My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 132

Chuck took a look at Lara. He just received a call from Charlotte and said that he was going to come to KTV. Chuck understood that Lara must have asked her classmates to sing. It was too expensive to pay.
So let him come over. If Lara called just now, Chuck wouldn’t pay attention to her at all, but Charlotte’s voice was a little pleading. Chuck was softened, so he came.
After all, what should I say, although Chuck doesn’t have a good impression of Charlotte in that respect, Chuck thinks Charlotte is not bad, and he can be a friend.
“Lara, what is your attitude?” Charlotte saw Chuck coming in, she was relieved, but seeing Lara’s impatient appearance, she was really hot.
“Cousin, what are you doing? Why do you keep turning your elbow out?”
Lara was annoyed, she snorted, “Chuck, what am I asking you, are you the holder of this gold card?”
Before Chuck spoke, the ktv minister and the front desk came over respectfully and said very politely, “Hello, sir.”
Chuck nodded to him.
Lara was stunned, why did the minister and the front desk be so polite to this hanging silk?
Isn’t it the gold card that Yolanda got? Is it necessary?
Lara was disdainful, she wanted to flatter Yolanda!
You are shooting the wrong person!
“Since it’s yours, then you can handle it. My cousin and I are gone.”
Lara snorted, stuffed Jinka into Chuck’s hand, and then took Charlotte to leave.
Lara was annoyed in her heart. Didn’t you take it last time?
“Lara, it’s impossible to do this.” Charlotte helplessly, how could Chuck do this?
“Just leave it alone, let him do it,” Lara said.
“Wait!” Chuck said.
Lara stopped and stared at Chuck, “Why are you slow? Do you still want me to thank you? Okay, thank you head office?”
“Your thank you is not so valuable.” Chuck shook his head and walked to the front desk. He looked at the bill. It was more than 20,000. Just an impatient thank you?
“What do you want?”
Lara stared at Chuck, and she was too hot. She was really upset today. She opened happily and had a good business. She came out to celebrate, but she didn’t expect such a result!
The gold card in his hand is actually Chuck’s!
“I owe you?” Chuck asked.
Lara’s face turned red, “What are you pulling? What are you pretending to be? Isn’t it just a bullshit gold card? Without Yolanda, you can get this gold card? You are a soft rice man, still with me Acting in front of you! I am worthy of you when I let you solve it!”
“This beauty, please don’t insult our store’s gold card so much. Since our store opened, only three such gold cards have been given out! This gentleman is a VIP of our store!” Minister KTV walked over and said solemnly.
Lara glared at Minister, what shit Jinka? Why did you pretend to say only three? People like Chuck can have one. What kind of compelling can this be?
The minister ignored her and said to Chuck politely, “What do you mean?”
“Let her take care of it herself.” Chuck said.
The minister nodded.
Charlotte sighed, what else can we say?
Lara immediately became angry, “Chuck, you stinky silk, don’t you just want to pretend to be in front of me? Do you want me to beg you? I tell you, it’s impossible!”
“Lara, I don’t owe you, on the contrary you owe me.” Chuck said.
“I owe you? Are you funny?”
Lara sneered, what she thought of, she immediately dismissed, “Oh, I know, you still mentioned the last time? Do you want to sleep with me like that? But I don’t want to sleep for you, you are not qualified to touch Me, do you know? You are not qualified!”
“Lara, you are enough,” Charlotte couldn’t help it anymore. She had seen Chuck’s softness just now. It was all Lara’s attitude. Is this more than 20,000?
Chuck shook his head. He has no interest in Lara right now. Yvette accounts for a big reason. Another reason is that people like Lara, although they have a very good body, are very hot, but if this character is Chuck’s girlfriend , Chuck who doesn’t hit a woman will also hit her.
Chuck hates Lara very much now.
“Cousin, he just wants to pretend to be coercion. You really know what kind of person he is. After he picked up 20,000 yuan before, he would take several thousand yuan to open the presidential suite. What do you say is this pretending to be coercion? You want me to beg him, but I would beg him such a soft rice man?” Lara sneered.
“Enough!” Charlotte was particularly angry. “Are you going to end it? Apologize to Chuck!”
“Let me apologize to him? Impossible!” Lara shook her head, “Cousin, don’t worry, isn’t it more than 20,000 yuan? I’ll solve it…”
“What can you solve?” Charlotte glared at Lara.
“Don’t worry!” Lara said, and she said to Minister, “Don’t look at me like that, I will give you the money myself!”
“That’s the best.” The minister was expressionless.
Lara stared at Chuck again, “I ask you, you really want to continue to pretend not to give me a waiver, right?”
“I don’t owe you,” Chuck said.
“Okay, I remember what you said! But you don’t owe me? What did you bump into? Don’t forget, last time you broke a few bottles of red wine here, but I helped you solve it.” Lara snorted coldly. .
She gets angry when she thinks of it. If it wasn’t for me to help you solve it, how much would you lose?
Chuck frowned.
“You helped this gentleman solve it? Beauty, I think you have misunderstood.” The minister shook his head, and he handled the breaking of the wine. How could Lara solve it?
“What are you talking about? You!” Lara was on fire. It wasn’t her who contacted the “Baller,” and could that matter be resolved so easily?
“This gentleman broke the red wine by himself, and when you broke the red wine, it was 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, and this gentleman helped you solve it,” the minister said.
Lara was stunned with a bang, she immediately furious, “What did you say? He helped me solve it? I think you are always confused!”
How could it be solved by the “Baller”? Have a dime relationship with Chuck?
“If you don’t believe me, forget it. Anyway, if you break the red wine, if it wasn’t for this gentleman who told me to stop worrying about it, you would lose money at the time, and a lot of it!”
“Huh! You said I believed it?” Lara sneered, “My boyfriend did it, but it has nothing to do with him.”
“Your boyfriend?” Minister frowned, “Beauty, you were deceived? The matter could not be solved without this gentleman.”
“You were deceived!” Lara glared at him, “Now I will contact my boyfriend and ask him to call your boss and let your boss fire you!”
Lara took out her phone as she said, she immediately opened WeChat to send a message to the Baller, are you there? I want you to do me a favor.
Tyrant, can you talk to me? Please, I have encountered something, someone bullied me.
Tyrant, are you here, I really need you…
Lara sent a message by herself, but the “Baller” ignored her. Lara was sad and anxious. What happened last time was also ignored.
“Beauty, please check out!” the minister said solemnly.
“Don’t rush! Am I in the contact person?” Lara’s eyes turned red, and she sent another message to the “Baller”, but she did not reply yet.
“No need to post.” Chuck said calmly. At this time, Chuck didn’t want to hide it anymore.
“Are you laughing at me? What right do you have to laugh at me? My boyfriend is very busy, so I don’t have time!” Lara stared at Chuck, she really wanted to go to Chuck, you are still not a man. !
“Your boyfriend? I…”
“What am I? My boyfriend is so busy, why is it like you who hangs around all day long? He will return to me later.”
“I mean, I’m not your boyfriend!” Chuck shook his head.
“Are you sick? Who the hell is talking about you? Don’t be passionate. I mean my rich boyfriend. You don’t think you are like this. You deserve to be my boyfriend?” Lara was furious. Is this strategy shameless?
“Your boyfriend is a Baller?” Chuck asked.
“Yes, my boyfriend drives a BMW 7 series, of course he is a Baller. Do you know how much the BMW 7 series is? You can’t afford soft rice for a lifetime.” Lara sneered, she despised Zhang even more. Policy, only Ballers are worthy of me, what are you?
“I am a Baller.” Chuck said, looking at her.

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