My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 14

The manager of Modern Restaurant bought Chuck Cannon to the VIP room. He felt puzzled. “What’s going on?”
“Miss, I didn’t book it”, Chuck said.
“Hello, sir. It is Director Maine that arranged it for you.” The manager smiled slightly. She was also surprised, why would the director arrange it so? After all, only a few people had the luck to be escorted to their rooms by Director Maine like this.
This confused Chuck. The woman outside just now? What did she arrange for him? However, since the arrangement was already made, Chuck just accepted it nonchalantly and followed the manager to the VIP room.
However, when Chuck passed by the hall, he suddenly saw Yvette Jordan sitting at a table. She was just staring blankly at her phone, her gaze already dim and upset.
She was very beautiful today and dressed up on purpose. She was wearing a knee-high dress revealing her long legs, her skin as fair as snow. Chuck could say for sure that she had grown up to be a beauty since he had grown up with her from young. Today, she looked stunning as her beauty reached its pinnacle.
Chuck still remembered that when he woke up in the middle of the night a few years ago, he could see Yvette’s figure, but she didn’t know. It was rare to see Yvette dressed up so meticulously but looking so down in the dumps. Chuck almost couldn’t hold himself back to tell her he was the “baller.”
However in this situation, it would only ruin the beautiful fancy in her head , earning Chuck a big furious slap from her.
The thought dispelled Chuck’s previous idea. In order not to let Yvette see him, Chuck walked close to the manager. The manager was a woman and she was also gorgeous. Seeing as this unknown man was walking so close to her, she blushed immediately. “Sir, please don’t do this. I have a boyfriend.”
“I’m sorry.” Chuck’s face turned red. After passing Yvette, Chuck apologized.
“It doesn’t matter.” The beautiful manager blushed like an apple.
“Sir, please come in.” The beautiful manager opened the door to the VIP room.
There were countless luxurious things inside. Chuck had never been to such a high-class place before. He was really surprised. He sat down and didn’t know what to do. Since he was hungry, Chuck usually ordered a steak. The manager was surprised that he ordered it first. Why did he come here alone?
“Sir, are you alone?” The manager asked tentatively. After all, the VIP room’s expense was not low. Isn’t it a waste to come here to eat steak without a girlfriend?
“Yes, I’m alone.” Chuck nodded.
“Alright, please hold on!” The manager went out.
Soon, the steak was brought in. Chuck had never eaten this before, so he asked, “Miss, do you have chopsticks?”
“Ah?” The manager was surprised. The person who Director Maine arranged personally the VIP room had never eaten a steak before?
“I’ve never eaten it before, so…” Chuck was embarrassed.
“Sir, please wait for a moment.” The manager walked out with a smile.
At that moment, Conrad Lee brought Lara Jean over to the Modern Restaurant in his BMW. She had never been to this place before but heard that it was such a high-class place. She said disdainfully, “That loser Chuck managed to find a part-time job here. It seems that this place is not so good after all.”
“Based on how Chuck is, he will probably be around in one or two minutes. Let’s enter in five minutes.” Lara said with a look of disdain.
“Well, Chuck is here as a waiter. If I catch him in the act, he’ll not dare to say anything or make a scene. After all, in such a high-end place, such a poor guy doesn’t have the confidence or the right to speak loudly. He will only beg for compensation like the lowlife he is. Doesn’t he like to show off? This time, I will make him pay one or two thousand. I’m looking forward to it!” Conrad said expectantly with an evil glint in his eyes.
“He dare cheat me of 6,000 dollars, I’ll make him pay with all the interests! Remember, come in in five minutes!” Lara said.
“Got it.”
Lara opened the door and got out. Conrad said in a hurry, “The space is not wide enough. Be careful when you open the door. There is a BMW seven series next to you. You’ll need to pay tens of thousands of dollars with just a scratch!”
“Got it.”
Lara opened the door and got out. Seeing the new car, it didn’t even have a car plate so she wouldn’t know which big boss it belonged to. She looked at the BMW seven series several times and then back at her boyfriend Conrad’s car, which cost about 100,000 dollars. She suddenly felt a pang of embarrassment.
She thought. “Why can’t I find a boyfriend that drives this kind of car? How amazing would it feel if the owner of this car was my boyfriend? Driving this to university would feel so satisfying.”
Lara was looking forward to it. It was a pity that there was no phone number on the car. Otherwise, she would keep it in mind and take the initiative to invite the person out….
She took out her mobile phone to call Chuck and asked him for his VIP room number, which he revealed directly. Lara hung up the phone and sneered, let’s see how long you can be arrogant for.
Lara walked in. Seeing Lara dressed well, the receptionist at the front desk smiled and served her. Lara asked, “Do you have a waiter named Chuck Cannon here?”
“Chuck Cannon? No.” The receptionist shook her head.
Lara looked down on Chuck further. His acting skills weren’t bad, and even his colleagues were cooperating with him. She knew that the service charge of a VIP room cost 1,000 dollars alone, with the lowest expenses being 9,000 dollars. Chuck could never afford it.
“Hmph, do you think I don’t know that you only picked up 20,000 dollars?” Lara muttered before continuing to say she was looking for someone, even giving the VIP room number to the receptionist.
The receptionist brought her in.
However, when she saw her teacher Yvette, Lara was surprised. How could teacher Jordan be here?
It didn’t matter anymore, Yvette would never know as the meeting was in a private room. Lara followed the receptionist and walked quickly.
In the VIP room.
Chuck’s WeChat rang with a loud “Ding'”, indicating that he had received again yet another message. He clicked on it and found that it was still Yvette. “Baller, can you come here soon?”
Reading between the lines, he could still hear the disappointment in her voice.
Chuck was conflicted but still chose to ignore it. At that moment, someone knocked on the door of the VIP room, and Chuck answered. The door opened and Lara walked in confidently, staring at Chuck’s cheap attire. She was even more disgusted by him.
Come on, if you’re pretending, try to act the part too. Dressed in such trashy clothes here in a VIP room, do you think you’re a clown?
Chuck glanced at Lara and immediately regretted his actions. He just said it casually and didn’t expect Lara to really come. However, since he already agreed, Chuck couldn’t reject it now. Did she really break up with her boyfriend? Chuck could not believe it.
“Chuck.” Lara walked over with red eyes. She pulled the chair and sat down beside him. Chuck’s face turned red because of the sweet scent from her.
“Chuck, I broke up with my boyfriend. Can you comfort me?” Lara squeezed out tears, looking pitiful.
When she spoke, her soft, supple thigh leaned over intentionally. Chuck immediately backed up. Although Lara looked pretty and had a nice figure, Chuck didn’t hate her, but didn’t want anything with her.
Lara saw Chuck retreating and grabbed his thigh. “Are you a man? Why are you running away? Eh, what’s in your pocket?” Lara touched something square.
“It’s a car key.” Chuck blurted out, but he felt uncomfortable after saying it.
Lara wanted to laugh out loud. Car key? Isn’t it just a lighter? Try to act the part properly! She sneered coldly. “Ah, car keys. Shall I take it out and have a look? I want to see the kind of car you bought.”
Chuck could only say, “It is not a car key, it’s a lighter…”
Lara’s heart was full of scorn. He couldn’t continue to act when she asked him to take it out. Since he had admitted it, he was still definitely a loser. Lara felt thrilled to catch him in the act of lying.
“Chuck, this private room was reserved by you. Now no one can come in. Don’t you want to do anything to me?” Lara suppressed the disgust in her heart and came over. The clothes on her shoulders naturally fell down, revealing a black strap on her shoulder.

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