My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 131

Lara is really hot, what kind of card holder do I need for the gold card? Last time it was a party for the whole class. The whole class came. This time, more than a dozen people did not come. These more than ten people are still hanging silks. How could they be gold card holders?
The other students couldn’t figure it out. Everyone talked a lot. Isn’t this gold card holder Lara? Why are there other people?
When I came here last time, wasn’t it because of Lara’s boyfriend?
What has changed this time? And listening to the minister, is this gold card holder still his classmate?
Who could this be? Everyone knows how many catties there are in their class. What they want to do, besides Lara, who is eligible to be a gold card holder?
“The boy who came with you last time,” the minister said.
“Boy?” Lara was even more angry. The few that her mother didn’t come were all hanging silks. How could it be? This is how this minister deliberately made things difficult!
Charlotte was surprised, boy? ?
Everyone immediately talked about it.
“What? Boy? Let’s see who in the class hasn’t come yet?”
“Wang Hao, Chen Weijie, Li Wenzhi… just these few,”
“Are they? They are all poor at home, and the richest Wang Hao’s family just opened a small restaurant. How could it be them?”
“Yes, it’s definitely not them, but besides them, who else is there?”
“By the way, isn’t Chuck not here?”
“Yesterday, I can’t tell you, but the Chuck who came again today!?”
“Yes, it is him. He is shameless. Yesterday Lara asked him to scan the code, but he did not scan. Today, he came over to drink free milk tea with a cheeky face. I really have never seen such a shameless boy! Maybe it is? If he is, then I would rather believe that it is Chen Weijie!”
“Yes, I don’t believe it was him if I killed him! If he is a gold card holder, I will go to eat immediately! And eat three pounds! I did what he said!”
They whispered, they didn’t believe that the gold card holders who could waive the bill would be among them. They would rather believe that the Minister deliberately made things difficult!
Lara is really annoying. It’s more than 20,000. She has today’s turnover in her hands, plus a little bit of her own money. It is less than 6,000 yuan. Her cousin has no money anymore. After all, the decoration has come in. How could it be possible to spend more than 10,000?
If this is not free today, she doesn’t know what to do!
“You don’t know the name of this person?” Lara stared at him, Lara clenched her fists, she wanted to hit someone.
“I don’t know, but I know him.” The minister said. He had seen him at the front desk, but there was no one among the group of people today. They can still be sure of this.
“What does it look like? You mother said clearly!” Lara was annoyed!
Charlotte pulled Lara, who did she think of, could it be Chuck?
It should be. Chuck can spend more than two million to buy a BMW 7 Series. That strength is beyond doubt. Plus he happened to not come over, he must be the holder of the gold card!
“It’s the one with you the last time you smashed the red wine,” the minister said.
Lara was stunned, what! !
It’s him!
Chuck is the gold card holder? how can that be? !
Lara couldn’t believe it, she was already like a wooden chicken!
When the classmates saw Lara’s expression, everyone looked at each other. Lara knew who this person was?
“Lara? What smashed the red wine, what happened?”
“Lara, who is this gold card holder?”
“Tell us!”
Everyone said, Lara shook her head, recovered from the shock, it is absolutely impossible for him!
“You’re lying, it’s definitely not him!” Lara’s eyes were red, and she felt a big fire, don’t you just want to give me a waiver? Is it necessary to say one person out casually?
“You can call him to come over, if he can come, then this order can be avoided today!” the minister said.
Lara was really stunned, could it really be him? How is this possible? He is just hanging silk!
Last time it was the “Baller” who resolved the matter. Could it be that the “Baller” did not exempt the bill, but because of Chuck?
Her mother, how could it be because of Chuck? It’s because of Yolanda! Yolanda is the manager here. This ktv boss pleases Yolanda, so this gold card holder was originally given to Yolanda, but Chuck is Yolanda’s spare tire, so Chuck got out of shit luck!
It must be so!
Lara thinks this way, feels normal, even a spare tire can have a gold card? Really look down on Li, eat soft rice! !
“Lara, isn’t it…” Charlotte asked in a low voice, definitely Chuck, because only he has this ability!
Lara nodded, Charlotte was surprised, really!
“Lara, who is it?” a classmate couldn’t help asking.
Lara felt ashamed today, how could she say it? What a shame if a policy came over and said with a big mouth that he smashed the red wine last time and was scared to cry!
“Don’t ask, you go back first!” Lara said.
“Just tell us who it is. We are too curious. We didn’t expect that among our classmates, there are still people who can have a gold card for free. We don’t even know!” Another classmate asked, but also very envious.
“Yes, is it Wang Hao?”
“No, I think it’s Chen Weijie!”
“A few of them are possible. Anyway, I don’t believe that this person will be Chuck if he is killed! If he is, I will immediately go to eat!”
The students present expressed their opinions, some were puzzled and some were contemptuous.
“Is it annoying? You just keep it and you want to check it out, right?” Lara was annoyed, and it was shameful enough today. She said so many things for her mother to sing with these evil pens! If it was a few thousand dollars, wouldn’t she just grit her teeth and give it?
The more Lara thinks, the hotter she gets!
“Lara, why are you angry? This is what you said to treat us.”
“Yes, I don’t have any money. Forget it, let’s go. This person must be Chen Weijie. There is nothing curious about it.”
“Yes, I also think so, everyone is gone, gone…”
When these people heard that they had to pay the bill, they immediately walked outside in groups, and soon disappeared. Lara almost yelled, these white-eyed wolves!
“Wait a minute, I’ll call him!” Lara took out her mobile phone and found Chuck’s number. She gritted her teeth and couldn’t call.
“Cousin, you called him. By the way, do you have his phone number? I’ll give it to you.” Lara can only let Charlotte call and ask her to ask Chuck for the spare tire in a low voice. She really doesn’t willing.
Charlotte nodded, she took out her mobile phone and called Chuck.
Lara stared, and the minister and the front desk could only wait. When someone came, then the gold card could be used, depending on whether this person could come.
“Hey, Chuck? Where are you?” Charlotte asked in a low voice, she was particularly unassuming.
“The square, I haven’t left yet,” Chuck’s voice was in the phone.
Charlotte was guilty, he was still in the square, and singing did not call him.
“Anything?” Chuck asked.
“Yes, can you please come to the ktv in the square? I have something to ask you for help.” Charlotte said.
“Ktv? Okay, I’ll come over right away.”
Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief, she said thank you, and then hung up the phone.
“Cousin, how?” Lara asked.
“He said he will come right away,”
“It’s still right now? Where can I get there after half an hour?” Lara shook her head, a little impatient.
“He’s in the square.” Charlotte sighed, Lara’s attitude really made her helpless.
“Still in the square?” Lara frowned, “It must be waiting for Yolanda to get off work, so humble as a spare tire, so he can do it with this hanging silk.”
“do not talk……”
“Why didn’t I tell you? Do you know why he is a gold card holder? Isn’t it because of Yolanda?” Lara disdain.
“What nonsense are you talking about? People are very rich!” Charlotte was annoyed.
“Haha, he is rich? Cousin, he is so poor, you haven’t seen him eating soft food everywhere? How is this different from ducks?” Lara sneered. Chuck was rich? When others have spare tires, eating soft meals everywhere is called rich? If so, she can be rich at will!
“Stop talking, he’s here.” Charlotte hurriedly covered Lara’s mouth. Lara looked over and found that Chuck had walked in from outside, and Lara was impatient in her heart. Isn’t she just eating soft food?
“Hey, Chuck, you are the holder of this gold card?” Lara asked Chuck impatiently holding the gold card.

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