My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 133

“Are you a Baller? Haha!”
Lara immediately laughed. Will Chuck be a Baller? He He……
Lara was instantly stunned as if struck by lightning. She lowered her voice and asked subconsciously, “What did you say? You are just a hanging wire, how could you…”
But before Lara finished speaking, Chuck took out the phone directly, clicked on WeChat and showed it to Lara.
In such a moment, Lara’s mind went blank for a moment. These photos are all photos of herself, in any posture, and the name on WeChat is really “Baller”!
Could it be that Chuck is the “Baller” who has been talking for so long? ?
How is this possible? He is just a hanging silk who has picked up money and is about to spend it immediately. How could he be a “Baller”?
The “Baller” car is a BMW 7-series with more than two million yuan, why Chuck can afford it!
At such a moment, Lara felt a strong sense of shame. She was annoyed to grab Chuck’s phone, but Chuck had expected it to put the phone in her pocket.
“Let me see it clearly, and you can show me your phone…” Lara shouted.
Charlotte was surprised. She didn’t see what was on Chuck’s phone, but only saw the WeChat interface. Is this a chat history?
Minister KTV and the front desk looked at each other, a little confused.
Of course Chuck would ignore her.
Lara’s eyes were red, and she yelled, “Are these “Ballers” sharing these with you?”
She prefers to believe that the “Baller” betrayed her and shared her photos with Chuck, and she is unwilling to believe that Chuck is the “Baller” she talked about.
The key is that Lara really likes this “Baller”. When she ignores her, Lara will worry about her and become uneasy. This is like, but she doesn’t like Chuck, she hates him, no like him!
At this moment, Lara felt broken. The person she had been worried about was Chuck? ?
“No, it’s me who you’ve been chatting with. You talked to me first, and you sent me photos first,” Chuck said.
“You!” Lara’s scalp was numb. The first photos were nothing but sexy photos, but later they were different. The scales became bigger and bigger, they were fruitful, and they showed their faces.
“So I am not your boyfriend. You are breaking red wine here. It is not me. You really want to lose money, so you owe me.” Chuck said.
Lara’s strong sense of shame made her blush, and she hurriedly pulled Charlotte, “Cousin, are you making a mistake? What I wanted was to buy a BMW 7 Series car, not his, not his. Not…”
Charlotte sighed, “It’s him, and he bought the car.”
The only glimmer of hope in Lara’s heart was shattered, “Cousin, how can you treat me this way? I sent him…”
“What did you send?” Charlotte sighed.
Lara can’t talk anymore, how can this be said? Did you tell your cousin that you sent Chuck a fruit photo?
What a shame?
“I don’t believe it, his car, where’s his car?” Lara asked.
“His car is repaired in our 4s shop.”
Lara sat on the ground, how could it be, how could it be…
She looked up at Chuck, regretting in her heart, the hanging silk she had always looked down upon was actually a Baller?
“You are dirty! You are shameless, you are dirty!” Lara shouted.
“You sent it to me yourself, and you said you want to eat with me, and you said you want to accompany me. This is what you said,” Chuck said, but he didn’t send her photos.
“You bastard!”
She got up from the ground and stared at Chuck and said, “I see, all your money is picked up, right? You said last time that you picked up two thousand yuan, but you actually picked up three or four million. wrong?”
She has known Chuck for so long, but he often eats, how could he have so much money to buy a BMW 7 Series at once? ?
“Do you think it’s possible?” Chuck looked at her.
Lara is angry, tens of thousands can be, but she does not believe in millions of her! But, his car… “I see, your car is not yours, it belongs to Yolanda, you take Yolanda’s car and pretend to be in front of me!”
She sneered, thinking it made sense, so how poor Chuck could afford to buy it? Definitely bought the car with Yolanda’s money, it’s really shameless! Actually pretend to be forced with other people’s money!
Chuck is also helpless, this woman is willing to find so many reasons, and is unwilling to believe that she is a “Baller”?
“Why don’t you have anything to say? I am right, right? You are just pretending to be forced by Yolanda’s money. You are a soft rice man!” Lara laughed, and she calmed down again.
“Do you think it’s possible?” Chuck shook his head.
“What’s the possibility, yes!” Lara said coldly.
“Lara, don’t say anything, he paid for the car himself.” Charlotte shook her head.
She handled the money personally. It was more than two million. Yolanda was just a square manager. It was possible to buy a car for two to three million, or even a car for four to five million, but how could he buy such an expensive car for Chuck?
This is too unreasonable.
“Cousin, absolutely!” Lara said, she was sure.
“Then you think so, right?”
Chuck turned around and left. He saw Lara enLoganled. He wanted to see how Yvette was.
“You stop! I told you to confess, you have no face to stay here anymore, so you want to leave?” Lara sneered.
Chuck turned his head, “You think I can’t afford a BMW 7 Series, right?”
“Yes, you just eat soft rice!” Lara sneered.
“That’s good! You wait!” Chuck walked out.
Lara was annoyed, “You look for a chance to escape, right? You shameless bastard. You are nasty!!”
Lara cried and cried suddenly. She felt very wronged. How could he be the “Baller” she likes?
No, no!
Lara could not accept this fact!
“Lara…” Charlotte came over to comfort her, Lara cried hard, Charlotte sighed, what happened to the two of them? Didn’t you hide your identity?
“Two, this bill!” The minister came over, Chuck didn’t say to him that he was exempt, he certainly couldn’t let Lara go.
“Here, here you are!” Lara took out the money in her pocket and threw it all on the table.
The front desk promptly shook his head and said it was not enough.
“It’s not enough for me to give it to you in a few days. There is a shop below me. Are you afraid that I might run away?” Lara wiped away tears.
The minister hesitated, he knew this.
“Well, send the remaining money within five days, or I will call the police to deal with it!” said the minister.
Lara cried and walked out with Charlotte. When she got downstairs, Charlotte couldn’t stop crying when she saw Lara. She comforted, “Don’t think too much, five days will be enough for us to pay back the remaining money. Up.”
“Cousin, woo…” Lara suddenly hugged Charlotte.
“What’s wrong?” Charlotte comforted.
“I, I talked with him for a long time, for a long time. Recently, I have him in my heart. I fantasize about him when I sleep at night. I like him. What should I do? What should I do?” Lara vented, she It really feels like this.
As long as Chuck returns the information, then she will be very happy, if not, she will be sad and lost… Isn’t this like it?
Charlotte froze, fell in love with him?
“Are you sure?” Charlotte sighed.
“I… I hate him, hate him, he is just a sling who pretends to be someone else’s money, I hate him. I hate him!” Lara shook her head, but tears came out.
Charlotte didn’t know how to console her.
“I was right, so he ran away. I don’t like him anymore. I don’t like him… He is a liar, he is not a Baller…” Lara cried.
Charlotte was about to talk, but at this time, suddenly on the quiet street, a roar from far and near came from afar. She was a car seller. Of course, it was the sound of a sports car.
Lara also looked over, and saw a sports car turning in from the street. It was a Porsche 911. She knew it. But after she saw the driver, she was as if struck by thunder. .
Charlotte was also stunned, surprised in her eyes.
The car stopped in front of them, the door opened, and Chuck walked out, “Didn’t you say that I can’t afford a BMW 7 Series? This car can buy two BMW 7 Series.”

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