My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 140

Ye Zimei couldn’t describe the shock in her heart. How could she think of it. The person she thought to strike up a conversation with was actually the most VIP guest of a five-star hotel, and she also hit the Chamber of Commerce organizer at the Chamber of Commerce. Now it is actually this one. Investors in the drama…
Ye Zimei shook her head blankly, who is he?
To be honest, she was a hit overnight, and it was also a traffic star. What she needed was to use a play to prove her acting skills and extend her stardom. Now, this play directed by Erica Yannic, It’s just an opportunity to prove her opportunity, but also an opportunity to broaden her play!
She wants to seize this opportunity, but he is the investor in this movie…
Ye Zimei is enLoganled, what should I do?
She really wants to act in this drama, but he will let him do it?
Ye Zimei has no bottom in her heart, how can she offend Chuck herself?
“How is it?” Director Erica Yannic asked.
Ye Zimei came over and hesitated and said, “Director, is he in the capital now?”
Erica Yannic shook his head, “Not here.”
“Then where is he?”
“It seems to be in the sea market…” Erica Yannic thought for a while.
“Haishi?” Ye Zimei muttered to herself. Slowly, her eyes became firm. In any case, she must act in this drama that can prove her acting skills and prolong her star life!

“Go to class obediently, don’t run around, I will go to the classroom later, I will have the exam tomorrow!” Yvette said solemnly.
Chuck nodded, and he sighed. He didn’t study anything this semester. He would definitely not pass the exam, but there is no way. After the exam, see if you can find a place to relax.
Fortunately, the sophomore year will begin in the second half of this year.
“What’s the matter, husband?” Yvette asked in a low voice. She sighed when she saw Chuck.
“I will fail,” Chuck said.
“It’s okay, I will give you tutoring during the summer vacation. You must study more, and you can find a good job after graduation.” Yvette said seriously.
She wanted to change Chuck’s thinking and let her work hard on her own, always relying on Zelda. This is not good. This school is good. After graduation, if the ability is good, there is no problem with a monthly salary of more than 10,000.
She also believed that Chuck would earn more than 10,000 yuan a month. How could Zelda and the woman sitting in Rousslaus in Beijing be able to help him so much. She has a charismatic personality, so after graduation, she would definitely be very easy to find a job.
Chuck nodded. He also wanted to read more, especially English. He thought that his mother was so rich that one day he would go abroad to buy, buy, and buy!
“Wife, give me tuition tonight.” Chuck said, and at the same time took Yvette’s hand.
“Seriously, what are you thinking about? Go to the classroom!” Yvette glared at Chuck and pulled his hand back.
Chuck was speechless, but looking at Yvette’s face, it was as white as milk, Chuck couldn’t help but leaned in to kiss him, and hurriedly opened the car door and ran away.
Yvette’s face flushed immediately, her hand covering her cheek, her heart was warm, “Fool, I am your wife, if you kiss me, kiss me, what are you running?”
Yvette’s heart is wonderful, and his heart beats fast. Is this the feeling of being in love?
She glanced around. Fortunately, no one saw it. Otherwise, if someone else saw her, she wouldn’t be able to continue doing it.
She breathed a sigh of relief, got out of the car, and walked towards her office, but she was hesitating and was about to pay the “Baller” money. She had already thought of a way, but… she was still thinking about it.
Yvette sighed.
As everyone knows, after Yvette left the parking lot and walked away, a big tree walked out of a stunned girl. She looked at Yvette who was going away and was already stunned.
That’s right, this girl is Lara who happened to pass by the school parking lot!
She was gloomy because of Chuck. She didn’t have a car, and she didn’t know how she got here. Maybe she was confused. When she saw Yvette’s car, she wanted to go and say hello, but when Lara was shocked when she saw Chuck getting out of her car.
And seeing Yvette blushing and covering his cheek, is this Chuck kissed? Or did you do something else in the car? This is the school parking lot. This is too bold!
Lara is not a fool, she suddenly thought of an unbelievable fact!
Chuck actually chased Yvette, the most beautiful teacher in the school? How is this possible!
He is rich and can chase many women, but Yvette has so many suitors, but she has always been single, Lara knows that Yvette does not worship gold, and Yvette hates Chuck very much before, why now …
Lara recovered from the shock, she thought about it again, no wonder, Yvette recently said something nice to Chuck in class, it turned out!
Lara felt uncomfortable in her heart. She felt that her belongings had been taken away. Yvette was several years older than you, so would you actually like her?
Lara snorted softly, “A freshman who actually caught up with the teacher, this news is breaking news!”
Lara hesitated, thinking of something, she immediately went to the classroom.
Chuck wandered around in the school, feeling relaxed, he arrived in the classroom, Chuck saw Lara, she had been looking outside the classroom, Lara was waiting for Chuck.
After Lara found Chuck, she immediately bowed her head instinctively, why did she bow her head? I know his handle!
When Chuck passed by her, Lara bit her lip, stood up suddenly, pulled Chuck and walked outside. The classmates in the class were suddenly dumbfounded. What’s the situation? ?
Lara, who has always looked down upon Chuck the most, actually took the initiative to talk with Chuck?
They looked at each other. What’s the situation with Chuck? Why are all beautiful women looking for him recently?
“Fuck, Lara is blind too?”
“How is it possible, doesn’t Lara have a rich second-generation boyfriend? Why would you like Chuck?”
“That’s right, it is estimated that Chuck will be a porter.”
“Sure, Chuck’s heart is probably so happy.”
The people in the class laughed.
“What are you doing?” Chuck frowned, he really didn’t want to Li Lara.
Lara stared at Chuck, “I saw it.”
“What did you see?”
“I saw you came out of Teacher Jordan’s car just now. She blushed. You two did that kind of thing in the car! You actually got a teacher?” Lara got more and more angry, she thought about it these days. It’s been a long time, do you like Chuck?
She thought about it and struggled especially, but in the end she knew, yes, she fell in love with Chuck.
When Yolanda got on the sports car and left with Chuck, her heart was very empty, as if her own things were taken away. This is what she likes.
Chuck frowned. He was so excited just now that Lara didn’t notice that there were other people in the parking lot.
You must know that the principal of this school is a very old-fashioned middle-aged woman. If she knows that Yvette is in love with the students, then she will definitely find a way to expel Yvette.
Yvette is very comfortable as a teacher here. There are only a few classes per week. If this is expelled, Yvette will definitely be more sad.
“Chuck, you two rich generations think all day to conquer all kinds of women, right? Now you suddenly put your mind on Teacher Jordan! Don’t you think your behavior will harm Teacher Jordan?” Lara said.
“Hurt, I don’t think.” Chuck shook his head. Yvette was originally his wife, what happened to the kiss? Naturally, besides, his mother is so rich, Yvette will definitely be very happy if he follows her.
“Don’t you think? Chuck, I originally thought you were pretending to be hanging silk because you were not that bad in your heart, but I misunderstood you. You chased Teacher Jordan. Will you marry her? No, You just play with her. If you use Teacher Jordan as your toy, if you play enough, you will pay compensation at most, and you will kick Teacher Jordan, but you will harm Teacher Jordan! Then Teacher Jordan will You have been pitiful for many years? I advise you not to play with her, becauslthough Teacher Jordan has a bad temper, he has a good teaching level. He is a good teacher. A good teacher should be respected, not played by you!” Lara said coldly.
“I think you have misunderstood, the teacher Jordan in your mouth was originally my wife.” Chuck said.

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