My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 147

The top floor of the night hotel!
Sitting on the sofa, Karen Li smiled and called Logan in Beijing.
“You said Ceer invested in your movie?” When Logan talked to her just now, it wasn’t a surprise.
“Yes, it looks like the shooting will start soon.”
“How much did you invest? Ce’er shouldn’t have much money anymore.” Karen Li asked.
“A lot.”
“More?” Karen Li smiled, but she knew roughly how much Chuck had. She might have invested two to three million yuan, but it was not bad for a literary film.
“Well, he gave me all of the money. Seeing him, he is full of confidence.”
“Really?” Karen Li chuckled and entered the entertainment circle. This was also Karen Li’s idea.
“Yes, very confident.”
“Confidence is confidence, but don’t let the movie lose out when the time comes, and you will pay him another bonus. That won’t work.” Karen Li was serious.
She knew Logan’s character, too gentle. Chuck went to the capital once, and she didn’t know what she wanted to spoil Chuck. After all, Logan was ten years older than Chuck. She would have been good to be Chuck’s sister.
But she insisted on calling her own sister, and Karen Li was helpless at this point.
“Will not.”
“Really not?”
“En? Well, I have this idea, but Sister Karen li said that, I won’t,”
Karen Li is helpless, really not? She doesn’t believe it.
“By the way, I saw Ce’er wife Yvette. You have been back for so long, so you should have gone to see her too?”
“No.” Karen Li shook his head.
“Why not see?”
After being silent, Karen Li said, “Yvette, this girl is OK. I have known since the first day she was with Ce’er, and I have been paying close attention to her every move. However, I am a little bit about the identity of this girl. doubt.”
“I doubt your identity? Sister Karen li, what do you mean? Isn’t Yvette an orphan without father and mother?” Logan’s voice was surprised.
“On the surface, but who knows if there is anything else? You should know how many enemies I have for so many years. Grandpa Ceer kindly brought Yvette home for a while. I meant to let her leave immediately. Give her another arrangement so that she has no worries about food and clothing since she was a child. When she grows up, I will also give her another sum of money to let her live on her own. However, when she was a child, Ceer liked this girl and would not let her go, this girl I cried and made noise as soon as I left. What can I do? I can only agree. Fortunately, for so many years, the girl is really clean, but I can’t feel at ease without knowing who the girl’s parents are. I have to pay special attention to her.”
“I understand what you mean by Sister Karen li, but since Sister Karen li suspects Yvette, then just let her leave.”
Karen Li sighed and shook his head, “This won’t work. Ce’er has liked her since she was a child. If I let Yvette leave without saying a word, Ce’er would definitely hate me if she knew about it.”
“Should not?” Logan was surprised.
“I haven’t been with Ce’er for so many years, and I owe him a lot. I don’t want him to hate me for anything, so…”
Halfway through Karen Li’s words, there was a knock on the door.
“Come in!” Karen Li said, Betty is not an outsider, so even if she calls Logan, she will not avoid her.
Betty opened the door and came in, her face cold.
Sitting on the sofa, Karen Li saw her expression and asked curiously, “My face is so ugly, what happened?”
“The young master went to a village, but he was surrounded by the villagers, so the young master was not allowed to leave!” Betty said. When she received this call, she was very annoyed. How could she treat the young master this way?
Karen Li’s face immediately cooled down, and that kind of coldness can scare anyone!
She said to Logan with her mobile phone, “Logan, I’ll talk next time, I…”
“Well, help Ce’er handle it quickly, dare you not let Ce’er leave? Don’t want to live?” Logan’s angry voice on the phone.
When the phone hung up, Karen Li stood up from the sofa, “Go! Dare to stop my son? Call family unit No. 1!”
“Yes!” Betty took out her mobile phone, “Family Troop One is out!!”
Karen Li walked outside, Betty followed, but was surprised, “You go in person?”
After all, Karen Li seldom goes out now, it’s amazing to go out once.
“Well, poor mountains and bad rivers will lead to troublesome people, I’m afraid that something will happen to Ce’er.” Karen Li’s eyes were very cold!
A minute later, a Rolls Royce came out of the hotel parking lot and Betty drove!
Going towards a place at a galloping speed.
Behind him, one by one off-road vehicles came out of the parking lot and followed closely, like a long dragon, which was daunting!
The roar of the car shocked people passing by!
Every car was full of people, and everyone in the car looked grim! Exuding solemnity!
In the car, Karen Li said coldly, “To mobilize the satellite imagery, I want to see how many people my son is surrounded by!”
Betty nodded, and she called while driving.
Soon a picture appeared on Karen Li’s phone, which was a private satellite of the United States!
She saw a lot of people in a village surrounding Chuck, as if they were still evasive. There were too many people, and Karen Li’s face became even colder.
“Here is too far away from Ce’er’s location. Call Chen Hai near that area and let him go and deal with it first!” Karen Li said.
“Yes.” Betty called again immediately, she stepped on the gas pedal to the end.
A long queue of cars, galloping on the road with anger, this is Karen Li’s anger! !

Chuck guarded Yvette and Queenie behind them. These villagers were so angry that they had completely surrounded Chuck and the three.
Yvette is not afraid, because Chuck is protecting her, and she is very calm in her heart. Chuck’s eyes are very reassuring. When will this big boy who is a few years younger can protect herself.
Yvette put his arm around Chuck’s wrist, very relieved.
“White-eyed wolf, do you still want to leave?” The woman rushed over, grabbed Queenie’s hair, and dragged her away.
Queenie cried bitterly, “Auntie, let go.”
“Let go? I’ve raised you for so long, so you don’t have to repay me. Now you can come here, right? Find a rich man for you, don’t you want it, let her mother come here, right? White-eyed wolf! You want to harm me after hitting Young Master Zhou, don’t you? Don’t think about it!” The woman dragged Queenie into the house, her face full of grimness, just like a shrew.
Chuck was angry and kicked out after raising her leg. The woman fell to the ground with a sigh, but still clutching Queenie’s hair, Queenie was already crying in pain and fell to the ground.
Chuck is on fire, this wicked woman should really fight!
Chuck grabbed the broken stick from the chair on the ground and hit the woman’s hand. She screamed, “I hit someone, hit someone,…”
The woman let go of the pain, and Queenie got up from the ground crying, “Chuck, I’m sorry.”
Chuck shook his head, there is nothing to be sorry about.
“Ah, husband.” Yvette was shocked, because many villagers took the opportunity to surround her, Chuck rushed over in a blaze, hit out with a stick, and pulled Yvette behind him.
“Oh, I hit someone, copy guys, copy guys!” The villager who was beaten screamed, and Chuck was beaten to death.
The other villagers furiously grabbed things and hit them, as if they were about to kill Chuck.
Chuck stared at them coldly. There were more than a dozen villagers at the scene, both men and women, but Chuck had nothing to fear. He was not afraid of killing people.
He grabbed a wooden stick and saw people hit him. The other villagers had a lot of hands, sticks and fists. His fists were hard to beat four hands. Chuck soon suffered, staggering back, shoulder and stomach pain.
“kill him!”
“Yes, hit someone in our village, don’t let him go!”
The villagers rushed up, how could Chuck bear it? ? Hit one person hard, hit with a stick, hit! Soon the villager lay on the ground with a bloody head, wailing.
A villager raised his leg and kicked out. Chuck didn’t pay attention. He was kicked and fell to the ground. The villagers rushed up and punched and kicked Chuck who fell to the ground. Chuck was in pain all over his body. Hit the bricks on the ground and hit the feet and legs.
“Ouch!” A villager screamed and fell to the ground, and the others dispersed.
“Who the hell dare to come here, I will kill him!” Chuck got up from the ground, his eyes red! At this moment, he was like a lion, full of tyranny, whoever came, he would kill anyone!

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