My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 139

Chuck had already drove back, and he called Yvette, but Yvette answered that he was busy and asked Chuck to rest early.
Chuck is helpless, what time is this? It’s almost early morning, right?
Chuck could only hang up and fell asleep on the bed.
Chuck got up early in the morning and drove directly to the square because Yolanda called and said that Yvette himself was handing out flyers downstairs.
Yvette tried too hard to repay the money.
When I came out of the parking lot and passed by Lara’s shop, Lara was not there, and Charlotte was not there. Only two employees were there.
Business was good early in the morning.
Lara must be at school, and Charlotte must be working at a BMW store. The two of them can only come here occasionally, and Chuck doesn’t bother to bother about it.
Soon I saw that Yvette was really distributing flyers. When the square went to work in the morning, it was already past nine o’clock. The sun was a bit poisonous, making Yvette who was distributing flyers sweaty. She is not in good spirits, maybe she didn’t rest much last night.
Chuck looked distressed and immediately bought a breakfast next to him and walked over.
“Hello, I’m from the training company, our company…” Yvette kept smiling and handed the flyers to people passing by.
However, a woman glanced at it and threw it on the ground impatiently, and said disdainfully, “I have never heard of it, it must be rubbish…”
She left after speaking.
Yvette looked at the trampled flyer on the ground with footprints on it. She sighed and was about to squat down to pick it up.
She often encounters this situation, and she is used to it, but she still feels sad.
But as soon as she stretched out her hand, another person’s hand stretched out and picked up the flyer one step ahead of her. She looked up and found that it was Chuck with a concerned face.
Yvette stood up straight, “How did you come? The exam will take place tomorrow, you must review!”
“My wife, eat this.” Chuck handed the breakfast to her.
“You have eaten yourself, and I have to distribute flyers.” Yvette shook his head.
Chuck took away the flyers in Yvette’s hand, then stuffed the breakfast into her hands, Yvette was surprised.
“I’ll send it, you will eat it.”
Chuck said that before Yvette could react, he walked to a crowded place and handed out flyers to passersby one by one with a smile.
Yvette looked at Chuck who was serious, and she looked down at the breakfast in her hand again. She was moved in her heart and suddenly smiled, “Fool, I bought so much again, how can I finish it?”
She is sweet in her heart. In fact, Chuck has always been very good to herself. There is no need for her husband to find a rich man. Is it enough to be good to herself?
Yvette thought so.
Chuck quickly finished distributing the flyer, and he walked over, “Wife, is there any soy milk? I’m thirsty.”
“and also……”
Yvette handed over the soy milk she had just drunk, but remembering that she had drunk it, she shook her head, “Don’t drink it, I drank it…”
However, Chuck’s mouth has come over and has taken a sip, feeling that today’s soy milk is particularly sweet.
“It smells good,” Chuck said.
Yvette blushed, isn’t this an indirect kiss? She whispered, “I drank it…”
Chuck didn’t speak, but just took another sip and enjoyed it very much.
Yvette blushed even more. He is his husband. What if he drinks it?
“Wife, do you have any flyers? I will help you continue to distribute them.” Chuck said.
“No, you go to school, take the exam tomorrow,” Yvette became serious, there is no need to distribute so many flyers at once.
“My wife, are you short of money lately?” Chuck said.
Yvette was silent and shook his head, “No, you are short of money? I can give it to you.”
Chuck was helpless, “We two have been sleeping together since nap, I am your husband, do you understand?”
“Yes, but I really don’t lack money, old, husband…” Yvette whispered.
Chuck was excited. Yvette hasn’t called herself that way for a long time. The voice is really too sweet.
But Chuck sighed, Yvette’s personality is like this, very strong, otherwise she can’t start a company as a woman, so desperately.
“Why don’t I bring some business to your company,” Chuck said. The training company can train basically anything.
He can call his mother and ask her to call the hotel staff over for training, and the bar, isn’t it under renovation? You can also call for professional training.
“Thank you, I’ll do these by myself.” Yvette shook her head. She didn’t want Chuck to call Zelda anymore. He said that to get business, it should be for the employees of Zelda restaurant to come for training.
“Wife, you…” Chuck was helpless, forget it, and helped her secretly.
“I’ll take you back to school, don’t be lazy, take the exam tomorrow!” Yvette said solemnly, and Chuck could only nod his head and follow Yvette to the parking lot.
Yvette saw Chuck’s sports car, she was a little surprised, because she hadn’t seen such an expensive car in this square yet, maybe someone rich second generation drove over to play.
“Wife, do you like sports cars?” Chuck smiled. As long as she said she liked them, she immediately took Yvette to buy them.
“I don’t like it, this is the car your men like.” Yvette shook his head, opened the door and sat in.
Chuck had no choice but to get into Yvette’s car. Yvette watched Chuck staring at the sports car. She bit her lip and said, “Like it? I’ll buy it for you later.”
Chuck accident, after all, this car is very expensive!
“Don’t worry, I will definitely be able to afford it. I will buy you a red one at that time, okay?” Yvette said.
Chuck laughed. Is Yvette trying to raise herself?
Yvette drove, Chuck felt too comfortable in his heart, “My wife, I want to give you your hand.”
“Okay, here you are.” Yvette stretched out his hand and Chuck grasped it. It was a sweet feeling.
But when Yvette was like this, Chuck remembered what Queenie had done for him a few nights ago. He sighed in his heart and absolutely couldn’t do anything like that anymore.
Yvette was relieved to find that Chuck was just holding her hand. She was driving, so she definitely couldn’t do other things.

“Director, I want to play this role.” Ye Zimei looked at the director Erica Yannic seriously. She has been following this drama for a long time, but Director Erica Yannic did not contact her at all. She could only come over on her own initiative and ask for this role.
“This…what you want is the heroine,” Erica Yannic shook his head.
“I know, this role suits me well.”
“It’s suitable, but I can’t be the master alone. The producer must choose together.”
“Then who is the producer of this drama? I’ll find him myself. Acting in your drama, you just need to pay for it.” Ye Zimei said, if you can get a queen or something with this drama The award is more important than the pay.
After all, Erica Yannic has won awards in several plays.
Erica Yannic hesitated and could only give the producer’s phone number to Ye Zimei, “This, this is the producer of my play, but you can introduce yourself, because he is not satisfied, no one can come.”
Ye Zimei was surprised, so powerful? She smiled and nodded. The production was a bit tugged. She said thank you, and then dialed the phone number.
Answer quickly.
“Hey…” was a man’s voice.
Ye Zimei was surprised, why is this voice a bit familiar? She hesitated and said, “Hello, I am Ye Zimei, I want to act…”
“Ye Zi Mei?” Chuck here was surprised. Ye Zi Mei called, was it for a role? In fact, Chuck had thought of her, but maybe he hated her a bit, so she was discharged.
But since she knew her number, she probably passed the director Erica Yannic’s pass.
“You, know me?” Ye Zimei was surprised. She felt that this voice became more and more familiar. Where did she see it?
“Yes,” Chuck smiled, and Yvette, who was driving aside, gave Chuck a glance.
Chuck immediately recovered his look.
“That’s it. I like this script very much. I think I am the heroine in it, so…”
“Let me think about it.” Chuck hung up.
The Ye Zimei here was stunned. This voice… she asked, “Director, what’s the producer’s name?”
“You can just call him Mr. Zhang,” Erica Yannic said.
“What? He invested in this drama?” Ye Zimei was stunned, and a person popped up in her mind, sitting on a Rolls Royce…

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