. In the past few days, the “Baller” ignored her, she felt that she was broken in love, especially lost. She couldn’t sleep well at night, and now the “Baller” finally took care of her, she should seize the opportunity .
“You don’t need to find me. My company is doing activities now, and I want to join some groups for promotion. You can pull me into your class group. The more people, the better…” Chuck typed out. Ready to click send, he smiled.
After joining the group, I will let the whole class look at your photos, and there are all kinds of angles, so it’s hard to see you.
“Teacher, I saw Chuck playing with his mobile phone!” A classmate sneered, and suddenly stood up to report to Yvette. He was proud that Teacher Jordan was speaking for you? Well, I will let Teacher Jordan hate you again!
Chuck almost scolded her mother. He hurriedly turned off his mobile phone. The whole class turned back, including Yvette and Lara. Lara laughed, “Dangsi, playing on mobile phones in class, are you entering that kind of website? nausea!”
Yvette frowned and looked at him, Chuck was instantly nervous, Yvette was about to confiscate his mobile phone, so would the “Baller” be aware of her?

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