My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 129

“Chuck, pay attention next time!” Yvette said and continued to lecture.
She didn’t pursue the meaning of someone playing with her mobile phone in her class, let alone ask Chuck what she was playing.
The people in the class were dumbfounded, and the boy who reported Chuck just now was even more shocked.
Lara looked at Chuck in surprishat’s up? Teacher Yvette Jordan didn’t pursue it? You should know that people who used to play on mobile phones in her class went out directly, but Chuck was okay. The sentence “pay attention next time” passed? ?
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, his wife is still biased towards him, it seems that the worry just now is unnecessary. Chuck glanced at the boy who reported the report and also glanced at the other classmates in the class. They were all surprised, and Chuck smiled inside.
Surprised? If you know that Yvette, the most beautiful teacher in the school, is your wife, you will probably be shocked!
“What are you still looking at? Class is in!” Yvette was serious, his voice cold.
The other students could only turn their heads and whispered something.
“Fuck, Chuck got lucky? Teacher Yvette Jordan actually protected him?”
“It’s true that his mother is unhappy with him!”
They murmured, but Yvette, who was standing on the podium, heard these words and his eyes became cold, “Is there still to be done?”
The class is silent!
“Teacher, I’m not convinced! You let me go out last time I played on the phone, why is Chuck okay this time?” A classmate stood up bravely.
Other students are not happy anymore.
Chuck is angry, this kid, Yvette is my wife, why did your mother say I’m okay? Wife must not protect her husband? Is this justified?
“Teacher, I was wrong. I will never play with my mobile phone in class anymore. I’ll go out.” Chuck could only stand up. He didn’t want Yvette to be embarrassed.
“Chuck! Sit down for me! It’s almost taking an exam, do you want to run around?” Yvette glared at Chuck, his voice a little worried.
Chuck was helpless.
“Student Wang Tao, the reason why I didn’t punish him was because he was about to take an exam. Delaying one class would affect him a little. Chuck is also your classmate. Do you think he can’t make it through?” Yvette’s tone eased, his voice Take a discussion.
This classmate could only sit down, and Chuck secretly gave Yvette a thumbs up, his wife was really good.
Yvette breathed a sigh of relief and asked Chuck to stand out. What a shame, he was his husband.
She was unwilling to say, “Well, continue to class, if anyone plays on the phone again, don’t blame me for being polite!”
Chuck chuckled lightly. He sat down, but he was curious, what on earth was Yvette’s “you’re welcome?”
Yvette said that, Chuck must not be able to continue playing mobile phones, but he saw Lara still playing secretly, probably sending himself WeChat.
That’s the end of a class, Yvette hurriedly went to the office, probably trying to find a way for half a million.
Chuck took out his mobile phone and prepared to send the WeChat message just now, making Lara so awesome! Let all classmates look at your fruit photos and see if you still have a bitter face!
But Lara actually left in a hurry. It is estimated that she was going to the store to prepare for the opening tomorrow. Chuck hesitated and clicked to send.
Lara, who went out soon, responded
Baller wait a minute, I have many groups, I have groups in the school, I will pull you in right away!
Soon, Lara really sent a few invitations, all of which were a large group of hundreds of people. Chuck hesitated and clicked to join.
They are all school groups, and several groups have more than 2,000 people. If this is to send a photo of Lara, then Lara will really “become famous overnight” in the school.
Chuck picked a fruit photo and prepared to forward it.
However, because of Chuck’s WeChat name, many students ridiculed that the “Baller” sent a red envelope.
What do you call “Ballers” if you don’t issue red envelopes!
Anyway, many people ridiculed their voices and forced Chuck to issue red envelopes.
But I didn’t expect Lara to give out a red envelope when she was suddenly angry? What does he owe you?
Are they too poor to eat? Ask others for alms, right?
Anyway, I scolded Chase, and several classmates and Lara started to scold him on WeChat.
Chuck was a little surprised to see this.
“Thou tyrant, ignore them, they are just white-eyed wolves, don’t give out red envelopes, it’s not worth it,” Lara sent a message again alone.
Chuck thought about going, and Lara was still talking to herself. He felt that doing so would punish Lara too much. If the whole school saw her pictures alone, would that make Lara collapse? It may be possible for Lara to commit suicide.
Thinking of this, Chuck decided to temporarily give up sending Lara’s fruit photos.
Forget it, let you go first.
Chuck was about to put the phone away, Lara sent a few more group links, and asked if Chuck was enough, and she still had it.
Chuck is speechless, this girl trusts herself so much?
Ignoring her, he saw that there was no class in the afternoon, so he was about to go to the square. He left the classroom and glanced at Yvette’s office from a distance. Chuck hesitated and did not go over.
He sent Yvette to WeChat and said directly that he would not pay the 500,000 yuan.
But Yvette didn’t reply, and didn’t know what he was doing.
Chuck was helpless. He took the car to the square. At night, Yvette called directly and asked Chuck to go back by car. She was not in the square today. Chuck asked what she was doing? Yvette didn’t say much.
Chuck could only go back by car. The second time Chuck went to class, Yvette was tired and seemed to have not slept all night. Chuck wanted to find a chance to ask her, but she left after class.
Chuck was helpless.
“Everyone, help me to join in, I invite everyone to sing k tonight!” Lara said loudly.
“it is good!”
“Definitely support Lara boss!” The classmates were happy, and packed their things and followed Lara to the square.
Chuck didn’t mean to join in. He went straight out. His car was not good, and Chuck didn’t drive the Porsche 911. He could only take the bus with everyone, which happened to be the same bus with his classmates.
“Hey, what is Chuck doing? Isn’t he not going?”
“Go and cheer for boss Lara?”
“The ghost knows, I didn’t like it, but I also want to drink a free cup of milk tea cheeky.”
“I guess so, I really like to take advantage of it!”
“Hey, Lara, Chuck has also joined you…” a classmate shouted to Lara.
Everyone laughed.
Lara glanced at Chuck and snorted, “It’s all classmates, let him have a drink, it doesn’t matter,”
But she doesn’t go with contempt in her heart? Pretend! Get slapped!
Chuck rolls his eyes. Can you go to the square to work? Who wants to drink your milk tea?
The car quickly arrived at the square, everyone got off, and the large group went to Lara’s shop. From a distance, it was really good. Lara’s design is very beautiful. If the taste is good, making money shouldn’t be a big problem.
Charlotte had been busy in it for a long time, and invited two employees to buy one get one free. The business was pretty good. There were some flower baskets at the door, which was a bit of an opening atmosphere.
The classmate looked at Chuck contemptuously, and said he couldn’t come again. He was really shameless for a cup of milk tea.
They ignored Chuck and went straight to the line.
Charlotte saw Chuck, she came out with the prepared milk tea in surprise, and delivered it to Chuck personally. Lara frowned, “What did your cousin do?”
“Chuck, try it,” Charlotte said directly to Chuck without commenting on Lara.
Chuck shook his head.
“Why give him a drink? He didn’t collect likes.?” Lara was annoyed.
“Lara, stop making trouble.” Charlotte sighed.
Chuck didn’t bother to pay attention to him, if Lara continued, she would immediately send fruit photos to make you popular.
“Hey, don’t say I’m stingy, tell me that business is booming, I’ll buy you this cup!” Lara said.
Chuck didn’t speak, and walked upstairs, Lara was annoyed, “What kind of pretense? Be careful to be dumped by Yolanda, hello!!!”
“Are you sick?” Chuck frowned.
“Do you dare to scold me? You…” Lara was on fire?
Charlotte hurriedly grabbed Lara, “What are you talking nonsense?”
“Originally, you thought Yolanda would really like him? He must be a spare tire, and a spare tire for hard work!” Lara said, the voice was loud, and it was supposed to be for Chuck, but Chuck ignored her.
Lara disdain, “Look, I said so, he doesn’t get angry, this is a spare tire like, he was used as a spare tire, and it was beautiful. I don’t know how much green Yolanda brought him. I hate it, the top of my head is blue, hehe…”

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