My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 146

Queenie was really stunned. Chuck is Teacher Jordan’s student. How could he be Teacher Jordan’s husband?
You know she clearly knows that Teacher Jordan was not so good to Chuck before, but it seems to have eased a little recently. Could it be that Chuck caught up with Teacher Jordan as a student during this time?
This really shocked Queenie. It is no wonder that students chasing the teacher, but Teacher Jordan is so beautiful, and only a few days ago?
Was it chased by Chuck? ?
and also……
According to this time, wouldn’t it be that that night… I helped her boyfriend and her husband in front of Teacher Jordan? ?
Queenie felt particularly ashamed for an instant. Teacher Jordan was so kind to herself that he actually did such a thing, and he was still in Teacher Jordan’s room in front of Teacher Jordan…
She sighed with disappointment in her heart, feeling ashamed of Teacher Jordan and also feeling…
Didn’t do it right that night.
However, it may be uncontrollable, because Chuck secretly touched her… how to say it, it is strange feeling, this may be the reason why she let a man touch her for the first time.
Aunt Queenie got up from the ground. Where did she suffer such a loss, right? Slapped in the face by a woman? She cursed and ran over to fight Yvette.
Yvette came up with a fire, raised his hand and slapped it out.
The woman fell to the ground with a butt, she fell a dog to eat shit, her face was swollen.
Yvette really rarely hits people, but she really can’t help it. She is really angry when she scolds the person who slept with her since she was a child.
She gets angry when she sees someone bullying Chuck.
Chuck really laughed. Today Yvette surprised him. He crashed the car and hit someone for himself.
Chuck looked at the severely damaged front of Yvette. Should he buy a car for his wife? ?
Sure, Yvette’s cars are all like this, and they need to change cars, but I don’t know what kind of car Yvette likes.
This depends on Yvette. If she likes it, she will buy it.
Aunt Queenie got up angrily, but she was so angry that she was going to hit Yvette when she ran over.
How could Chuck make people beat Yvette under the nose? He ran over and kicked the woman, this woman really deserves to be beaten!
“I hit someone, I hit someone…” The woman wailed, clutching her belly. This was all in the same village, and there was such a big movement that someone would soon come over.
“What’s going on? How did you hit someone?”
“Yeah, there was a crash. What’s this?”
“No matter what you are doing, this man and woman are finished. This car belongs to Master Zhou. They also beat Master Zhou. Today is unlucky.”
“I haven’t seen anyone dare to treat Young Master Zhou this way.”
“Yeah, these two people are probably fools, right?”
The villagers gathered around and pointed, and the voices of discussion were endless. They were surprised and laughed, and more of them were watching the excitement and the good show.
Aunt Queenie grabbed her belly and got up, her face distorted, like a bitch cursing the street, “You two are over today! Everyone is criticizing, these two people are robbing people and robbing my niece Queenie!”
“What? Robber?”
“Such things have been done? Is there any King Fa?”
The villagers were a little annoyed, and immediately turned to Chuck and Yvette with bad words.
“That’s not enough, Young Master Zhou and my niece are married. This is a coincidence! But this fool likes my niece, so he came to grab someone!” The woman pointed to Chuck and said, with a cold sneer on her face.
She is not afraid that things will make a big deal, she must breathe out today! What’s more, there is Young Master Zhou there.
“Fuck! This kid is robbing Young Master Zhou’s wife? Still beating? Why is this kid robbing someone? He is even half as good as Young Master Zhou, right?”
“Half? You look at him too high. You can tell by looking at his car. It compares with Master Zhou?”
The onlookers talked a lot.
Chuck frowned. “Don’t talk nonsense. It’s obviously that you forced Queenie to marry him. You said, how many gifts have you received from him?”
“Do you care how much I charge?” The woman was annoyed, “You are beating people now, you are still robbing people! You have beaten Young Master Zhou like this! You are over today! You don’t lose money, her mother don’t want to leave.”
Chuck stared at her, “I won’t lose money, I must take Queenie and her sister away today!”
Otherwise, Queenie would be sold by her aunt. Anyway, Chuck bought Yvette’s house, and it has been unoccupied, so Queenie and her sister moved in.
This way Chuck will feel relieved.
“Take it if you say it! Who does your mother think you are?” The woman sneered with disdain.
“Now I can’t help you. I said to take it, so I take it.” Chuck calmly.
At this moment, Queenie, who heard this sentence, was so moved that tears came out.
“Sorry pen, do you? Put on what? You want to bring it?”
The woman sneered and walked to Master Zhou, “Master Zhou, call someone to come over and kill these two fools!!”
Young Master Zhou had already taken out his cell phone. He really wanted to kill someone today. He has been out for so long and has never been so embarrassed as today. He is really furious. Wait, I ask someone to break your legs!
His face was cold, but Chuck came over, picked up a corner of a chair on the ground, and hit it directly!
To the head of Master Chao Zhou!
Chuck doesn’t have so much time to talk nonsense with him now! hit! !
Young Master Zhou held his head with his hands, blood flowed out like this, his face was shocked, and he pointed to Chuck, “Do you… dare to hit me?”
The audience was shocked!
He actually beat Young Master Zhou like this? ?
Chuck glanced at him, then smashed again.
As soon as Young Master Zhou closed his eyes, he fell to the ground limply and lay on the ground with a plop.
Yvette’s eyes widened, and the others were dumbfounded, crazy, knowing that it was Young Master Zhou, he even hit again, and even hit it twice.
“This kid is going to die?”
“Really looking for death, hit Young Master Zhou in our place, this is looking for death! They definitely can’t get out of here!”
“Ah! It’s killing, it’s killing!” The woman’s face turned pale in fright. If Young Master Zhou’s father knew this, she would not be blamed, but she would be miserable if she was angry.
Chuck walked to the dumbfounded Queenie and dragged her to Yvette. Chuck would not pay attention to anyone. He would hit anyone who blocked it.
Of course the woman wouldn’t let it go, holding on to Queenie and not letting go, “No going, no going! He beat Young Master Zhou and absolutely can’t go. Are you a white-eyed wolf trying to kill me?”
“Auntie…” Queenie cried.
“Don’t go!” The woman clung to her, “Everyone, call the police, dead, dead, if you let Young Master Zhou know that you will not stop the murderer, he will not let you go!”
The nearby villagers were really dumbfounded. After being said so, they came back to their senses and immediately surrounded Chuck and the three of them not to leave.
Young Master Zhou’s father is not joking!
It would really anger them.
Chuck glanced at the woman and kicked out.
“Ouch, kill people! Stop them.” The woman screamed and fell to the ground.
“Want to leave after hitting someone? No way!”
Several villagers grabbed Chuck and didn’t let go, with fierce faces!
“Husband…” Yvette was holding Chuck’s wrist in fear. She rarely saw this kind of scene. She was scared by Chuck’s beating Young Master Zhou. How could she have thought that Chuck would beat people like this? Call the police, but something will happen.
Chuck is not twenty years old, how could he have a criminal record because of this?
“It’s okay. Don’t worry.” Chuck patted Yvette’s hand. Such a confident voice made Yvette stunned. She bit her lip and nodded, not afraid.
“You won’t let us go, right? Okay!” Chuck pulled Yvette and Queenie behind him.
This person has many hands, and he doesn’t want Yvette and Queenie to suffer.
It’s really poor and evil!
“Don’t leave! You want to leave after you beat Master Zhou? No way!”
“Be good!”
These villagers scolded, maybe they stopped Chuck, Young Master Zhou woke up, he was in a good mood, and he would give them a little money, so these three people must not be allowed to leave!
Chuck glanced at them, took out his mobile phone and called Betty, “Hey, Sister Li, I am at the Queenie’s house that you just asked you to check. Someone refused to let me go.”

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