My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 142

Lara is proud of her, hum, let you be a teacher.
You still call Yvette as his wife. Isn’t anyone reluctant to do it?
It is even more impossible to be willing now.
She saw that Yvette was very angry. This was angry, but Lara was even more sorry. Yvette was angry, which only showed that Yvette really liked Chuck.
But apart from being rich and good-looking, what else does Chuck have?
He is a liar!
Yvette was silent. She took out her mobile phone and wanted to call Chuck, asking if Lara said it, but is it appropriate?
Yvette sighed in his heart.
Lara saw Yvette’s mobile phone interface, she was puzzled, “Teacher, don’t you have Chuck WeChat?”
After all, WeChat is much more convenient than calling.
“No.” Yvette shook his head and sat down.
When she was in the parking lot last time, she wanted to add it, but Chuck said that she would add it next time, and she didn’t add it until today.
“Do you have his WeChat? Then you can share your business card with me, I will add him.” Yvette said.
“Okay, I have him on WeChat, I will share it with you…” Lara took out her mobile phone and was ready to send her business card, but suddenly thought of Chuck’s warning, she shivered, sent it, and let Yvette know it. , Isn’t that your own photos will be seen by the whole school? ?
“Why haven’t you sent it yet?” Yvette waited, because Lara hadn’t moved her mobile phone for a long time.
“Teacher, I’m sorry, I forgot that I don’t have Chuck WeChat, I’m sorry.” Lara said quickly.
“Forget it, I’ll ask him next time.” Yvette was helpless, she packed her things, but suddenly thought of a question, why would Lara come over and talk to herself about Chuck?
Could it be that Chuck told Lara that he had a relationship with Chuck?
Yvette is worried, husband, what are you doing?
“What are you doing over here and telling me about this?” Yvette asked seriously and locked the door at the same time.
Lara was a little panicked when she was stared like this, and shook her head hurriedly, but Yvette’s eyes made her panic, “Teacher, I just came to talk…Teacher, you believe me…Teacher, I, I saw Chuck coming out of your car in the morning.”
“What are you…” Yvette said helplessly, so she must have seen Chuck kiss herself.
“So, teacher, are you with Chuck?” Lara asked in a low voice.
Yvette has always been an adult, and she quickly calmed down, knowing that denial is useless, and nodded after silence, “Yes, I am with Chuck.”
Yvette was surprised when he said this sentence, he actually said it? She didn’t feel nervous, but relaxed… she finally said it.
“Why? Teacher Jordan, you are so beautiful and work so well. Why do you want to be with him? Why do you like him?” Lara asked.
She didn’t understand this, and she was too puzzled. With Yvette’s capital, she could find any rich person, why should she find Chuck?
In other words, Chuck is just a BMW, a sports car, and his assets may be tens of millions, definitely not 100 million. Yvette can find something better than Chuck!
“I… you don’t understand, I feel that he is to me, very to me.” Yvette said, thinking of the scene of beating people for himself when he was in the capital.
He is really brave alone.
That was Chuck who Yvette had never seen before.
Lara sighed, “But, Chuckzhen and Yolanda are together, he is playing teacher you, don’t be fooled!”
“Well, I’ll ask him,” Yvette was lost in his heart. Husband, don’t you, OK?
Lara knew that it was useless to say anything. She thought that Chuck must have been Yvette’s in the car in the morning. She also thought that Yvette would break up with Chuck immediately, but Yvette’s performance was calm. Helpless.
“Lara, can you keep this secret for the teacher in advance?” Yvette walked over.
Lara nodded. Even if she said it, she could still think of the reaction of her classmates. She definitely didn’t believe her death. Yvette liked Chuck? Will they believe? ?
It is useless to say it, not to mention she dare not say, because Chuck has her fruit photo in his hands.
Lara went out, Yvette sat in a chair, she was silent, still dialed Chuck’s number, and quickly answered.
“Husband, where are you?”
“It’s in the square.” Chuck said. He will come out after class. He shouldn’t take Yvette’s car. Otherwise, let other people see it again. That’s really troublesome. This will hurt Yvette. The teacher’s job does not.
Is this so anxious to find Yolanda? Yvette sighed, “Well, go home early, take the exam tomorrow, remember to go to bed early.”
“Well, wife, can I go to your house today? You help me make up lessons.”
“I have to go out, I don’t know when I will be back,”
“Well, I’m here, let’s not talk about it yet.”
“Okay, by the way, when will you add me to WeChat?”
“Well, it’s fine next time,”
The phone hangs up, Yvette packs up her things and goes out. The day after tomorrow is when she wants to pay the “Baller” money. This is the agreed time. She must get the money, so she must go out and can only borrow usury. When she opened the shop before , I have borrowed it once, but the interest is high. She has survived this period of time and should be able to repay the money.
The main reason is that there is no other way. The house is sold and the money is invested. Last time I lost almost 500,000 yuan.
She sighed. I drove to the school, but the place where I borrowed the last time was a remote restaurant. She parked the car and walked in.
There are already people waiting inside. They need to check the information and evaluate how much they can borrow. Yvette estimates that her car and the company can borrow about 700,000 yuan. It should be no problem. The money from the “Baller” is returned, and there is still left. Next point, you can continue to fight. Recently, the company has improved, but the revenue has not been so fast.
Yvette frowned. The person she borrowed last time was a middle-aged woman, very fierce, but she was a woman, what was she afraid of? But this time it was actually a few men.
“Where is Sister Yue?” Yvette asked.
“What do you ask so much for? Isn’t all the loans the same? What about the prepared information?” said the headed Cun Tou.
Yvette took out the prepared materials after being silent.
After looking at this inch, he looked up at Yvette and asked, “How much to borrow?”
“Seven hundred thousand.”
“Seven hundred thousand? The amount is not small, can it be paid back on time?” Cuntou stared at Yvette.
“Okay, you have a good reputation in our company, and you have suppressed your car and company. I will lend you 700,000! But the rules, you know, 700,000, only 650,000, and pay 10 per month. Ten thousand, a total of eight months!”
Yvette frowned, why is it so expensive?
“Don’t linger, sign!” Cuntou said impatiently, and lost the contract. Yvette sighed. After a closer look, he signed the words. Cuntou immediately gave Yvette 650,000.
Yvette was silent, turned and left, but this inch said, “Beauty, don’t forget the time of repayment, when there is no money to pay back, I am going to find you.”
Yvette went out without speaking.
As soon as she left, she immediately sneered, and the little brother beside her sneered, “Boss, this is a superb beauty, this figure is life-threatening, and will not play?”
“Yeah, if this figure comes, haha, everyone knows it,…”
“She signed it, so I’m afraid I can’t play it?” Cuntou sneered. There is something wrong with this contract. If you don’t read it carefully, you are not studying the law, and there is no loophole at all.
But Yvette had already fallen into a trap after signing it. He smiled, Yvette really fell in love with a woman with this figure, she hadn’t played with it yet.
“Boss, don’t forget us at that time…” These little brothers are almost drooling.
“Don’t worry, if I have a mouthful of meat, there will be a mouthful of soup for my brothers.” Cuntou smiled, as if Yvette was already lying on his bed waiting for him.

Yvette got into the car, she was silent, and felt something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell what was wrong, hope it’s okay.
She immediately opened WeChat and then transferred money to the “Baller”.
Chuck here was surprised, where did Yvette get so much money? Chuck confiscated, and subconsciously typed and asked, “Wife, where did you get so much money?”
But when it was sent to Chuck, I was shocked and suffered!

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