My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 145

“Husband, is it there?”
Yvette pointed to a house not far away. It was a village and could be seen at a glance.
“Well, it seems to be, but why is there a BMW at the door of Queenie’s house?” Chuck wondered.
“Grass and mud, you are driving Nima, can you drive?” A woman was furious.
Yvette was shocked. She just looked there and didn’t notice someone in the blind spot.
“I’m sorry.” Chuck said hurriedly.
“Two shameless pens!”
The woman snorted angrily. Fortunately, she didn’t bump into herself, otherwise the old lady would lie down and lose you.
She left and continued to walk forward.
“Husband…” Yvette was stunned suddenly, because the woman’s cursing sound was so familiar, it seemed like the sound of cursing after calling Queenie just now. Is this aunt Queenie?
“What’s the matter? Do you want to kick her a few times? Anyway, it’s dark and no one sees it.” Chuck thought Yvette had been scolded, and felt uncomfortable.
“No, I was wrong just now, husband, I think she is Queenie’s aunt.” Yvette simply stopped the car.
Chuck was surprised. He opened the car door and walked out, yelling immediately, “Hey, stop!”
“Stop Nima!” The woman’s cursing voice came.
Where can Chuck stand it? Immediately ran over, “You don’t speak with respect? I ask you, are you Queenie’s aunt?”
“Who are you? Oh, I see, is it the shabi teacher who gave Queenie 10,000 yuan?” The woman sneered.
Chuck frowned, “Where is Queenie?”
“Do you care about me? Get out!” the woman scolded angrily, “I will call the police if you don’t leave!”
Chuck stared at her, too lazy to care about her, walked over and got in the car, “My wife, let’s go to Queenie’s house.”
“En…Ah, what are you doing?” Yvette was startled, thinking that Aunt Queenie suddenly ran over and blocked the front of the car. When she started just now, she almost hit her.
Chuck was annoyed, “Go away! What are you doing?”
He is not good, looking at the BMW car in the distance, this woman is so blocking, is it…
Chuck thought of something, and quickly became anxious, “My wife, step on the accelerator!”
“My husband, I dare not, dare not…” Yvette shook his head. The woman was cursing outside and lying on the hood, Yvette did not dare to step on the accelerator.
“I come.”
Chuck stretched out his hand to hug Yvette, and Yvette said, “Husband, don’t…ah!”
Yvette stepped on the gas pedal violently, and the woman lying on the hood was startled by the roar of the car. She screamed and fell to the side. Yvette took the opportunity to drive.
Chuck was also shocked, because Yvette’s throttle was too strong and the car sprang out like this.
The car drove over quickly, and Chuck opened the door and rushed in before the car stopped.
He heard the sound in the room and immediately kicked the door open, and saw that Queenie was already in the room with disheveled clothes, and what a man who took off his pants was going to do.
Chuck was angry, grabbed a chair and smashed it.
The chair exploded in pieces, Young Master Zhou let out a scream, and fell stiff to the ground.
“Chuck, woo…” Queenie jumped down on the bed, tears could no longer flow out, she rushed into Chuck’s arms.
“never mind,”
Chuck comforted that this man hadn’t taken off his shorts yet, so Queenie should have not been succeeded by him, but he should have done things like scratching.
“Put on the clothes first.” Chuck took a piece of clothing and covered it with Queenie.
She is a figure, but a lot of it is fully revealed, the skin is very good, and the figure is very material, I really didn’t notice that night.
However, Chuck would definitely not look around at this time. Queenie was already frightened just now. After hearing Chuck’s voice, she recovered from the shock. She cried, just like that, because she was just now. , I wanted Chuck to come over, but she didn’t tell Chuck how did he come over?
But when she was desperate, this person appeared, it was Chuck.
She was crying and put on her clothes, but saw Young Master Zhou getting up from the ground, clutching a chair and smashing it over, “Cool horse, dare to beat Lao Tzu!”
“Ah, Chuck!” Queenie screamed.
Chuck didn’t react slowly, turning around and raising his hand to block it, but the pain made him grin and his hand was about to break.
“It’s a grassy horse!”
Chuck kicked it out, and Young Master Zhou fell to the ground.
He picked up the chair and smashed it, daring to sleep Queenie, and beat you to death!
Young Master Zhou screamed like a dead dog, and Queenie was completely shocked.
“Fuck!” Chuck suddenly felt a pain in his leg. This horrible pen bit someone. Chuck broke into a cold sweat on his forehead. He kicked Young Master Zhou a few times. He got up from the ground and ran outside. Ruthlessly, “You fucking wait for me!”
With that, he ran out.
Chuck is about to kneel, is this shameful pen belong to a dog? I don’t know if the bite is bleeding.
“Fucked! Queenie, put on your own clothes,” Chuck limped and chased out, but he can’t let him run so easily, he must be abolished today!
Queenie was at a loss, was he really saved? She looked down at her torn pants, she yelled and hurriedly went to get dressed.
Chuck limped out with a chair, Young Master Zhou was already in the car.
“Husband, did he beat you?? Dare to beat my husband? Still want to run?” Yvette is on fire. Why is this not being beaten?
Before Chuck spoke, he saw Yvette’s face cool down, and he suddenly stepped on the accelerator with a loud boom.
Yvette’s car crashed into the back of Zhou Shaoye’s BMW, and Zhou Shaoye who had started the car was shocked.
I was hit by Yvette’s car on the wall, boom!
Yvette’s car was smashed, and Zhou Shaoye’s car was not much better, and both suffered.
Chuck was shocked, this… his wife is mighty! Actually stopped Young Master Zhou in this way.
But this car… isn’t it scrapped?
“Grass and mud horse, dare to hit my car, I think you haven’t died!” Young Master Zhou got out of the car cursingly, with a machete in his hand. He was suddenly interrupted by his arrow on the string just now, and he was also beaten. After a meal, he was already on fire, and now the car was hit, he was about to kill!
Young Master Zhou struck Yvette with a machete on the front of Yvette’s car. Yvette was dumbfounded, sitting in the car at a loss.
How can Chuck endure his wife being bullied? He threw the chair out of his hand, Young Master Zhou yelled, was hit, and fell to the ground. Chuck punched and kicked him, and Young Master wailed for mercy in the next few days.
“Don’t fight, don’t fight…”
Chuck kicked him a few feet, there are such scumbags! If he came a step late just now, wouldn’t Queenie be tarnished by him? ?
“Ah, what are you doing?” Aunt Queenie rushed over, raised her hand and patted the back of Chuck’s head. With a snap, Chuck was fainted.
He staggered and almost fell, Aunt Queenie helped Young Master Zhou up. This is her god of wealth.
“What are you doing? Dare to beat Master Zhou!!” The woman was annoyed.
She had thought that Young Master Zhou was on Queenie today, so there would be no change in the marriage! , But unexpectedly rushed out so two people came out, and beat Young Master Zhou, she was angry, the two are not afraid of death!
“I’m telling you, don’t even think about leaving today, you two dare to do it without asking for who Master Zhou is?” the woman scolded.
Chuck sneered. Such people still need to inquire? Get him done with a phone call.
“Auntie!” Queenie ran out of the room crying.
“You eat something inside and out, Young Master Zhou sleeps with you, so you can look down on you, so what else do you pretend?” The woman stared at Queenie.
If it wasn’t for her to be older, if Young Master Zhou had taken a fancy to her, she would have put on a set of underwear and waited.
Where is Queenie so ignorant of good and evil? ?
“Shut up!” Chuck said. He really wanted to kick this woman to death. How can Queenie be her relatives? How could he treat Queenie like this for money?
“What right do I have to let me shut up? You silly pen, my old lady…” The woman cursed unceremoniously, but Yvette rushed over and slapped her, “Swear my husband, you go to death!”
The woman fell to the ground, Chuck dumbfounded, Queenie dumbfounded, what, Chuck is Teacher Jordan’s husband? ?

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