My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 135

“It’s too late to leave now, otherwise we can hang you when Yolanda comes out and says that I don’t know you.”
“Yes, dare to fish in troubled water at Sister Bing’s birthday party, and see if I won’t throw you away!”
Several people ridiculed Chuck. Chuck’s face was calm. They seemed to have a little money, but it was nothing to Chuck. Give Betty a call, and they would have no problem after playing tonight.
Soon Yolanda walked out curiously, and several people immediately said that they seemed to want to please Yolanda.
“Beauty Lu, he said it was your friend. I think he is so poor, maybe that’s not it!”
“Yeah, I don’t think it is possible. The most basic level of making friends with Damei Lu should be someone like us. He is not worthy of being a friend of Damei Lu.”
As soon as Yolanda came out, they changed their faces and were very pleased. Also, Yolanda’s body and appearance are so top-notch, how can they not let men try their best to show off in front of her?
Yolanda didn’t even look at them, smiled directly at Chuck and said, “Did you come here for a drink?”
This attitude… this gentle voice.
Several people were immediately dumbfounded. Is this hanging silk really Yolanda’s friend?
This is totally unworthy, with this gentle appearance, is this a boyfriend? ?
“No,” Chuck shook his head and put the bag in his hand in front of Yolanda, “You put the bag in my car and didn’t take it. I gave it to you.”
Yolanda suddenly felt embarrassed and blushed, “Thank you.”
She took the bag down.
What kind of car can he drive? It is estimated that the car is more than one hundred and two hundred thousand, so embarrassed to show off?
These people shook their heads in disdain.
“Then I’m leaving, you have fun.” Chuck said.
“Well, thank you.”
Chuck turned around and left, but at this time, a strange voice came from inside, “Oh, Yolanda, you changed boyfriend? Why don’t we know this one?”
The speaker was a beautiful woman with yellow hair and exposed dress. She walked out from the inside with a handsome guy in her arms, which looked very sweet.
Yolanda frowned.
This beauty is her middle school classmate Fan Jiaqi, and this man is also a middle school classmate Zhou Daming. At that time, Fan Jiaqi liked Zhou Daming, but Zhou Daming has been chasing Yolanda.
It’s just that Yolanda didn’t agree, so Fan Jiaqi kept looking at Yolanda upset.
“I’m sorry to introduce you? It was dumped by your ex-boyfriend!” Fan Jiaqi smiled, very happy.
She has always been jealous of Yolanda for being so beautiful and having such a good figure. Yolanda’s family is rich. She was jealous and secretly jealous. Later, Yolanda’s father’s company went out of business and went bankrupt overnight. She became a poor man. I laughed more happily that night.
However, after Yolanda university, she found a very rich boyfriend. She was upset and jealous again. But today, she was happy again, changed her boyfriend, and actually changed a sling.
Haha, that’s great!
“Don’t speak yet? That’s a real breakup, haha, right?” Fan Jiaqi laughed unscrupulously. How could she let this opportunity pass?
Zhou Daming sneered and told you not to be with me before. Now you are dumped. You deserve it!
“But when I was dumped, I was dumped. Why did you find such a boyfriend? It looks very poor. No wonder you were embarrassed to introduce it… But ah, it fits you well, you don’t Is it also poor ratio? Poor ratio is a perfect match!” Fan Jiaqi sneered.
Zhou Daming laughed. The others in the room just watched Chuck’s upset, and their faces were sneered anyway.
“If you have anything to say to me alone, don’t involve other people.” Yolanda said, looking at Chuck, “Sorry, you drive carefully.”
Yolanda kept smiling at Chuck.
Chuck glanced at the man and the woman, hesitated and walked over.
Fan Jiaqi snorted and looked at Chuck with disdain, “Introduction.”
Yolanda ignored her and said directly to Chuck, “Would you like to go in for some juice?”
She was embarrassed in her heart that she actually involved Chuck. She originally wanted to stay for a while and then go back, but that was not the case…
Chuck nodded and walked inside with Yolanda.
Fan Jiaqi was angry, and reached out to stop Chuck and Yolanda.
“Stop! Today is the 23rd birthday of Sister Bing. It’s not that any cat or dog can go in to eat and drink. Without giving his name, the ghost knows what he is going to do when he goes in. Just in case, take away a few mobile phones and a few watches. Who are we looking for?” Fan Jiaqi said, today we must let Yolanda face sweeping!
“Don’t be so excessive!” Yolanda’s expression went cold.
“What’s wrong with my mother? The people inside are basically rich second generations. Everyone is an Apple mobile phone. The cheapest watch is 50,000 or 60,000. If you are poorer than you realize, don’t go in!!! Hey, I ask you, are you poor than? Yes, get out of here right away! Don’t even think about going in and stealing things!” Fan Jiaqi stared at Chuck in the last sentence.
“Fan Jiaqi, you are enough! What can you say to me!” Yolanda was so hot, she came over for a drink and was ready to go. Who knew this happened?
“So protecting him, it seems that he is really your boyfriend, hehe, he was dumped by a rich man, and you are actually looking for such a poor ratio, you two are very good.” Fan Jiaqi laughed.
Yolanda slapped Fan Jiaqi!
Fan Jiaqi’s face flushed immediately, with a clear slap print.
“You fucking dare to hit me? Fuck Nima!” Fan Jiaqi’s face was grim, and he raised his hand to slap Yolanda.
However, Chuck grabbed her wrist and his eyes became cold, “Don’t hit anyone!”
Chuck pushed Fan Jiaqi away. Zhou Daming was angry. His woman was bullied. How could he stand it? ?
He smashed his fist immediately. Yolanda was shocked and quickly pulled Chuck to leave, but Chuck narrowed his eyes and was about to fight him. Everyone was about the same height and weight. Who’s afraid of whom?
“Stop! What are you doing?” An annoyed voice came from inside, and it was Sister Bing, the protagonist today.
Zhou Daming stopped, and Chuck glanced at Sister Bing. He didn’t know this woman, he had never seen it.
“Sister Bing, Yolanda just hit me with this wicked pen, look…” Fan Jiaqi immediately complained.
Her dad’s company is cooperating with Sister Bing’s dad’s company. She doesn’t believe that Sister Bing will favor Yolanda.
“What’s the matter?” Sister Bing frowned and glanced at Yolanda, “Today is my birthday, how can you beat people?”
Yolanda sighed. She and Sister Bing grew up, but since her father’s company had a problem, she was gradually estranged. She didn’t want to come, but Sister Bing personally called and said she was going to get together, Yolanda thought I haven’t seen each other for so long, plus her birthday, so Yolanda came over.
Sure enough, I am no longer in the same circle with them.
Yolanda was a bit lost, and he shouldn’t have come today.
“Why don’t you ask her?” Chuck said, and Yolanda kindly came over to join him. This woman indiscriminately referred to Yolanda. Is this what a friend should do?
“No matter who is right or who is wrong, today is my birthday, everyone is here to be happy, how can you hit someone?” Sister Bing frowned and started to lemon.
“I’m sorry.” Yolanda sighed.
“Be careful next time, I didn’t let you come here to hit someone,” Sister Bing said.
“Knowing that Nima is forced, her mother will be over if she is sorry? Let you and her mother beat me!” Fan Jiaqi walked over in annoyance, and while Chuck was not paying attention, he raised his hand and slapped Yolanda in the slap.
But Yolanda raised his hand to catch it.
Fan Jiaqi was even more annoyed, “Let go, don’t forget, where your parents live now, but my friend’s house, I said, your parents are going to sleep on the street tonight!”
Yolanda glanced at her and pushed her hand back. Fan Jiaqi almost fell to the ground staggeringly, “Sister Bing, chase her away! This kind of poor is not worthy of going in!”
“Yolanda, I will take your mind, you… go back.” Sister Bing said.
Yolanda sighed and nodded, “Sister Bing, I wish you a happy birthday.”
She turned her head and was so wronged that she was about to cry. She has always been strong, but, but…
Why it came out like this?
If you don’t have money, right will become wrong.
She apologized, “Chuck, I’m sorry, we are leaving now.”
“Why are you leaving? She asked you to come, you came, and she asked you to go, you are leaving?” Chuck said calmly.
Fan Jiaqi dismissed it, blatantly, do you know who Sister Bing is? Her mother let you go, you have to go!

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