My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 141

Lara was stunned, with an incredible face, how could this be possible?
Yvette has only recently been better to Chuck. It has only been a few days, how could he become a wife?
How could it be so fast?
“What are you talking about! Teacher Jordan is your wife?… You! Chuck is sick?? Or as my three-year-old child? Do you think that if you catch Teacher Jordan, she will become your wife?” Lara shook her head.
She still didn’t say the second half in her heart
Do you think you are rich? ? Teacher Jordan does not worship money. You can chase Teacher Jordan and you have a lot of routines. Teacher Jordan is too simple to be fooled by you.
Chuck frowned. Lara didn’t believe that Yvette was Chuck’s wife?
“Let Teacher Jordan know that you play with her, do you still think she will be your wife? Let alone your wife, girlfriend and teacher are not.”
“I didn’t play with her, she is really my wife.” Chuck said, why doesn’t Lara believe it?
“Okay, the marriage certificate! Show me the marriage certificate, and I believe you!” Lara stretched out her hand.
Chuck was helpless. He and Yvette didn’t have a marriage certificate. They slept until now when they were young, not to mention that Chuck is still young and it is impossible to have a marriage certificate.
Seeing that Chuck didn’t speak, Lara’s heart came out so quickly that she was really a big liar! This is all deceiving! !
“No, you are a liar!” Lara thought that Chuck was a “Baller” who lied to her, so she didn’t hit her.
“You have to be clear, you don’t have to have a marriage certificate.” Chuck said. The two have slept together for so long, aren’t they the wife?
“That’s it?”
Lara snorted, “You said you’re used to cheating and cheating? You all cheat me? You still call a wife without a marriage certificate. You two rich generations like to do this, right? You, call teacher Jordan’s wife, Jordan The teacher will definitely ignore you.”
“Whatever you say.” Chuck was too lazy to talk to her.
Otherwise, if you continue to say this, would you take Yvette over to confront? No need, so Yvette was embarrassed.
“You are a liar! You just chased Teacher Jordan, so you said she was your wife. Do you know how many people are chasing Teacher Jordan?” Lara snorted coldly.
Chuck didn’t want to talk to her anymore. Yvette was indeed chased by many people, but Yvette is still intact until now, which proves that Yvette doesn’t like these people.
Yvette worked hard enough by herself, and she likes to use her own money.
“Someday Teacher Jordan finds out that you are a liar, and she will break up with you, absolutely, wife?!” Lara snorted.
She already muttered in her heart
When Teacher Jordan is angry at you, then you will be miserable, even the teacher dare to play!
Chuck frowned.
Lara wants to go.
“Stop!” Chuck stared at her.
Lara trembled, bit her lip and turned her head, “What are you doing? Didn’t I say it? Obviously you two are in a relationship between a man and a woman. Why do you call him a wife?”
“I warn you, Yvette is my wife’s business, you are not allowed to tell other people,”
“It’s said that Teacher Jordan is not your wife. Are you shameless? You just chased her. Both your boy and girl friends are reluctant. When she knows you play with her, she will…” Lara said halfway, her face immediately She panicked, because Chuck took out her mobile phone and clicked on WeChat. She saw her own photos.
“Besides,” Chuck looked at her.
“I, I won’t say it, don’t say it,” Lara hurriedly shook her head. If this fruit photo is passed on, she really doesn’t know what to do.
And at this time, she felt a strong sense of shame in her heart, because Chuck looked at her own fruit photo in front of her, and now she is wearing her clothes in front of him, isn’t the clothes transparent?
Thinking of this, Lara was angry in her heart.
“As long as you and me, and today’s affairs are known to one person, then I will post your photos in groups.” Chuck laughed, still can’t heal you?
“No, I would never say it,” Lara’s face paled in shock.
Chuck was too lazy to look at her and was about to go back to the classroom, but Lara bit her lip, “Chuck, can you delete these photos? Please, OK?”
“Delete? I’m fine. I still want to show it and appreciate it.” Chuck smiled. Chuck warned her of this. He has read so many of them, and he is really not interested in taking it out again to “appreciate.” .
“Can you not be so shameless?” Lara stared at Chuck.
“Then when you sent me the photo, do you know how to write the word shameless?” Chuck replied politely.
“You!” Lara wanted to scold her, but she didn’t dare. Chuck is a rich second generation!
“Whatever you want!” Lara turned angrily and left, but she stopped, “Chuck, don’t torture me, or you can have a good time, I will stay with you all night, and you will delete the photos. Up.”
“I have already said, I already have a wife, I will still touch you?” Chuck shook his head. Although Lara is very beautiful today, with long legs and obvious chest, Chuck will not cheat, let alone The derailment was on Lara.
“Are you endless? If Teacher Jordan is your wife, my mother will immediately take off her clothes and Guo Ben!” Lara was annoyed.
At this time, the sound of high-heeled shoes sounded, Lara saw the tall Yvette approaching here, why would such a beautiful woman be deceived by Chuck?
Lara’s heart is full of puzzles, after all, in her heart, Yvette is perfect, perfect in appearance, and hot in body, but she is the dream lover of many people in the school.
There are many choices for such a woman, why choose Chuck?
“Chuck, Lara, what are you two doing? You are in class, but are you not in the classroom?” Yvette walked over and said.
“Yes, teacher.” Lara lowered her head and turned and walked into the classroom.
Chuck naturally went inside. It seemed that he and Yvette still had to pay attention. Yvette saw that Lara’s expression was wrong, she wondered, Lara looked down on Chuck the most? Why are you so afraid of Chuck?
“Chuck, what did you do to Lara?” Yvette asked.
Chuck shook his head. Could it be that there is Lara’s fruit photo on the phone?
“Then why are her eyes red? You bullied her?” Yvette suspected that Chuck might have been ridiculed by Lara just now, she might have beaten Lara.
“How dare I bully her? Wife, you go to class, I really want to study.” Chuck shook his head.
“Are you going to die? Call it where no one is!” Yvette was shocked, if the students heard her, don’t do her job.
Chuck nodded and hurriedly walked into the classroom. Yvette was helpless, followed, and whispered, “Old…husband, don’t be angry, just call in the car.”
Chuck was delighted, the cry was really nice, and when he walked into the classroom, Yvette’s face immediately fell cold, “Class is now!”
Seeing such a perfect Yvette on the stage, Lara hummed in her heart
Teacher Jordan, what kind of magic do you have Chuck? do you know? Just now, Chuck said that you are his wife, but I broke it down. How could you be his wife?
Thinking so, she secretly looked at Chuck again, a liar!
Teacher Jordan cannot be your wife’s, you are delusional!

After class was over, Lara immediately went to the office to find Yvette while Chuck was not paying attention.
Yvette was a little surprised, is Lara coming to sue Chuck?
“Teacher, what do you think of Chuck?” Lara asked.
“Very good, why do you ask?” Yvette packed her things unexpectedly, and she was going out because there was no class.
“Teacher, let me tell you that Chuck has a girlfriend.”
Yvette frowned, “Who did you hear?”
“I saw, didn’t I open a shop in the square? I saw Chuck school and Yolanda together.” Lara whispered.
Yvette stood up, and Chuck had already explained that he used to work part-time, how could he be with Yolanda?
“Teacher, don’t believe me, Chuck is a big liar, he specializes in deceiving women,” Lara said secretly, she didn’t know her purpose for doing this, she just didn’t want to see Chuck had a girlfriend.
“Don’t talk nonsense,” Yvette shook his head.
“It’s true. I saw it in the square. The two of them were pulling and pulling. Maybe they did something in the office. Teacher, I really saw it.” Lara said a lot. It was originally. Yolanda is Chuck’s girlfriend. Chuck must have fallen on her. As for whether he is in the office, is there a difference?
Lara saw Yvette getting angry, Lara was proud of her, Chuck, you are a big liar!

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