My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 143

Yvette, who took a sip of water just now, saw that the “Baller” actually withdrew a message. What did this message send? Why withdraw?
Yvette was a little strange. She happened to drink water just now, and didn’t see what the message was withdrawn. The “Baller” was there, why didn’t he collect the money?
“Thank you for the previous help.” Yvette replied.
After Chuck here saw this message, cold sweat was about to emerge. Fortunately, he had withdrawn in a timely manner. Otherwise, the word “wife” would be enough to let Yvette know that the “Baller” was him.
Chuck sighed. In fact, in the second that was sent just now, Chuck thought it would be wrong if she was wrong, and let her know it, but…Chuck hesitated, what should I say.
Yvette and Lara have different personalities. What would she do if Yvette thought it was cheating her and playing with her?
Chuck himself admitted that he was indeed deceiving Yvette on this point, but Chuck couldn’t help it. Yvette was almost asleep in the hotel. Chuck rescued her and wanted to know her situation, so Added her WeChat at the time.
Chuck looked at WeChat for a long time, but finally didn’t reply. Forget it, don’t contact Yvette on this WeChat, let Yvette forget this “Baller” who once saved her.
Yvette looked at the phone screen beautifully, isn’t the “Baller” here? Why don’t you receive the money and don’t reply to the information?
Yvette is even more strange.
Who will this “Baller” be? Yvette was puzzled and curious, who would be this person who helped him several times?
Yvette murmured to herself. In fact, how could she say that she really wanted to know who this person was. Two times before, she actively invited to tell her to meet, but this “tyrant” just didn’t show up.
Yvette was quite lost at that time.
But now…
Yvette shook her head and drove away from here. She drove to the square, ready to go to the company. She must make money quickly, otherwise the monthly repayment pressure will be too great.
It’s no joke that the usury can’t repay the money, Yvette knows this clearly.
When passing by Yolanda’s office, Yvette wanted to go in and see if Chuck was doing something with Yolanda, but she didn’t have the courage to go in, what if they were really doing it?
Yvette sighed and returned to the company and began to focus on his company’s affairs, but the picture of her husband lingering with other women appeared in her mind, Yvette was disturbed, she was a little disappointed, looking at her mobile phone in a daze.
At this time, the phone rang suddenly, Yvette was pleasantly surprised, did her husband Chuck’s work?
She saw that it was Queenie’s. She was a little bit lost. When she answered, Queenie’s crying voice came out, “Mr. Jordan…”
Yvette stood up immediately…

A minute later, Yvette came out of the company anxiously, very anxious.
At this time, Chuck and Yolanda were talking in the corridor. They seemed to be talking about work. Yvette sighed after seeing them, and immediately prepared to leave, but she found that Chuck and Yolanda behaved. There is no ambiguity, it just seems to be talking about the square.
Looking at Chuck from so far, he really changed too much. His speech and movements were all so elegant, except that there was a beautiful school girl Yolanda standing beside him.
Yvette walked over after hesitating, “Chuck…”
Chuck turned his head and looked at Yvette curiously, “What’s the matter?”
In fact, he was a little nervous, Yvette came to find himself at this time, did he still see the WeChat?
“Are you… free?” Yvette sighed.
“Yes, what’s the matter?” Chuck looked at her serious look, Chuck immediately took it seriously, but he was relieved at the same time.
“Then you two talk first.” Yolanda returned to his office with a smile.
Yvette glanced at Yolanda who was going away, and sighed in enLoganlement. Is it true that Lara can tell?
“What’s the matter, wife?”
“Queenie called me just now and said something happened to her house, so I…”
“Well, let’s go there.” Chuck nodded. In fact, when Queenie left yesterday, Chuck felt that something had happened to her family, otherwise Yvette would not give Queenie 10,000 yuan, and tomorrow The exam was taken, and Queenie hadn’t come back yet, just couldn’t come back.
However, Queenie called Yvette without calling herself. She was simply telling herself that she didn’t want to do anything for her with what happened that night, Chuck sighed.
Queenie is too innocent.
“Will it interrupt your work?”
“will not.”
The two immediately went downstairs to the parking lot. Yvette turned on the phone navigation and drove to Queenie’s house.
After the two left, Zelda appeared in the square and went directly to Chuck. She came to see the shop, but when she arrived at Yolanda’s office, she did not see Chuck, so she asked, “Where is Chuck?”
“Go out with Teacher Jordan.” Yolanda said, “You come to see the shop, right? I’ll take you there and look forward to it.”
“Okay,” Zelda nodded, feeling a little disappointed, and went to see the shop with Yolanda.
She is actually thinking about whether to come here to open a restaurant, after all… will it be embarrassing to meet frequently in the future?
But she has been fancy here, still want to take a look, if it works, just open it, anyway, she is here to make money, no other ideas, but she thinks so, she has no confidence in her heart, she really has no other ideas?
But how could I be disappointed if I didn’t see Chuck when I came here?
She sighed in her heart. She didn’t give Chuck or even let Chuck touch her body. She helped him twice. There was not much physical contact during the help, but why did she get stuck?

On the way, Yvette carefully talked about what happened in Queenie’s house. In fact, Queenie was very pitiful. His parents had died a few years ago. Now there is only one younger sister. They live at her aunt’s house, which can be regarded as being under the fence. , I have been blinded since childhood.
Queenie was able to go to school, and she knelt down and begged her aunt, saying that after graduation, she would double the money, so that Queenie could go to school. Queenie had never asked her aunt for living expenses in college, and she was working part-time to earn living expenses.
But a few days ago, Aunt Queenie called and suddenly told her to stop reading. Someone had taken a fancy to her and asked Queenie to come back to get married. Moreover, her aunt even accepted the lottery, and Queenie was not ready to go back.
But her sister is still at my aunt’s house. The aunt threatened Queenie, saying that Queenie would not come back, so she would kill her sister. Queenie had loved her sister since she was a child. How could she not return?
Yvette gave her 10,000 yuan to get her to refund the gift money, but it was not enough, and there were other circumstances, so Queenie had to call Yvette for help…
Hearing this, Chuck was also a little annoyed. He only knew that Queenie’s house was not well, but he didn’t expect it to be so bad!
Chuck sighed, Queenie was too pitiful.
Queenie looked around at the intersection. She was very anxious. There was really no way she could do it. She could only call Yvette. She sneaked out. She was only 19 years old this year and was in her freshman year. She didn’t want to just get married. Otherwise her life would be ruined like this.
A mean-faced woman walked behind Queenie, grabbed her hair, and pulled Queenie to the ground.
Queenie cried bitterly, “Auntie, no, it hurts, it hurts…”
The woman raised her hand and slapped Queenie, “Young Master Zhou is your blessing, but you still don’t know what’s good or bad? Want to return the lottery? No way!”
“Auntie, please don’t do this to me, I still want to go to university, and I want to…” Queenie begged bitterly.
But the woman slapped and slapped again, “Stop! You eat mine, wear mine, you can’t do it if my old lady lets you marry, and her mother refuses. You are the same as your parents. White-eyed wolf!”
“Auntie, don’t say that to my parents…”
“Your mother is not a good thing, and your father is not even more so. My mother asked you to marry Young Master Zhou to give you a chance. Don’t be like your parents. Don’t let me go back!” The woman grabbed Queenie’s hair Just so procrastinated, Queenie cried and begged, but the woman just grabbed it and didn’t let go…
Queenie cried and looked at the intersection in the distance. Teacher, please come and save me.

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