My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 136

Chuck was speaking for Yolanda at this time, and Yolanda was moved in her heart. She shook her head and said, forget it, she didn’t want to contact these people anymore.
“But you just let her call to you?” Chuck asked.
Yolanda sighed.
What can we do?
She now has no money in her family and no background, what can she do?
Over the years, Yolanda has become used to it.
“What did you say?” Sister Bing narrowed her eyes.
Chuck looked at her.
“Shabi, sister Bing asked you something, what you were talking about just now, there is a kind of say it again!” Fan Jiaqi sneered.
Several other people also felt that Chuck was going to come in unlucky, and sister Bing was so easy to talk back?
Chuck first glanced at Fan Jiaqi, “Your name is Fan Jiaqi, right?”
“Haha, what do you want? Find someone to beat me, right? I advise you, it’s better to find someone who is good, because ordinary people don’t dare to touch me.” Fan Jiaqi laughed disdainfully.
Her boyfriend Zhou Daming was even more mocking.
“No, I won’t find someone to beat you, I will let your father beat you.” Chuck said.
“Haha, you’re crazy, you’re really crazy, my dad will hit me?” Fan Jiaqi seemed to hear the funniest joke.
“He’s pretending, he’s pretending to be a fool, right?”
“Why do you let Fan Jiaqi’s father beat him? Pretending to be a force!”
The others sneered.
Chuck took out his cell phone, called Betty, and quickly connected, “Sister Li, I want a woman named Fan Jiaqi to let her dad call her. I’m in Feise Bar now.”
“Haha!” Fan Jiaqi laughed. Who is this calling to pretend to be?
“Really fight?”
“Who can’t make a pretending phone call? If you make a call and pretend to be coerced, you can leave immediately. I have seen a lot of such routines. If you speak harshly, who can’t?”
The young man smiled disdainfully, and took out his cell phone, pretending to be Chuck, calling, very loudly, “Hey, I want to hit a idiot now, you ask his dad to come and hit him, yes, I’m in the Feisi bar… Haha, is that so?”
The other people laughed, full of ridicule. Now if you ask someone to come over and beat Fan Jiaqi, they can still believe it, but if you let your dad come over and beat your daughter, it’s fucking possible? ?
Who believes?
The corner of Sister Bing’s mouth was cold, and she was sure that this person was a shame.
Yolanda looked at Chuck in surprise. She thought of that time when Chuck was in the hotel, but Chuck called hundreds of people over with a single phone call. Yolanda still remembers such a terrifying scene!
“Her dad is not here? Forget it, um, let’s do it for now…” Chuck was surprised. Betty checked it out just now. Dad Fan Jiaqi has gone out and will be back tomorrow at the earliest.
That is unnecessary.
Chuck hung up the phone.
Fan Jiaqi disdain to laugh, “Oh, you are fortune-telling! You guessed so accurately, my dad really went out, didn’t you ask my dad to come over and beat me? How could it be forgotten? I can’t pretend to be forced? ”
“Haha! This is so embarrassing to pretend.”
“Is there any kind of shameless pen?”
These people burst into laughter, and one of them just laughed, which is really funny.
Chuck glanced at her and was about to speak when the phone rang. Chuck took it out and answered it. Betty’s.
“You said her mother was there? Then you can let her mother come and hit her, um, there’s nothing else, that’s it for now…” Chuck said and hung up the phone again.
After these people, including Fan Jiaqi and Zhou Daming, their faces became more disdainful.
“This guy is endless, right? Fan Jiaqi’s father is not there, and now she is asking her mother to come over again, this… came out without taking medicine today?”
“Surely I didn’t take medicine? I didn’t say anything like this kind of silly pen. I really admire it. Forget it, forget it. This guy is a silly pen. How can we compare with a fool?”
“Hey, you are enough. If you pretend to be forced, I will find someone to beat you!” Fan Jiaqi stared at Chuck.
“Your mother is coming,” Chuck said.
“My mother? Do you know where my mother is? Just pretend to say that my mother is going to come over, right?” Fan Jiaqi was annoyed.
Chuck didn’t look at her at all. What’s so nice about her? Although it looks okay, but the face will be swollen after a while, can you see?
Chuck looked at Sister Bing, “Yolanda came over to celebrate your birthday. It’s not good for you to treat her like this. You apologize to her, and I will let you go this time.”
Sister Bing smiled. She didn’t pay attention to Chuck’s meaning at all. She glanced at Yolanda, “Yolanda, why is the boyfriend you are looking for this time like this? Will you pretend?”
“Sister Bing, I advise you not to talk to him like this.” Yolanda frowned and walked to Chuck.
“Then how should I talk to him?” Sister Bing smiled deeper, “I think I should just call him the best.”
When she said this, she looked at Chuck with disdain.
Yolanda’s face turned cold.
“I originally thought your house was bankrupt, and at least the grades didn’t drop too much. Now you actually find this kind of trash to be your boyfriend, how mean are you?” Sister Bing said.
Yolanda bit his lip.
“What’s your full name?” Chuck asked.
“Li Bingxue!” Sister Bing laughed, she wanted to laugh, did this person make her own idea?
Others, including Fan Jiaqi and Zhou Daming, started mocking.
“Well, don’t hold your birthday party today.” Chuck said.
“You said you wouldn’t let me drive?” Sister Bing laughed, this joke is really good.
Chuck immediately called Betty again to get through.
“Sister Li, I’m in Room 109 of Feise Bar. There is a woman named Li Bingxue. I want her to leave here… Well, well, I’ll wait for you.”
Chuck hung up the phone, and the whole process took just over ten seconds.
“Here again, this call is really slippery, do you often pretend to be so forceful?”
“I think it is, look at the way he talks, I don’t want to say it anymore, my brain is disabled! Just now I said I wanted Fan Jiaqi’s father to beat her, but she couldn’t come, so she asked her mother to come over again. Sister Bing won’t have this birthday party. This leaves me speechless. Is this kid a fool?”
The Fan family laughed at them, especially Fan Jiaqi, she really sneerehat is this? Pretending to be on Sister Bing’s head, let’s see how you die!
“You pretend to look like you!” Sister Bing sneered, not to mention other things, that is, she has already reserved this private room, how could she leave? What’s more, she knows the manager here!
The manager here gave her a private room for free, and it was impossible to let her go.
“Pretend or not, you’ll find out later.” Chuck shook his head and turned to Yolanda and said, “Wait, let’s drink something.”
“Good.” Yolanda was moved.
Chuck called a waiter over and opened the opposite box.
“You are poorer than you can afford to drive? This is a luxurious box with a room cost of more than 6,000…” a young man said disdainfully.
Chuck glanced at him, and the waiter immediately led Chuck and Yolanda in.
“What to wear? Two people open this luxurious box.”
“It must be a pretense. Open one. I think I am crying in distress now.”
“Haha, I think too.”
“Sister Bing, just let him be here like this?” Fan Jiaqi wasn’t happy anymore. Isn’t this showing her awe?
Sister Bing glanced at this private room and sneered, “Why? Dare to make me upset, I won’t make him feel better, I immediately called the manager to come over and drive them away!”
“Yes, let’s go with this wicked pen, her mother couldn’t see him long ago.”
Sister Bing immediately took out her mobile phone to call the manager, and the phone was connected, and the manager said to come over immediately.
Soon, a man in a suit came over and said to Sister Bing politely, “Sister Bing, what’s your order?”
“Let the two of them get out of here! Drive them out!” Sister Bing said.
“Yes, drive them out!” Fan Jiaqi also said.
The manager trembled. He didn’t dare to offend Sister Bing, and he was ready to go in, but at this time, his cell phone rang, and the manager immediately said to Sister Bing, “Sister Bing, wait a minute, my boss called.”
Sister Bing waved her hand impatiently.
The manager immediately walked aside to answer the phone, and sister Bing sneered, “Go in for a drink, there is nothing to look at, the two of them will get out!”
Fan Jiaqi and the others opened the door contemptuously and prepared to go in. What’s so good about it? The two idiots got together.
Perfect match!
But at this time, suddenly a person called “Fan Jiaqi”.
She turned her head, and saw a charming woman walking towards this side. Fan Jiaqi was stunned for a moment. What was her mother doing here? “

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