My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 148

The villagers surrounding Chuck looked at each other. They were irritated when Chuck smashed them with a stick or a brick, but now they are even more angry after Chuck said this.
“What are you afraid of? There are so many people, come on, kill him!”
“Yes, kill him!”
Group sentiment is angry!
They also grabbed the bricks on the ground and surrounded Chuck. Yvette’s face was pale. With so many people, Chuck would be killed.
She ran to Chuck, “husband,…”
“Stay back a little,” Chuck said, and today he is going to kill several people!
There is nothing to be afraid of, these people should really fight!
Still so calm, Yvette cried anxiously, “Husband, they have too many people, run away, I am a woman, they don’t know how to beat women…”
Chuck shook his head. This is not good. People like Aunt Queenie will definitely hit Yvette. She has beaten them, and everyone else will definitely hit Yvette. Besides, how could Chuck leave Yvette behind?
“Stay back a little.” Chuck was serious.
“No.” Yvette just pulled Chuck and didn’t let go.
“Don’t worry, I usually do sports, so I won’t suffer in group fights,” Chuck said.
“No.” Yvette’s eyes reddened and he shook his head firmly.
Chuck guarded her one after another, making Yvette feel the feeling of being protected. She didn’t want this feeling to be gone, so… we were all right together.
Chuck looked at her, really, his wife was mighty today.
These villagers surrounded him, and Chuck pulled Yvette behind him.
He has a serious face. There are many of these people, but he has already called Betty, so he only needs to hold him until Betty comes over.
Betty will definitely bring someone here!
Chuck pushed Yvette behind him, grabbed the brick and smashed it over.
All the villagers came over, Yvette was frightened, and Queenie’s face became pale.
But at this moment, a huge engine roar came from a distance!
Everyone stopped, and when they heard the sound, they saw the road in the village, and a man on a motorcycle was driving over at an incredible speed!
This speed is amazing!
The engine seems to burst!
brake! !
The motorcycle stopped in front of everyone, and a middle-aged man got out of the car, his body was dirty, as if he had come from a job site, he was still wearing slippers, and his mouth was still oily. It seemed that he was eating. coming.
“Who are you?” A villager grabbed the brick and walked over angrily, trying to scare the stranger.
But the middle-aged man just glanced at him, slapped it out after raising his hand.
The villager screamed, fell to the ground and passed out.
Chuck was surprised. Is this the person Betty called?
The other villagers were dumbfounded, and immediately surrounded them in anger, fierce and vicious.
“What are you fucking doing?”
“Why do you hit someone?”
“He must be a helper, don’t let him go!”
These villagers surrounded the middle-aged people. They were all holding bricks. One of the villagers smashed it down angrily. It was his relative who was knocked out just now. How could he stand it when he saw his relative being beaten like this?
This middle-aged man slapped again, and this villager was the same, his face was deformed by the fan, and he plunged into the soil and stopped moving.
The other villagers looked at each other.
“Hit someone, hit someone, come here!”
These villagers yelled, and there were many people nearby, and they all had guys, all with long hoes.
Soon dozens of people gathered around, and the atmosphere on the scene suddenly became terrifying. Everyone was full of anger. The mess on the scene told them that the people in their village were bullied by outsiders!
The middle-aged man walked up to Chuck and said, “The scene is too complicated before people come. Take your friends away first.”
Chuck nodded, this should be Betty, that is, his mother’s person, although it seemed to surprise Chuck.
Moreover, there are many people, and Yvette and Queenie may be injured, and they must be taken away immediately.
“Let’s leave first,” Chuck said to Yvette and Queenie.
Yvette and Queenie were stunned, they thought they were going to finish.
“We…” Yvette nodded.
Queenie said yes, but she wanted to take her sister away. Chuck asked where her sister was. Queenie said that she was staying at school and her sister had just been in the first year of middle school.
Chuck nodded and asked Queenie to call her sister. Queenie nodded anxiously, saying that the mobile phone was in her aunt’s hand, and Yvette took the mobile phone out to her.
Queenie called immediately.
Yvette looked at her car. The front of the car was like this and it couldn’t drive. She sighed. This car has been with her for a few years, but it was abandoned today, but it should still be able to drive. It shouldn’t be a problem to take them out of here. .
“Take the car, let’s leave.” Yvette opened the car door and sat in, started the car, and can barely drive, but the deformed front of the car has already affected the line of sight.
Queenie sat down. She had already called her sister just now, asked her to pack her things and leave immediately. Chuck looked at the middle-aged man, “Are you okay?”
“No.” The middle-aged man shook his head.
After being silent, Chuck asked what his name was.
“Chen Hai.” He said.
“En, remember,” Chuck was about to get into the car, but Queenie’s aunt rushed up, holding onto the front of the car and not letting go. “White-eyed wolf, you killed me today, do you want to leave?”
Chuck smashed a brick. Aunt Queenie’s head broke and fell to the ground. After Queenie saw it, she immediately cried. Chuck got in the car and Yvette drove.
Where could the other villagers easily let Chuck leave, and they smashed the car with their hoes. It was rumbling and scary. The car was already broken, but now that it hits like this, the glass soon breaks.
Yvette who was driving turned pale.
“Her mother rolls down, and the people in our village want to leave? Get out!”
These villagers roared, but the middle-aged man fists out.
One villager fell out and screamed and wailed on the ground. The other villagers were angry.
“Now, I will play with you!” The middle-aged man said blankly.
Yvette took advantage of this opportunity and slammed on the accelerator and rushed out.
These villagers were so frightened that they could only get out of the way. Who would dare to stop like this?
Soon Yvette drove through the siege. The middle-aged man was relieved when he saw it. If Chuck had any accident, he couldn’t afford it.
Now that Chuck has left, he can let go of his hands and feet.
All the villagers glared at him and gathered around. The middle-aged people just looked at them, “You still have time to leave by yourself.”
“Leave? You beat the people in our village, you can’t leave!” All the villagers rushed up.
Or fist, or hoe, or brick, just like that.
The middle-aged man was so muscular that he was completely beaten by this group of people.
Queenie’s aunt climbed up from the ground danglingly, her heart was worried, Queenie left, she wants to spit out the gift money, the key is she is unlucky!
She walked to the side of Young Master Zhou who had passed out and shook his body, “Young Master Zhou, Young Master Zhou…”
Young Master Zhou, who was confused and distraught, opened his eyes. He got up in confusion and glanced around. He soon became annoyed, “Where are people, where are people?!”
Young Master Zhou slapped it out, and the woman fell to the ground. Young Master Zhou grimly asked, “You want to run after hitting me?”
He took out his cell phone and made a call.
“Dad, you call thirty people over right away, I…I…” Young Master Zhou said, suddenly shocked, because a Rolls Royce drove in from the entrance of the village, and there were ten people behind the car. Many off-road vehicles!
Who is this?
With so many cars and so consistent, this is not something ordinary people can do, which shocked him!
The roar of the car brought everyone to a halt, staring at each other not knowing what had happened.
The car came around, the door opened, and fifty or sixty men in suits came out, all of them with stern expressions, and immediately surrounded everyone present.
Where did these villagers have seen this kind of scene, they were all stunned, looking around at a loss, completely unaware of what happened.
Rolls-Royce opened the car window, and a cold voice came from inside, “Someone beat my son just now, stand up!”

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