My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 149

These villagers were really dumbfounded. How could they have seen this kind of scene? They didn’t even know Rolls-Royce, but thought that this car should be very expensive.
The faces of the people surrounding them were stern, as if the servants with knives in ancient times, this was an aura of fear, enveloping them!
panic! They started to panic, who were still arrogant and domineering just now!
Panicked, surrounded by fright, silent, afraid to make any noise!
Especially the young Master Zhou who called, he was already stunned. He stared at the scene before him with wide eyes, his eyes were about to fall out, and he was shaking subconsciously.
The customized version of Rolls-Royce, a long-term off-road vehicle like a long dragon, with so many well-trained people coming down, this is a picture he has never seen before, domineering! amazing! It seems to swallow everything!
All this, Young Master Zhou clearly knows what this means, which means that the person sitting in the Rolls-Royce car is extremely scary!
He can’t afford it!
The key is what son in the car just said? Could it be her son who hit him with a stick just now?
Young Master Zhou’s heart is about to jump out!
“Hey, son, why don’t you talk?? Where are you? I’ll call thirty people over now, her mother dare to bully my son? See if I don’t interrupt his dog legs! … Hey, talk, why not talk Is it?” On the phone was the angry voice of Young Master Zhou’s father.
Young Master Zhou was shaking all over.
“Are you calling someone?” There was a cold voice in the car.
This voice fell in Young Master Zhou’s ears, making him tremble even more severely. He wanted to hang up the phone in horror, but the trembling finger pointed the wrong way. It was hands-free!
The angry voice in the phone rang suddenly in the silent atmosphere.
“Son, talk, who is bullying you? I called Shicheren and killed his whole family! Flatten his whole family! I even flatten his ancestral grave, talk! Son!”
This voice sounded all around, and this anger seemed very empty and small at this moment!
Killing intent is in the air! This comes from the killing intent of these well-trained people!
The air is about to freeze.
“Dad, don’t say anything, dad…” Young Master Zhou knelt down with a plop.
Fear spread in his heart, his father called someone over, but what’s the use? With so many people surrounding him, the distant water cannot save the nearby fire!
“Don’t say anything? Son, what are you afraid of? No one in our family dared to provoke him, saying, who is this person, I will come over and fix him personally!”
“Take me?” In the car, there was a cold voice.
“Who? Who is talking?” Young Master Zhou’s father yelled.
“You are on the 9th day of the week, right? Your finance company is losing a lot, three companies are losing money, and the other one makes three or four thousand a month. No, last month you made a little bit more, 4,830. Two, it seems that there are so many.” The voice in the car is still so weak.
“You, what are you talking nonsense?” The boss of Young Master Zhou panicked, even horrified!
Young Master Zhou was completely dumbfounded, and his chin fell to the ground in shock, because what she said was correct and detailed, as if the company belonged to her.
There was a real problem with his dad’s company, so he was lucky to find a place to get married.
The other villagers at the scene looked at each other. Is this true? Young Master Zhou does his family make more money than they do every month? ?
“What nonsense are your mother talking about? I find someone to kill you!” Young Master Zhou’s father was furious.
“You are not qualified enough to cut me down. The time should be almost the same. I hate others scolding me, so I will teach you a lesson.” The voice rang in the car.
“Haha, do you, do you know where I am now? Did her mother tell me a lesson? I’ve seen someone pretending to be forced, but I have never seen you like this! I just sit here and wait for you, and see what you can give me Lesson! Son, speak, I will immediately call someone over and let her kneel on the ground and give us…”
Young Master Zhou’s father’s voice is arrogant and domineering, full of arrogance and disdain, Young Master Zhou must believe him, his father is really awesome!
“Bang!” The sound from the phone seemed to be kicked open.
“Grass horse, don’t have eyes? I don’t know I’m here? Get out of me quickly! You…ah, ah, who of you, no, no, ah! No! My hands, my hands!! …Help, help…”
On the phone was the screaming voice of Young Master Zhou’s father, begging, he was begging.
The audience was dumbfounded!
Is Zhou Jiutian screaming?
The people in the car really sent someone to teach Young Master Zhou’s father?
Young Master Zhou was terribly frightened and sat slumped on the ground, shaking all over.
There is no sound in the phone.
He walked up to Master Zhou alone, raised his fist and smashed it down, ah!
Young Master Zhou screamed.
“No, no!”
However, soon, Young Master Zhou was dying! His eyes were staring, he was horrified and puzzled, who did he offend?
The audience was silent! ! Fear spreads!
Immediately, these villagers were terrified.
“Young Master Zhou was beaten.”
“What’s the matter? The person who was beaten just now was so powerful? Called so many people!”
“Too scary, too scary.”
“Who are these people? Special forces?”
“It’s none of my business, it’s none of my business!”
“It’s her, she told us to beat people, it’s all her…”
“Yes, it’s her! It’s none of our business!”
These villagers panicked and madly dragged Aunt Queenie out. She was dumbfounded, and her face was pale with great fear. She trembled all over, struggling madly, “No, it’s none of my business. They…”
She begged bitterly.
However, it was Chen Hai who came by alone. He clenched his fist and smashed it out. Aunt Queenie screamed, and soon there was no sound.
Deathly silence at the scene!
The air is shrouded in fear!
“I’ll say it again, everyone who beat my son just now stood up!”
In the car, the voice rang again, undoubtedly, full of the majesty of a queen!
These villagers shook their heads in panic, no one dared to stand up!
“You hit my son with your fists, bricks, and hoes. If you don’t stand up, then hit!” The voice rang in the car.
Dozens of well-trained men on the scene nodded, gathered, smashed their fists, and slammed the frightened villagers in the face, wailing.
“No, I didn’t beat him, no!”
“Neither did I, I just kicked him, I…ah!”
Three minutes later, the horrible cars left in long lines!
These villagers lay all over, with horror on their faces, they got up, they will always remember this day.

Chuck and the others have already received Queenie’s sister. Chuck thought it would be better to let her go to Haishi to study. In this regard, he should call his mother and talk about the arrangement. It is very simple.
Queenie hugged her sister. She hasn’t recovered yet, and her sister is even more sluggish.
Today, they are relieved and no longer need to be blinded by the aunt.
Queenie is grateful.
Yvette unknowingly drove a tattered car back to where she lived. She said, “You two will live in my house today.”
“Thank you teacher,” Queenie shed tears, she really didn’t know how to repay.
“It’s okay.” Yvette took out the key and handed it to Queenie, “You know what floor my house is on, you go up first.”
“En.” Queenie took the key and brought her sister upstairs. She looked back at Chuck and sighed in her heart. Teacher Jordan is really his wife. The two of them are in love.
But a few days ago, what I did that night was too ashamed of Teacher Jordan, Queenie was ashamed, but the more she thought about it, the scene where she helped Chuck became clear in her mind, her hands…
Queenie struggled, shouldn’t Chuck fall asleep today? In case, in case… what should he do if he touches himself again? Queenie shook his head, and the two of them went upstairs.
Yvette got out of the car. She looked at her car. It was a miracle to be able to drive back so far. Now it is worthless to repair. She sighed, the car is gone, and she will take the bus in the future. When she makes money, she will buy it again. .
This car will be sold by contact tomorrow. It may be sold for ten to twenty thousand, which can also relieve the strained economy.
Chuck saw Yvette’s lost expression, he walked over, “My wife, let me buy you a car!”

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