My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 137

Fan Jiaqi was stunned. She knew that her mother was eating supper with others nearby. She knew, but why did her mother come over suddenly?
And it’s scorching hot?
Sister Bing was also a little surprised, let alone other people. They were all in a daze. Why did Fan Jiaqi’s mother come over to the bar?
Did it happen to be playing in a bar?
Also, Fan Jiaqi’s mother still has the charm. She wears tight jeans again. She is fashionable, sexy and beautiful. With her long legs, she is more attractive than many young girls. I guess I came to the bar to have fun. I happened to see my daughter. So here comes.
Sister Bing is going to invite Fan Jiaqi’s mother to her birthday party. In other words, today is also a happy day, although she was disturbed by two fools.
Sister Bing snorted, took a look at the opposite room, invited Fan Jiaqi’s mother, and asked the manager to drive you away!
Thinking of what Chuck said just now, Sister Bing felt funny.
Let Fan Jiaqi’s mother beat her daughter Fan Jiaqi? How can I say such a thing?
Still let yourself go?
Sister Bing sneered!
“Mom!” Fan Jiaqi walked over.
Sister Bing and the others also walked up, saying that she was also an elder, and she should be greeted.
Fan Jiaqi’s mother glared at Fan Jiaqi angrily, slapped her hand up and threw it out.
The crisp sound of slapping flesh made Fan Jiaqi’s cheek a red slap in an instant.
Sister Bing and the others were immediately stunned, and their jaws were stunned.
what happened?
Fan Jiaqi’s mother really beat Fan Jiaqi?
“Mom, why are you hitting me?” Fan Jiaqi covered her cheek with one hand, full of grievances.
“You also said, what did you do?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother glared at her! She is simply too hot!
“Mom, I promise you not to come to the bar again. This is the last time.” Fan Jiaqi said aggrievedly. Fan Jiaqi felt particularly ashamed to be beaten in front of so many friends.
The hot pain, and the strong sense of shame made her almost cry.
Don’t you just come to the bar to play? As for hitting me in public?
“Yeah, next time Jiaqi and I won’t come to the bar, I promise my aunt, we won’t come…” Fan Jiaqi’s boyfriend Zhou Daming also smiled.
However, he hasn’t finished speaking yet.
Fan Jiaqi’s mother raised her hand and slapped Zhou Daming with a slap.
Extremely crisp!
“Fuck you, who the fuck is your aunt?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother was angry!
Zhou Daming put his hand on his cheek and was beaten dumbfounded.
The others were shocked again!
“Don’t think I don’t know your virtues. For four years in college, all her mother used my daughter’s money. What else would you do besides eating soft food? Now her mother is getting used to it? Fuck you! If you don’t leave my daughter now, my mother will find someone to clean up you!” Fan Jiaqi’s mother scolded!
Zhou Daming’s face immediately blushed, and he also showed fear.
“Mom, what are you doing, why are you hitting my boyfriend?” Fan Jiaqi was angry.
Snapped! !
Fan Jiaqi’s mother slapped her slap again in irritation, “You still have the face to say? What did you do? People call me on my mobile phone and say that your dad’s company will be shut down. What have you done? ?”
Fan Jiaqi’s mother and her friends were eating supper, and their young girlfriends were about to go back, but she suddenly received a stranger’s phone number saying that her husband’s company would be shut down. Of course she was angry and asked who this person was. , Just said a name on the phone.
Fan Jiaqi’s mother said angrily and hung up the phone with a neurosis. However, within a minute, her husband’s phone was called violently, and she scolded herself as soon as she answered the phone, and she was stunned by the scolding.
Only then did I know what my daughter did.
She rushed over immediately.
“Mom, did you receive a fraudulent call? In this situation, how could it be possible to shut down the company after closing the company?” Fan Jiaqi shook his head, how could it be possible?
“There are fakes that your dad called in person? What did you do just now?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother went into a fire.
“I…I didn’t do anything, just…” Fan Jiaqi said in confusion, suddenly subconsciously looking at the opposite room, could it be…
Impossible, impossible!
Fan Jiaqi was dumbfounded for an instant! An incredible look!
Others, including Zhou Daming, were also shocked. Could it be that the person in the private room was true? Can he really let Fan Jiaqi’s mother come over and fight Fan Jiaqi? ?
Sister Bing was already stunned and hit Fan Jiaqi, so this person is really enough to let herself go?
“Mom, did you make a mistake? What did Dad tell you?” Fan Jiaqi was anxious.
She didn’t believe that Chuck could really do this. How could it be possible for her mother to come and call herself with just one call? It was definitely a mistake, and it was absolutely impossible to have anything to do with Chuck.
“Your dad said that you offended someone that our whole family can’t afford. This person can make our family disappear overnight. What did you say you did?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother trembled with anger and her face became pale. .
“What?” Fan Jiaqi trembled with fright.
“Hurry up?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother scolded.
“Mom, I just scolded someone just now. He said he asked Dad to come and hit me, but when Dad was not there, he told you to come and hit me, so he made a phone call. Of course I don’t believe it…” Fan Jiaqi said , Fan Jiaqi’s mother hated iron and steel and slapped it out.
Fan Jiaqi burst into tears.
“You want to piss me off? How many times have I told you? Many powerful people are very low-key. Why don’t you understand this? People? Wouldn’t you take me over to apologize?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother was anxious.
“Mom, he’s in it.” Fan Jiaqi cried and pointed to the private room opposite.
She can’t believe it now, how can she really do this with one phone call?
“Hurry up with me and apologize to others? If they don’t forgive you, your dad will break your legs when he comes back tomorrow!” Fan Jiaqi’s mother pulled Fan Jiaqi into the private room.
These people were dumbfounded.
They didn’t expect that Chuck just made a phone call, just said a few words, actually let Fan Jiaqi’s mother hit her daughter.
“He, who is he?”
“I don’t know, I don’t know, oh, I scolded him just now, will he call someone to fix my family?”
“I scolded too, what should I do, what should I do?”
These people became more and more panicked as they talked, and even some of them turned pale and trembled all over.
It is definitely not something they can afford to be able to make a phone call for mothers to come and call their daughters!
“Sister Bing, Sister Bing…” a young man with a round head whispered to Sister Bing.
The horror on Sister Bing’s face slowly disappeared. Her family is much richer than Fan Jiaqi’s, but, but…a phone call can do this, which really makes her feel incredible.
“It’s okay, what’s the panic? Fan Jiaqi’s family is just like that. She was scared by a phone call. Don’t you know what’s the situation in my family?” Sister Bing returned to her normal look. People in the company are just scared. If you are a little older, you have to step aside!
“Sister Bing, you have to protect us,”
“Yes, yes, we scolded him just now, he will definitely get revenge.”
“It’s okay, you come over to my birthday party, what I say will let my dad protect you, don’t worry,” Bing Sister said.
She looked at the private room opposite, and immediately sneered, Fan Jiaqi, that’s the case for your family. Anyone can scare your family!
“If you want to make trouble again, I interrupt your leg!” Fan Jiaqi’s mother grabbed the crying Fan Jiaqi and walked out.
“I know, I know,” Fan Jiaqi cried and said, with fear on her face, as if she had just gone in and experienced something terrible.
The two left, Zhou Daming hesitated and walked over, “Jia Qi…”
“It’s a mess! Break up!!”
Fan Jiaqi turned around and slapped Zhou Daming, and then left with his mother.
Zhou Daming’s face was red, and she finally gritted her teeth and walked away. Why does she still have the face to stay here?
“Don’t watch, everyone go in, the birthday will continue!” Sister Bing said, and the others were relieved and immediately opened the door to enter.
But the bar manager finished the call and walked over with a serious face, “Sister Bing, please take your friend out of our bar immediately!!”

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