My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 144

Queenie struggled, and her aunt slapped it out again with an impatient slap. Queenie bit her lip and shed tears, her face flushed.
“Obviously, marry me and Young Master Zhou. If you don’t agree, you have to agree, but you can’t help!”
“Auntie, will you refund his gift, I beg you, after I graduate from college, I will double it back to you, auntie…” Queenie begged, she really felt desperate.
She still has a younger sister, otherwise she would have run away, but how can she run now?
“You pay it back? What are you paying back? Do you know how many gifts Young Master Zhou gave? Just your mind, you can’t afford to work for a lifetime, but you can double it?” The woman sneered with disdain.
“Auntie, please tell me how much, I will definitely give it to you after I work,”
“Shut up, let me tell you, Young Master Zhou gave half a million beauties, what are you going to pay?? Your mind goes out to work, three or four thousand days a month, what are you going to pay?”
“Five hundred thousand?”
Queenie sat on the ground, her face pale. She thought it was tens of thousands, but why so many?
Five hundred thousand is really an astronomical figure for her.
“Have you done it? Can you pay it back?” The woman sneered and grabbed Queenie by the hair.
“I, I can ask a friend to borrow it.”
“You borrow? Your mother is a poor ghost, and you are also a poor ghost. Will you have friends who can give out half a million?” the woman mocked.
Queenie shook her head desperately. She took out the ten thousand Yvette gave her from the bag, “Auntie, I will give ten thousand first, and I will give you the rest. Would you please refund the gift.”
The woman immediately grabbed the money in her hand and sneered, “Where did you get the ten thousand? Did you do anything bad in your studies? If you are not okay, how can I clean up you!”
“Auntie, this was lent to me by my teacher.” Queenie was anxious.
“Teacher? What kind of shame teacher will lend students ten thousand? You think I’m stupid? No matter how you get the money, I will collect ten thousand, just as you and your sister’s living expenses in the past few years!” She said He put the ten thousand in his hand into his bag.
“No, auntie, this is lent to me by my teacher, no…” Queenie cried anxiously.
She hasn’t eaten her sister-in-law in the past few years. She has part-time jobs every day, and she can pay a little money back every month as her sister’s living expenses.
How can you still take away the money Teacher Jordan lent him?
The woman slapped Queenie and scolded angrily, “It’s better to raise a dog than to raise you. You eat mine and live with me for several years. You don’t want to give me ten thousand. She is really a white-eyed wolf! ”
“Auntie, this money is really not mine, really not.” Queenie cried in despair.
At this time, her mobile phone rang, and she hurriedly took it out to see that it was Teacher Jordan’s. She was pleasantly surprised to answer, but grabbed the mobile phone.
The woman glanced at it, “Ms. Jordan? This stupid lent you ten thousand? Huh, cell phone? Before you and Young Master Zhou got married, you would never want to use your cell phone anymore.”
The woman ignored it and hung up directly, but soon Yvette called back, and the woman answered impatiently, “Hit Nima and force it, let’s do it!”
After saying this, she turned off the phone, and she grabbed Queenie and went home.
Yvette, who was in the car here, looked bad.
“What’s wrong, wife?” Chuck was curious.
Yvette shook her head and said it was okay. She called again and found that the phone had been turned off. She didn’t feel very good. It was definitely not Queenie’s voice that had just scolded herself, so it should be her aunt.
“Queenie’s mobile phone was turned off, but she asked me to drive here,” Yvette sighed.
She liked this girl quite a lot, and didn’t want her to end her life like this, but now it seems that Queenie may be in an accident, and she should have been kept at home by her aunt.
Chuck glanced around and really didn’t see Queenie.
“What should I do now?” Yvette was anxious.
Chuck said, “My wife, wait a minute, I’ll ask someone to check where Queenie lives.”
“How to check this?” Yvette asked, checking people is not that easy, right?
“Call to check.” Chuck took out his mobile phone, opened the door and went down, found Betty’s number, and dialed out.
Yvette just looked at Chuck outside the car. She was silent and curious. Husband, who are you calling?
Soon Chuck came in, not a minute, so fast?
Yvette was particularly surprised!
“Wife, wait a minute, she will call me back.” Chuck said, Queenie is an ordinary family, it is easier to find out, it should be Baili to make a phone call, find out where she lives, just go directly.
In less than a minute, Betty’s call came, Chuck answered, nodded and hung up.
“My wife, drive three kilometers ahead.” Chuck pointed the way, but it was not far away.
Yvette nodded, started the car, and drove as Chuck said.
“Husband, how did you know?” Yvette couldn’t help but ask, how can you check people by calling, it shouldn’t be that simple?
“I told you that I was the rich second generation.” Chuck smiled.
Yvette was helpless, “So you used your rich second-generation identity to make the call? Hmm! Is it good to be a little more serious? I don’t know if you are the rich second-generation? We have been together since we were young, and I don’t know what you are. ?”
Having said this, Yvette blushed, really watching Xiao Chuck grow up slowly, but he hasn’t seen it in the past seven or eight years, because Chuck won’t let himself bathe him…
Chuck was speechless, he said this twice, why Yvette didn’t believe it!
“Well, this is your secret, I won’t ask.” Yvette drove seriously, and she didn’t think the joke was funny.
“Wife, I’m really a rich second generation, why don’t you believe it?”
“Okay, I believe it, I believe it, don’t say it, it will be here soon.”
Chuck was helpless, saying this made Yvette even more unbelief. It seemed that he was going to let his mother come over to see her daughter-in-law, so Yvette would believe it by then?

“If you run again, my old lady will kill your sister!” The woman scolded, and Queenie cried and returned to the room by herself, squatting in the corner, crying.
The woman walked out of the room and called Master Zhou. Soon a BMW 5 Series drove to her door. A 30-year-old man came out of the car. His head was covered with big yellow teeth and his face was greasy. He looked very sick. .
“Master Zhou, she is in the room. I think I will let Master Zhou be with her tonight. Anyway, it will be a matter of time before we get married. When a woman breaks, her heart will fall.” Woman Say.
Young Master Zhou has been impatient for a long time. There has been an accident in his family recently. He is thinking of marrying a wife in accordance with the old fashion. It happens that this woman said that there is a virgin relative. Isn’t that right?
Of course, Young Master Zhou was willing, and immediately gave her half a million beauties.
“All right, I’ll give you the money to stay for one night, don’t come back today!” Young Master Zhou gave one thousand to Aunt Queenie.
The woman hesitated, she was worried that Queenie would run away again, that wouldn’t work, she wanted to guard, wait until she broke, and then go out, so as to be safe.
“Why, do you still want to come together?” Young Master Zhou glanced at her, staring at her exaggerated hip line and said.
The woman blushed immediately after hearing this, she couldn’t do such a bashful thing.
Alone is fine, after all, Young Master Zhou is rich.
She took the money and said, “Master Zhou, then I’m going out tonight, that girl is very stubborn, I’m afraid…”
“Are you scared? How many women have I played with? I am attracted to, and still run?” Young Master Zhou shook his head. Isn’t a college student just half pushing and half doing it?
“Well.” The woman went out by herself.
Young Master Zhou smiled, opened the door, and saw Queenie squatting on the ground. He was immediately excited, such a tender girl, this figure and appearance is really against the sky, he closed the door, and then locked it.
Queenie was so scared that her face turned pale, “Auntie, auntie…”
“Stop yelling, your aunt has already gone out. I didn’t expect my wife to be so beautiful. Come on, let my husband take good care of you tonight.” Young Master Zhou said, he rushed over.
Queenie cried in despair, struggling frantically, but Young Master Zhou slapped Queenie out, and she hummed and fell to the bed. Young Master Zhou’s eyes were bright, rubbing her hands, and leaving impatiently past.

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