My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 134

Lara was completely dumbfounded, she was as if she had been struck by lightning.
She thought that Chuck’s car was bought by Yolanda, and Chuck took it out to pretend to be forced, but now…Of course she knows this car, millions of dollars, can Yolanda afford such an expensive car?
Could it be said that Chuck is really a Baller?
But how is this possible? He has always been so poor, how could he be so rich all at once? ?
Lara couldn’t figure it out, she was completely shocked.
At this moment, she was extremely confused, is Chuck really hanging silk? Lara already shook her head in her heart to deny it, and he really changed when he appeared in front of her completely.
He used to be handsome, but now he is richer and handsome.
This feeling is completely different. Lara regrets it in her heart. Why did she not agree to sleep with him at that time?
and also……
I once imagined that the “Baller” was Chuck’s appearance, but now it really is, then did I really like Chuck?
Lara couldn’t describe her feelings at this moment, as if she had eaten Huanglian, she couldn’t tell.
Charlotte was different. She was a little surprised. When did Chuck actually buy such a new car again? You know, this car can really buy two BMW 7 series.
He is really rich!
“See, I can afford a BMW 7 Series!” Chuck said.
Lara was speechless for a while, she felt too embarrassed that she had always called such a rich Chuck Diaosi.
“I…” Lara hesitated, having no idea what to say.
She was afraid to look at Chuck.
Chuck came over, Lara’s face turned pale, her eyes red, and tears were about to come out. She felt that she could not face Chuck anymore, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”
Charlotte had a complicated expression, and kept her head down in silence.
Chuck glanced at Lara and turned to leave, but Lara stopped him and begged, “Chuck, I was not good before, I am sorry for you, you must not send my photos, please. …”
Chuck originally had this plan, otherwise he would not add so many groups, but at that time, he thought that doing so would hurt Lara too much. It might directly cause Lara to collapse and commit suicide. Chuck hated Lara, but he didn’t Thought of letting Lara die.
So he does not plan to do this now.
“I beg you, don’t do this,” Lara cried, her tears streaming down.
She feels very tired. The “Baller” she likes is actually the person she hates most…
“You can let me do anything, just don’t send out my photos,” Lara continued begging.
Chuck looked at her, Lara, who used to be arrogant and domineering, ever thought about asking herself a day?
“You will still be dragged in front of me in the future?” Chuck asked.
“No, I definitely won’t,” Lara shook her head.
Chuck is so rich, where can she be dragged, she also regrets what she said to Chuck before, she still dare not look at Chuck.
“That’s fine, I won’t send your photo.” Chuck shook his head.
Lara breathed a sigh of relief, but asked tentatively in a low voice, “What are the requirements?”
Chuck looked at her.
“I…” Lara hesitated.
“No, I never thought about sleeping with you,” Chuck shook his head, opened the car door and sat in.
Lara was stunned, never thought of sleeping with herself? …
Suddenly, she couldn’t stop her tears.
Chuck drove, but he happened to see Yolanda who was working overtime taking the elevator down. Yolanda was also surprised, but he quickly returned to normal.
Charlotte and Lara looked at Yolanda in a dress, exquisite high heels, slender legs, she is so beautiful…
Beautiful women with sports cars, the two of them… seem to be a perfect match!
So, it’s not Yolanda who raised Chuck, but Chuck who raised Yolanda?
Lara was even more sluggish.
Chuck said to Yolanda, “I’ll send you back to school.”
It’s too late, a girl is not safe.
“I… OK,” Yolanda opened the car door and sat in. Chuck took Yolanda out of the square with the bang of his throttle, the engine roaring away.
Chuck left.
Lara and Charlotte stayed where they were for a long time. Charlotte sighed. Chuck could afford such an expensive car. His wealth exceeded her previous estimates.
“Cousin, I didn’t dream…” Lara muttered to herself in a daze.
“No, all this is true,” Charlotte said.
Lara cried again, her tears streaming down.
“Lara, do you really like him?” Charlotte asked comfortingly. Lara’s expression told Charlotte that it was true. Lara saw Yolanda getting in the car just now, with that kind of look, and I hope it’s her who got in the car. Myself…
“I, I don’t know, I…” Lara shook her head, that kind of worry is real, do you really like him?
Lara tears more…

“You won’t go back to school?” Chuck was surprised, because it was already late, and someone like Yolanda, who has a very regular living time, would actually be a night owl today?
“Well, I made a birthday celebration today at the bar, so I’m going to participate,” Yolanda said. She didn’t want to get in Chuck’s car just now, but she couldn’t refuse Chuck’s invitation.
Chuck asked what bar he was in? Yolanda said a name, and Chuck said that she should be sent there, but the road is not far anyway.
“Thank you then.” Yolanda smiled.
“It’s okay,” after Chuck planned to send her off, he called Yvette and asked what was going on.
When passing by a bar, Yolanda said, “I posted it was originally planned to be in this bar, but this bar was recently renovated, so I changed a place…”
Yolanda said that, Chuck’s heart moved, isn’t this his mother’s bar? Last time I bought it, my mother said that it would be a luxurious decoration. Now it seems that it has started in an all-round way. It is estimated that it will take a while, and I will definitely come to join us.
“I heard that this bar has changed owners, so it was renovated. People who can transfer here are definitely worth a lot,” Yolanda said while watching.
Chuck smiled, I’m afraid my mother doesn’t know how much money she has.
“What are you laughing at? Did you turn down this bar?” Yolanda’s eyes lit up, because Chuck’s expression told her that she was able to fully acquire the city square, so what would happen to the next bar!
“No, I didn’t transfer it,” Chuck shook his head, not originally, his mother transferred it.
And it was bought directly. According to the current scale of decoration, the luxury of the bar, I am afraid it can be ranked in the entire China.
“Oh.” Yolanda nodded, turning out to be thinking too much.
Soon he arrived at the bar Yolanda said, Yolanda opened the door and went down, “Thank you.”
“It’s okay,” Chuck shook his head.
Yolanda turned and walked into the bar. Chuck was about to leave. But when he saw the seat, Yolanda didn’t take his bag. He could only park the car on the side of the road and then took the bag into the bar.
Many of the exposed beauties in the clothes seemed to be popular. Chuck saw Yolanda from a distance, but the music was too noisy, Chuck yelled, and Yolanda didn’t hear it. Chuck was helpless, so he could only catch up with her bag.
Seeing Yolanda entering a private room, Chuck naturally prepared to go, but just a few people walked out.
“Who are you? You have taken the wrong box.”
“Yeah, looking so unfamiliar, you want to go in and eat and drink, right?”
The two pairs of men and women looked at Chuck, with a strange tone of yin and yang.
“My friend is inside. I gave her something.” Chuck said.
“Who is your friend? If you can’t tell the name, just get out of here!” one of the round-headed youths said politely.
“What, Yolanda? Are you a friend of the goddess Yolanda?”
“Isn’t it possible? Isn’t Yolanda’s boyfriend the rich second-generation Ye Weitian? I’ve seen him, not him.”
A few of them immediately suspected, and their eyes were not good. They didn’t believe that Chuck would know such a beautiful Yolanda.
“Just call her,” Chuck helplessly.
“Okay, I call her, but if she doesn’t know you, don’t blame me for slapping you!” The round-headed youth pushed open the door of the private room impatiently and shouted, “Yolanda, someone is looking for you!”
Several other people disdain, do you really know Yolanda? This person definitely wants to go in and eat and drink.

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