My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 15

Lara Jean’s figure was indeed amazing. At this moment, as the clothes shuffled off her body, Chuck Cannon could see her figure uncensored. He has been Lara’s classmate for so long. Usually, when she bent down or bowed her head, he could occasionally capture this scene. However, the feeling of peeking at her was nothing compared to the real thing today.
Chuck’s heart beat faster, but he calmed down immediately. He clearly knew what kind of woman Lara was. What was she doing here today? Chuck retreated.
Lara clung to Chuck as close as she could and did not let go at all. Deep down, she was anxious. She had sacrificed so much, but why was Chuck not moved at all? Why didn’t he touch her? What a loser!
However, she didn’t know that Chuck was also anxious. Normal men would definitely have some reaction if they were by Lara like this. Chuck struggled to get away. Lara scoffed silently and looked at Chuck’s pants. He obviously wanted to, but still pretended to not want to. He was really pretentious.
She continued to seduce him selflessly, but a few minutes later, Lara frowned. What was going on? Why hadn’t her boyfriend rush in at this time?
She was secretly furious at the unreliability of her boyfriend. Did he want to wait until Chuck was raping her before coming in? Disgusting!
After waiting for a few minutes, Lara was furious. She stopped seducing Chuck and stared at him angrily. She snorted and stepped aside. In front of Chuck, she took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Conrad Lee, asking him what was going on.
Conrad did not reply to the message, but when Lara checked her social activity, she was absolutely pissed!
Because he was very busy at this time!
He was actually taking selfies with the BMW seven series on his phone, even adding a caption beneath the photos: My dad’s new car, I really want to drive it out for some fun…
Lara was so furious that she almost erupted on the spot, your dad’s car?
She knew that Conrad’s father drove a Helanda, which was eight or nine times cheaper than this car. She angrily replied, “Come here quickly, do you want me to get eaten by him?”
If Chuck knew that the car he bought had become “Conrad’s father’s car”, he would probably be confused but amused too
Chuck was currently distressed because his mobile phone was ringing. He took it out and saw that it was Yvette Jordan’s WeChat message of disappointment and sadness. He couldn’t bear to see it anymore. If he didn’t go back, he might really go to see Yvette. Then it would be hard to put an end to it.
Lara received a message from her boyfriend, saying that he would come over now and asked Lara to continue seducing Chuck. Despite feeling disgusted, Lara still pulled open her collar and turned to Chuck once more. Seeing as Chuck was about to leave, she hurried over and hugged him again. After rubbing him, she raised her hand and slapped herself. Chuck was stunned. What was going on?
“Chuck, I didn’t expect you to be such a person… Uhh…” Lara squeezed out tears. When she heard footsteps outside, she quickly opened the door. Conrad then rushed in angrily. “Lara, are you alright?”
“Chuck bullied me…. He opened my clothes and said if I didn’t let him, he would hit me….” Lara hugged Conrad and cried, looking wronged and sad. She was really putting up an act.
Chuck finally understood what she meant. Lara was trying to plot against him. No wonder she was so seductive and focused on him just now.
“Look, my face is swollen. He is a bastard. How could he do such a thing to me? Help me get back at him!” Lara cried and looked as though she was the victim.
Conrad was furious. When he came over, he pointed to Chuck and scolded fiercely, “How dare you touch my woman? You want to die?”
Conrad sneered. He wanted to see this person kneel on the ground and beg for mercy after being caught red-handed. Chuck didn’t say anything.
“Call the police? Okay!”
Chuck chuckled and pulled the chair to sit down.
Lara, who was proud in her mind, was stunned. What did he say?
Conrad was stunned and angry. “What did you say? You hurt my girlfriend, but you still act like this?”
“Then what do you want me to do?” Chuck raised an eyebrow and looked back at Conrad.
“You!” Conrad was at a loss for words for a moment. Why isn’t he begging for mercy?
“Chuck Cannon, you are a bastard! My dear, call the police. I want him to go to jail. How dare he do this to me!” Lara cried.
“Don’t be sad. Justice will be served once these people are sent to jail. Calling the police!” Conrad said, pretending to call the police, but in truth he was confused. Something was wrong. Chuck was a waiter, so he should not even have the right to make a ruckus here. Why was he still sitting so calmly?
Chuck smiled.
“How dare you laugh at me? Don’t you know that you broke the law? You will have to serve jail term for at least 5 to 6 years! Just wait and see!” Conrad snapped.
“Then hurry and call the police”, Chuck said with a smile.
“You…..” Conrad was speechless again. What was going on?
“You bastard. Sob”. Lara cried even harder.
“Cry louder.” Chuck said.
Lara wiped her tears and glared at him.
“You guys put on quite a show. Now that it’s over, I’ll pay and leave now.” Chuck said calmly.
“You are just a waiter! Paying the bill? Stop pretending!” Lara was extremely mad. She did not expect Chuck to be so calm. If such, wasn’t it a waste of effort to sacrifice herself to seduce him?
“Chuck, you hit my girlfriend!” Conrad continued glaring at Chuck. It was beyond his expectations, but at this moment, he couldn’t give up!
“Then you can call the police to examine your injuries!” Chuck said calmly.
“How dare you play tricks on me?” Conrad came over and grabbed Chuck by the collar. Chuck just looked at him, “You can continue, because I’m going to call the police!”
“Conrad!” Lara was angry, but if he really called the police, they would be arrested instead. Lara could not stand this, she was annoyed because she had let Chuck look and feel her up!
Conrad let him go angrily.
At this moment, the restaurant manager pushed the door open and came in as she heard some noise. “Sir, what’s wrong?”
“It is none of your business. Get out!” Lara was already angry. She couldn’t help shouting at the manager who she thought was still acting for Chuck’s sake.
“Miss, please don’t make a ruckus here!” The manager frowned. She had seen a lot, and knew instantly that nothing good will come from these two people barging in.
“What ruckus! Still pretending! Your acting is so fake I tell you! Do you think I’ll believe that the poor guy wearing clothes less than 100 dollars can afford the VIP room? He is a waiter!” Lara mocked.
“Miss, be respectful. This gentleman is a VIP in our restaurant!” The manager said seriously.
“A VIP? You are so funny. If your boss knows that you are pretending to put on airs at work, you will definitely be fired! Call your supervisor over! I want to complain!” Lara sat down with a sneer on her face. She must vent her anger today!
“Hurry up.” Conrad’s face also darkened
The manager frowned. “I am the manager here!”
“You are not qualified enough. I want to see your boss! I want to complain!”. Lara shouted.
The manager looked at Chuck, and she could only go out apologetically. At this time, Chuck sat down, but at the same time, his heart suddenly raced, because he saw Yvette pushing the door and entering. Apparently, she passed by and heard Lara’s voices, so she wanted to take a look.
“Lara, Conrad, Chuck, why are you here?” Yvette asked in surprise.
Chuck’s heart beat even faster. It’s over. Why is Yvette here?
“Teacher!” Lara immediately put on her puppy eyes. “Teacher, Chuck just hit me!”
“Did he hit you?” Yvette’s brows knitted fiercely and she glanced at Chuck.
“Yes, he hit me. He called me and asked me to come and meet him here at the Modern Restaurant. He said that he would treat me to dinner. I didn’t expect that he would hit me….. Oh, he wanted to…. oh…” Lara said and burst into fresh tears.
“Did you really hit her?” Yvette’s voice was sharp and unforgiving. “Chuck, she is your classmate. How could you treat her like this?”
Chuck was enraged by Yvette who was obviously taking sides without listening to the full story. “I didn’t hit her. I am here for dinner!”
“Dinner?” Yvette looked disappointed. “Do you know how expensive it is here? And you’re here for dinner? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money, but you can’t pretend to have money them you don’t!”
“Pretend?” Chuck was angry. He wasn’t going to keep everything a secret any longer and he was going to tell Yvette everything!

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