My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 138

“What are you talking about?” Sister Bing became angry immediately, feeling that her face was severely beaten by a bar manager!
Actually let yourself go? ?
Several other people were dumbfounded, because they had never thought that this little manager would dare to talk to Sister Bing like this!
You know, sister Bing’s father is the boss of a big company!
“Sorry, this is what our boss meant. Just now, our boss said to let you go, and you should never come to our bar again!” the manager said blankly.
He received a call from his boss just now. First, he was scolded by himself, and then he ordered the security guard to come over and blast Sister Bing directly out.
This is a dead order!
If it can’t be done, then he, the manager, won’t do it.
He thought he had heard it wrong, but the boss was anxious, as if he was particularly frightened, so he completely believed it and had to drive Sister Bing out!
“Do you know who my dad is? Do you dare to speak to me like this? Do you dare to let me go?” Sister Bing was so annoyed.
She has been out for so long, and no one has ever dared to speak to her like this!
The others were even more stunned.
Really, really!
A phone call asked Fan Jiaqi’s mother to call Fan Jiaqi, but now she is still making a phone call to let Sister Bing leave!
This is incredible!
This birthday party cannot go on today!
The faces of these people turned pale again, and there was fear in their hearts. They were afraid, would Chuck also call to deal with them?
“Come over ten security guards right now, to the private room!” The manager glanced at her and said this directly on the intercom.
“Fuck you!”
Sister Bing raised her hand and slapped the manager, and the manager immediately blushed on one cheek. He didn’t speak.
Soon the security guards of ten famous Gaoma University ran over.
“Manager!” They looked at the blushing manager in surprise.
“Get everyone in this private room out of the bar!” The manager coldly ordered!
“But, isn’t this Sister Bing?” One of the security guards hesitated. Sister Bing is a frequent visitor of the bar. How could they not know the security guards?
The manager actually wants to drive Bing sister out, this is really unexpected for them!
“Should I say it a second time?” the manager said with a cold face.
“Yes Yes!”
The ten security guards immediately nodded their heads, and their faces became expressionless, “Sister Bing, please cooperate and immediately pack up and leave the bar!”
Sister Bing raised her hand and slapped it on the face of a security guard, her face flushed and furious, “The grass, muddy horse, are you all turned upside down? Dare to let me go?”
These security guards were stunned immediately, no one dared to move.
“You don’t want to do it anymore, do you!” The manager snorted coldly.
After these ten security guards looked at each other, they immediately reached out and grabbed Sister Bing, and went straight outside to leave. Sister Bing struggled frantically, “It’s a mess, I told my dad to kill your bar and kill you guys…”
“You still use me, right?” The manager rolled his head and looked at the other dumbfounded people.
In fear, these people immediately went into the private room to pack their things, and ran outside.
The manager showed respect, and walked into Chuck’s private room with a smile on his face…

Sister Bing was blasted out, she was so angry that she wanted to kill someone, and several other people also came out carrying things, with a panic expression on her face.
“A few shameless pens, dare to drive me out, I’ll call my dad! I won’t be able to open your bar today!” Sister Bing was so angry that she took out her phone immediately.
The other people were shocked. Who is this person? ?
“Hey, dad, where are you, I’ll tell you, I’m being bullied, I’m…” Sister Bing said, and saw Chuck and Yolanda come out from inside.
“Hey, daughter, who are you bullied? Tell your dad!” On the phone, Sister Bing’s father said annoyed.
“I… hiss!” Just as Sister Bing was about to speak, she saw a Mercedes Benz coming in from the side of the road. It was the bar owner’s car.
She knows.
When the car door opened, it turned out to be the bar owner. He actually walked to Chuck with a smile on his face, and said something, this polite and respectful appearance almost made him kneel down.
Sister Bing was stunned immediately with her chin.
She knew the owner of this bar, and he had a net worth of tens of millions, but the boss was so respectful to Chuck, which made Sister Bing feel incredible.
Several other people didn’t know the bar owner, but they also saw Mercedes-Benz, a car that the absolute big boss can only afford, but this big boss actually apologized to Chuck with such a face.
They are dumbfounded.
“Hey, daughter, why are you not talking? Who is bullying you? Tell your dad that Dad will vent your anger right away!” Sister Bing’s father’s voice rang again on the phone.
“Dad, do you know the owner of Feise Bar?” Sister Bing was already dumbfounded.
“Yes, what’s the matter? He bullied you?”
“No, I saw him being very kind to someone…”
“What, what, is Lao Li being polite to someone? It shouldn’t be possible, right? He doesn’t have much money, but he runs a bar and has a little background. In the sea market, you don’t need to be polite to people. Are you wrong? Is it?”
“No, he is really polite to someone, and he is about to kneel down.”
“What? What happened? That daughter, please leave as soon as possible. Old Li is like this, and our family can’t afford it…”
Hearing the sound of her father’s anxious sigh in the phone, Sister Bing was completely dumbfounded.
“You go slowly, I am so sorry today!” The bar owner said respectfully to Chuck.
Chuck nodded, took out the car key, and pressed it.
A Porsche 911 turned on, and Chuck and Yolanda sat in.
“He actually drove a Porsche 911…” Sister Bing murmured to herself.
The other people were completely stunned. They thought Chuck could drive a car worth more than one hundred and two hundred thousand at most, but they didn’t expect that he could drive a sports car worth five or six million!
This car is so beautiful, they are completely shocked.
There was a roar, the engine roared, like a beast, came out of the cage, the sports car left here, leaving a boiling roar on the street, just so slowly away…
“Li Bingxue, remember, don’t come to my bar in the future!” The bar owner walked over with a cold face.
“He, who is he?” Sister Bing was already at a loss.
“It’s someone who can make you disappear forever in one sentence!” said the bar owner.
Sister Bing seemed to be struck by thunder, and the phone in her hand fell to the ground, a trace of fear appeared on her face, could he let herself disappear? ?
Sister Bing was scared.
The other people were shocked again, and even one of them was already sitting on the ground. They were afraid, who did they offend today?

“Thank you for helping me today,” Yolanda whispered.
Today, she felt Chuck’s strength again. When she was in the private room just now, Fan Jiaqi knelt to Chuck and confessed her mistake. All this was just a phone call from Chuck!
“It’s okay.” Chuck shook his head and drove to the school.
“My family went bankrupt before, and I often encounter this kind of situation…” Yolanda muttered to himself. If it weren’t for Chuck today, she would really be driven out by Sister Bing.
Chuck didn’t speak, Yolanda’s character has become particularly good after these tempers.
“Let me go here, I will walk over by myself.” Yolanda said.
Chuck nodded and Yolanda got out of the car. After Chuck waved to her, he drove around and left. Yolanda looked at Chuck who was going away. After she was silent, she walked to the school.
However, at this time, the phone rang, she took it out to see that it was Sister Bing’s, and Yolanda hesitated to answer.
“Hey, Yolanda, I’m really sorry today, I apologize to you, I hope you don’t blame me.” This is Sister Bing’s pleading voice, she regrets treating Yolanda so much, especially regrets it.
“I’ll invite you to dinner, tomorrow, tomorrow will be fine, night hotel, I heard that the dishes inside are delicious,”
“No, it’s okay, so be it!” Yolanda shook his head, ready to hang up.
“Yolanda, don’t be angry, I apologize to you, you must not let your boyfriend fix my dad…”
“No, that’s it!” Yolanda hung up the phone, she subconsciously glanced in the direction where Chuck left, quietly watching…

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